Top 10: Best Car Power Inverter (2023 Updated Guide)

When you are on a long way and you are get bored and frustrated when you can’t charge your laptop and other such devices; there you need to buy a car power inverter. With a car power inverter, you can easily charge and use your gadgets when you are traveling in a car. What a best car power inverter does is it converts the DC of a car battery to AC so that it becomes compatible with the devices we use it daily lives. It is not only for charging mobile phones but also for laptops, stereos, even various electrical cookers, etc.

Having the power inverter in your car you don’t need to rely much on your location as you can enjoy those comforts in your vehicle which you get in your home. To use a power inverter, simply connect the inverter into a cigarette lighter or even directly to the battery. Then, plug the device into the inverter. Power inverters will provide a reliable and convenient source of power. This is not only helpful in everyday situations, but also in emergencies. It is definitely recommended to have one in your car. Not all the power inverters have the same features. We are providing the best power inverter for car in our list with the buying guide also so that you may not be confused.

10 Best Power Inverters For Cars List

1. Bestek 300w Power Inverter


Bestek is the America’s leading power inverter brand. It outer shell is made from aluminum alloy that makes it strong and durable. It offers 300 watts of continuous power or 700 watts of instantaneous power, this best car inverter will provide enough energy for most light electric appliances that makes it ideal for charging your laptop, powering an air compressor, a small TV, or even a portable fridge. Its safe charging design provides protection against overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloads, and overcharging. It has built-in 40 amps fuse to protect your device.

So it is very easy to use. It has a 24 inches cigarette lighter plug to easily connect with the vehicle battery. Its smart cooling fan system makes the car power inverter very silent when operating and the fan runs faster when the device gets warmer or output power exceeds 70W. With the 2 smart USB charging ports, can intelligently detect your devices and deliver nice matched charging current to get fast charging speed.


  • 7676+ Ratings
  • Multi-Protection
  • Dual-USB 4.2A Output


  • NAME :           Bestek
  • WEIGHT:        10.1
  • COLOR:           Red


  • Smart cooling fan makes less noise
  • Out shell is made of aluminum alloy 
  • Durable cigarette lighter plug is resistant to insertion and extraction about 5000 times
  • Isolation voltage protection
  • Dual USB ports
  • Affordable 
  • Light weight and ultra compact
  • Provides safe charging


  • Not suitable for heavy appliances such as microwave oven

2.  2000W Power Inverter For Car



This best car power inverters converts DC power stored in 12-volt batteries. It has a compact design having dimensions of 15.0 x 8.6 x 4.0 inches. It is space saving and has easy storage.As its outer shell is made from aluminum it is extremely portable and lightweight. The 12 V inverter provides 4000 watts of its peak surge power to get your gear started, and 150 Watts of continuous power to keep it running for power tools at a remote work site, electric lights, kitchen, appliances, TVs, radio, computer, blender, truck, etc.

To use it just connect the inverter to a battery and plug your AC devices into the inverter. It offers full protection with short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection and isolation voltage protection. The battery cables are made from pure copper therefore Input & output isolated system provides safety assured. This inverter can supply power to household appliances either small or large, during work trips, camping, such as floodlight, TV, freezer, Laptop, DVD player, PSP, camera. The built-in temperature controlled cooling fan prevents the inverter to make any kind of noise. You will get a power inverter, 2 terminal cables and a user manual.


  • 383+ Ratings
  • Pure Copper Craft
  • Short Circuit Protection


  • NAME :          ERAYAK
  • WEIGHT:       13.39 pounds
  • COLOR:          Black


  • Advanced protection against short-circuit, over or low voltage, over-charge, etc.
  • Ideal power inverter for a road trip or a picnic
  • It can withstand harsh weathers
  • Dual USB ports
  • Strong aluminum alloy housing
  • Ultra-silent cooling fan
  • Ultra convenient to use
  • Comes with two terminal cables of 19 inches
  • It also comes with a ground wire and a user manual
  • Built-in temperature controlled cooling fans
  • Produces less noise
  • LED indicator


  • Not seen

3. VOLTCUBE AP0801 Power Inverter


This power inverter for car provides 400 watts of continuous DC to AC power for multi-purpose charging. This power inverter is very useful on long road trips and people who travel for business and outdoors. It is ideal for charging your laptop, powering an air compressor, a small TV, or even a portable fridge, game systems, DVD players, catalytic heaters and power tools. The outer shell is made from high quality aluminum that makes it durable and its honeycomb structure makes it elegant and unique. The built-in fuse protects your device that is replaceable.

