Amazon Basics Sedan Car Cover Review

If you want to protect your car from dust particles, snow, ice, bird droppings or from other residues, you need to buy a car cover. Car covers are used to cover your car in order to protect it against different particles and UV radiations. Moreover, it protects your car from snow and you don’t need to clear your windshield or windows in the snowy weather. Waterproof car covers protect your vehicle from rain and water droplets. 

There are many advantages of using a car cover such as it helps to prevent unsightly dents, dings and scratches from your car. It ensures the safety of your car by acting as a theft deterrent. It also protects your paint from outside harsh damaging weather. But finding the best car cover could be a challenging task for you. So for your convenience, we are introducing you to Amazon Basics Premium Waterproof Car Cover that will help you to maintain the new look of your car. We are providing you with the full product review that includes all its key features, description, specifications etc. It will help you to find the best product for yourself.


If you want to protect your car from dust, ice or snow and if you want to keep it clean all the time, this product would be very helpful for you. There are various interesting features that would be very beneficial for your car. 

Amazon Basics Premium Waterproof Car Cover, for Cars up to 204 Inch, Large Sedan


If you are interested in knowing the features of this car cover, read the following detailed description that covers all the features of this product. All these features play a very important role in making this cover highly beneficial and efficient. 

Soft fleece-like underside  

Some car covers are slightly hard and they can cause scratches on your windshield that look very bad. This car cover is made up of thick PVC durable material that comes with a soft fleece-like underside.  Due to this soft material, your car and its windscreen are away from any kind of scratches. 

Thick PVC material 

If you want to know about the durability and longevity of any product, it all depends on the material that is being used for its manufacturing.  A thick PVC material is used for the manufacturing of this car cover that ensures its durability. It lasts long and provides protection to your car. 

Custom like fit 

This car cover comes with an elasticized hem that provides your car a custom-like fit and it fully covers your car. Due to an elasticized hem, it can’t be taken off easily if there is a strong wind blowing. In order to secure the cover properly, it features grommet and rope as well. 


Waterproof car cover proves very beneficial for your vehicle. It takes all the water and snow away from your car surface and protects it against any damage or strains. This cover is waterproof so you can easily use it during rain or snow. It not only protects your car from dust or snow but also from water. 


Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Brand Amazon Basics
Fit Type Vehicle Specific Fit
Water Resistance Level Waterproof




  • Thick durable PVC material 
  • Soft fleece-like underside 
  • Scratch-free 
  • Elasticized hem for a custom-like fit
  • fits sedans up to 204 inches long


  • Thick PVC material ensures durability 
  • Soft fleece-like underside protects your car from any scratch 
  • Elasticized hem of this car cover provides a customized and secure fit 
  • It can fit sedans up to 204 inches long, including 2017 Toyota
  • Due to stuff-sack, you can store it anywhere when it is not in use 


  • Not suitable for sunny climate 


There are pros and cons of every product but if we see, the pros of this car cover are more as compared to the cons. So, its cons could easily be cancelled out. This car cover comes with many features that will help you to protect your car from dust, water and snow. So, hurry up and grab your product!