10 Best Bench Vises Reviewed (2023 Updated Guide)

A bench vise is a workshop tool that is used to hold a work piece in a secure way in order to perform all the desired operations. It is mostly used for welding, cutting, sawing and for many other purposes. In order to get great precision in your work, you need this bench vise by your side. It exerts a firm grip on the object and gives you the opportunity to perform all your desired operations without holding the work piece in your hand.

It is used for gluing so that you can hold glued pieces firm until the adhesive dries completely. It is also used to hold your work pieces securely for sanding. You can hold your object tightly and you can position it according to your desire. It will minimize the risk of accidental injuries to you. Its body is made up of cast iron with replaceable steel jaws for gripping. There are many types of bench vises available in the market. If you want to choose a best bench vise for yourself, have a look on our buying guide because we have discussed all the main types and key features that a best bench vise must have.

10 Best Bench Vises Review

1: Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise


Wilton bench vise is made up of high strength steel that is highly durable and it is long lasting. It features a double lock down swivel base and a large anvil work surface.

It has a jaw width of 4 inch and a 4 inch jaw opening. This product would be an outstanding addition to your woodworking bench. It will help you to fulfill all your woodworking needs.


  • Made from high strength steel
  • Double lock down swivel base
  • Large anvil work surface


  • Name                  Wilton
  • Manufacturer    Wmh tool group
  • Weight                15 pounds

2: TEKTON 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise


This 4 inch swivel bench vise is made up of cast iron that delivers 30, 000 PSI tensile strength. It has replaceable serrated steel jaws that hold work with a sure, non-slip grip. It features a 120-Degree swivel base with dual lock-down nuts positions work piece where you need it.

It has a smooth, consistent work surface because of polished steel anvil and it works best for shaping metal pieces. Its Acme-threaded screw glides smoothly without any binding and gives the best result. This all-purpose medium duty TEKTON 4 inches Swivel bench vise securely holds any work piece while you thread, fasten, build, bend, shape, or sharpen it.


  • 120-Degree swivel base
  • 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise
  • Made from 30,000 PSI cast iron


  • Name                  TEKTON
  • Material              Cast_iron
  • Weight                 14.8 pounds

3: Yost Model 465 Heavy-Duty Industrial 6.5- Inch


This heavy duty industrial bench vise features no slipping or scratching, therefore, it is engineered for optimal safety. Vise components are made up of cast iron that delivers 30,000 PSI. Its exclusive Interlocking gear base securely attaches the bench vise to your workbench or mounting surface.

It ensures you maximum stability and alignment for light- or heavy-duty work because of the presence of a Smooth 360-degree rotating base with 2-point lock down. 116 ft-lb torque and High clamp force of 4,950 lb strongly holds the metal work, woodworking projects, car repairs, pipe work and other industrial projects. It features a jaw width of 6.5 inch, jaw opening of 5.5 inch, and a throat depth of 3.75 inch. This bench vise would be a great addition for you and it is best for all industrial projects.


  • 6.5- Inch Combination
  • Pipe and Bench Vise Tool
  • With 360-degree Swivel


  • Name            Yost
  • Weight           39.1 pounds
  • Type               Heavy-Duty Industrial

4: Wilton Model WS5 Jaw Width 5-Inch


There are multiple features of the wilton model WS 5. It has built-in pipe jaws that provide a wide variety of pipe-clamping applications. Heavy duty cast iron is used in its construction that delivers 25,000 PSI for strength and durability.

Built-in pipe jaws along with replaceable top jaws are enough to provide longer tool life. For quick and easy positioning, it features a 360-degree swivel base with double lock down. This product is specifically designed for general duty applications.


  • Width 5-Inch Throat Depth 3-Inch
  • The future built on great brands
  • U. S. based technical service


  • Name            Wilton
  • Weight          30 pounds
  • Style              3-Inch Shop Vise

5: Yost Tools Vises 445 4.5″ Heavy-Duty


Heavy duty bench vise comes with a clamp force of 3, 150 lbs. and Torque rating of 73 Ft-Lb. It has a Jaw Width of 4. 5″, Jaw Opening of 4″ and Throat Depth of 2. 62″. It features a 360 degree swivel base with two lock downs that helps to adjust the direction of the jaws for proper placement.

It comes with a high strengthened steel ball and its vise components are made up of cast iron with 30,000 PSI. Replaceable Hardened Steel Serrated (Top) Jaws are also present. This bench vise would definitely help you in doing all your woodwork projects.


  • 445 4.5″ Heavy-Duty
  • Utility Combination
  • Pipe and Bench Vise


  • Name                    Yost Tools
  • Type                      Heavy-Duty
  • Weight                   17 pounds

6: Performance Tool W 3904 Hammer Tough 5″


This bench vise comes with 7 inch Jaw Opening, 3 inch Throat Depth and it has a Polished built-in anvil: 2-11/64″ x 1-7/8”. You can easily slide move able jaws in and out by pulling the quick release lever.

It also features a 360 º swivel base with 3 mounting holes and 2 lock-downs. A steel replaceable pipe jaw is also present in order to hold pipe or round stock. By having this bench vise by your side, you will surely save your time and effort while positioning the move able jaw.


  • Hammer Tough 5″
  • Quick Release
  • Bench Vise


  • Name            Performance Tool
  • Weight          9.3 pounds
  • Model           W3904

7: TEKTON 8-Inch Swivel Bench Vise


Heavy-duty cast iron constructed bench vise delivers 30,000 PSI tensile strength and has replaceable serrated steel jaws that hold work with a sure, non-slip grip. In order to position your work piece, it comes with a 120-degree swivel base with dual lock-down nuts.

