Silver Weatherproof Car Cover Review

If you live in a snowy climate or at a place where there is a lot of dust and dirt, you need to take care of your car from all the dust particles and snow so that your car can maintain its new and shiny look. In order to retain the new look of your car, you need to use a car cover that will prevent all the particles and UV radiations away from your car by covering the entire surface in a very efficient way. 

If we talk about the benefits of using a car cover, there are many such as car covers help you to prevent your vehicle from unwanted scratches, dents and dings. It also acts as a theft deterrent for your car. If the outside weather is very harsh, it will help protect your car’s paint from any damage. As there are numerous types of car covers available in the market, it could be a challenge for you to find the best one for your vehicle. In order to help you out, we are providing you a product that is among the best car cover. If you are interested in knowing the features and description of this product, you need to read the full product review so that you can choose the best one for your vehicle. 


This car cover is Waterproof and helps you to keep your car away from any dust, dirt or debris. It comes with various interesting features that will help you to maintain the new and shiny look of your car.

Amazon Basics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover – 150D Oxford, Sedans up to 160″


If you want to know more about this car cover, read the following detailed description that covers all the features of this product. All these features make this cover highly beneficial for your car. 


In order to use the car cover in any weather, whether it’s summer or winter or snowy climate, your car cover needs to be weatherproof so that it can be used during any harsh weather. If it is not weatherproof, it can affect your car as well. This cover is totally weatherproof and environment friendly that allows you to use it during any temperature or climate.  

Heavy duty material  

The manufacturing material defines the durability of any product. This car cover is made up of heavy-duty marine-grade 150D polyester Oxford that provides better strength and tear resistance as compared to typical 190T polyester. In order to reflect back harmful UV rays, there is an extra silver coating on this cover.  

Sewn-in elastic band

An elastic band of any cover ensures a snug fit. This cover comes with a sewn-in elastic band that provides a snug fit to your car. In order to provide extra secure placement on windy days, there are fastening bands with adjustable buckles on front, middle and rear of the cover. These bands help to hold the cover tightly on your car when there are crazy winds outside. 

Mirror pockets  

This car cover comes with 2 mirror pockets that provide optimal coverage. In order to give you easy in/out access on the driver’s-seat side, it features a door zipper. There are 6 reflective stripes for clear visibility after dark. 

Storage bag 

For convenient access and compact cover storage, this cover comes with a Sewn-in storage bag. You can easily store it in this bag when not in use. It will help you to protect this cover from dust particles and you can easily take it with you while travelling. 


Material Polyester
Brand Amazon Basics
Fit Type Vehicle Specific Fit
Ultraviolet Light Protection UV ray



  • Weatherproof car cover 
  • Universal fit 
  • Heavy duty manufacturing material 
  • Sewn-in elastic band 
  • 2 mirror pockets for optimal coverage

storage bag for convenient access 


  • Weatherproof cover allows you to use it in any weather 
  • It can work with almost any sedan up to 160 inches long 
  • Heavy duty material provides strength and tear resistance 
  • Elastic band ensures a secure fit 
  • There are 2 mirror pockets for optimal coverage 
  • Storage bag allows a compact cover storage when not in use 


  • Not suitable for Chevy Cruse or Mercedes Benz 


Every product has its own pros and cons but if a product comes with so many interesting features, its cons could easily be cancelled out. This car cover comes with many features that will help your car to stay away from any dust or snow. So, hurry up and grab your product!