There are three mounting holes anchor vise securely to the workbench. Its polished steel anvil features a smooth and consistent work surface in order to shape metal pieces. It has all the features in it that you must need in a bench vise.


  • Jaw opening  7-3/8 in
  • Throat depth  3-7/8 in
  • Anvil size  5-1/2 in by 6 in


  • By                  TEKTON
  • Material        Cast_iron
  • Weight          76.4 pounds

8: IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise


Multi-purpose bench vise features a 5-inch width along with rotating pipe jaws. Its fused steel handle makes adjusting a cinch and its Swivel base allows for 360-degree rotation.

In order to keep this bench vise steady during work, an incorporated anvil is present. It comes with a jaw width of 3.5 inch, throat depth of 3-inch and jaw capacity of 4.9 inches.


  • Bench Vise 5-Inch
  • Rotating pipe jaws
  • Fused steel handle makes adjusting a cinch


  • Name              IRWIN
  • Material          Steel
  • Weight            33.1 pounds

9: Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise


Woodworking vise is made up of heavy-duty cast iron that ensures high durability and long lasting. It comes with two pre drilled holes that are used for quick sturdy mounting to your workbench.

You can easily release or clamp a piece during working because of having a quick release trigger that allows you to quickly adjust the opening. In order to ensure safety, the fused Tommy bar will bend before the vise can become over-stressed. It has a jaw width of 9 inch, throat depth of 4 inch and a net weight of 34.2 lb.


  • Quick release trigger
  • 9″ jaw width
  • 4″ throat depth


  • Name                Eclipse
  • Type                  Woodworking Vise
  • Weight              35.9 pounds

10: Capri Tools 10519 Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise


This heavy-duty bench vise is made up of ductile iron that has strength of 60,000 PSI. Its head rotates around 360 degrees and it can be locked in w/pull-pin at 12 points, each within 30 degrees.

Its base rotates around 360 degrees and it makes it easy for you to place and lock jaws whenever you need. All these features make it a truly versatile bench vise to get your job done.


  • Contains 6″ wide jaws
  • 5.7″ jaw opening
  • Includes a 10 year warranty


  • By                         Capri Tools
  • Type                     Bench Vise
  • Weight                  57.1 pounds

Best Bench Vises (1)

Best Bench Vises Buying Guide

Types of bench vises:

  • Woodworker’s vise:

It is a tool that is installed into the end of the bench and it is equipped with one mobile jaw. It is specifically designed to firmly hold the ligneous material or soft metals while sawing or drilling. This type is mostly used in specialty workshops because it can easily accommodate large carpentry pieces. 

  • Mechanic’s vise:

It is a tool that is developed to hold metal instead of wood and it consists of cast iron, cast steel and has replaceable jaws. Jaws can be covered in either soft materials that include wood, copper, aluminum, plastic or hard materials that include steel and iron. It cannot install into the workbench but you can attach it to its surface either temporary or permanently. 

  • Pipe vise:

This type is mostly used by plumbers in order to hold pipes or tubing while cutting or welding. You can either fix it on the workbench or use it with a mobile tripod. High-end specialty models can hold pipes up to 8 inches in diameter. It also has a swivel head that rotates up to 360 degree and allows you a comfortable mounting of the work piece in your desired position. 

Key features to look for:

  • Jaw width:

Jaw width is the size of jaws in inches. Try to choose a bench vise that has larger jaw width because it will allow you a better grip even when you are working for larger projects. 

  • Throat depth:

By knowing the throat depth, you can know about the space availability between the jaws. It is the distance between the jaws and inner base of the bench vise. If you are working on larger projects, make sure to choose bench vise with greater throat depth. 

  • Jaw opening:

It is the horizontal space between the two jaws of the bench vise. Bench vise having a larger jaw opening can easily fit the wide objects easily inside the bench. 

  • Rotation angle:

A few models of bench vise will allow you to rotate the jaws respective to the base. By working at different angles, it will make the tool more flexible and practical. Each bench vise has its own rotation angle as some of them have a rotation angle of 240-300 degree while some do not have enough rotation capacity. Buy a bench vise according to your requirement. 

  • Durability:

Make sure that the bench vise you are going to buy is made up of durable material because they have to undergo a lot of beating. Look for a bench vise that is made up of cast iron because it is the most durable material for it. Other durable materials are forged iron, plastic and rubber. 


A Bench vise in one of the most important tools to have in any workshop. We have discussed with you all the key features of the best bench vise such as jaw width, jaw opening, throat depth, angle of rotation etc. always have a look on these features while buying your bench vise. 

Best Bench Vises FAQs 

Q: How does a bench vise work?

A: It is a device that is used to hold a work piece. One can easily attach this vise directly to the workbench before starting their work. It has various features such as jaw opening, jaw width, throat depth so that you can easily hold the object while drilling, welding or sawing. 

Q:  What are the different types of replaceable jaw inserts?

A: There are a number of replaceable jaw inserts available but the most common are screw-on inserts, T-style inserts and U-style inserts. Always check the user manual in order to install them. 

Q: What are the preferable features of heavy-duty bench vise?

A: Heavy duty bench is used for commercial applications so you should look for a bench vise having 360 degree swivel base, changeable jaws and quick release jaw.