Due to this it offers full protection with short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection and isolation voltage protection. It has two USB ports that are helpful for you to charge two devices at the same time. This best car power inverter for laptop has high quality cooper clips and thick enough cables providing you safety from every side. It has separate positive and negative terminals to avoid short circuiting. It has built-in silent cooling fan that avoids overheating and noise.


  • 639+ Ratings
  • Multi-purpose charging
  • Remarkably compact


  • NAME :          VOLTCUBE
  • WEIGHT:        1.9 pounds
  • COLOR:          Blue


  • Dual USB ports and AC outlets for multi-purpose charging
  • Durable Aluminum body 
  • Very silent cooling fan
  • Extraordinary compact and portable
  • Offers fast and smart charging 
  • Two separate power sockets
  • Premium quality battery clips 
  • Built-in replaceable fuses
  • Great for outdoors and business trips
  • Stylish and durable design
  • 1 year warranty 


  • A little bit bulky

4. COBRA CPI2590 Gray 2500W


This power inverter provides 2500 watts of continuous and 5000 watts peak household electrical power allowing you to power up office equipment’s and household appliances such as TV sets, coffee pot, a small microwave oven, a mini-fridge that draw up to 2500 watts at the same time from your car, truck, etc. It has 3 grounded AC outlets by which you can power up to three household appliances at the same time. It also includes a 5 V 2.1 A USB port that is ideal for using and charging tablets, smart phones and many other USB powered devices.

The power inverter also has a digital display that illustrates the battery voltage of the vehicle and current consumption in watts of the device that is connected on a large LED display.  It offers Pentagon protection providing the 5 levels of protection against failures such as: thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage shutdown, low voltage shutdown and low voltage alarm. The low battery alarm will alert you when the battery of the inverter is low, in poor condition or there is a poor DC wiring.


  • 303+ Ratings
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Automatic Thermal Protection


  • NAME :          COBRA
  • WEIGHT:        6 pounds
  • COLOR:          Gray


  • Battery alarm alerts when the battery of power inverter is low
  • Ideal for the cross country professional drivers and enthusiasts
  • 5 levels of protection from failures
  • Digital LED display shows voltage of battery
  • Can be taken anywhere you want
  • Universal fit
  • Heat dissipation system


  • Expensive
  • Reverse polarity problem is reported

5. Foval 150W Car Power Inverter


This Foval car power inverter is really compact in size that makes it great to use as a unit you can take with you as you travel. It supplies continuous energy up to 150 watt. Its outer shell is made from high quality aluminum that makes it strong and durable. It is extremely portable and lightweight and only takes up 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches of space in your suitcase or backpack. It has a built-in fuse that provides complete protection with short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charging, over-voltage, over-loading and over-temperature protection.

It has ultimate versatility that it can be used for camping, outdoors, vacations, road trips, remote job sites, and even charging household items such as TV, DVD players, lights, iPad and other electronic devices. Due to the dual USB ports you can charge two devices at the same time. The length of the cable is 16 inches having a cigarette lighter plug that can easily attach to the car cigarette lighter socket.


  • Full-protection with short-circuit
  • 3809+ Ratings
  • Utility Cord & Cigarette Lighter


  • NAME :                      Foval
  • WEIGHT:                   9.9 ounces
  • Model number :      MT-MX 150W-3


  • Ultimate versatility (outdoors, road trips, vacations, job sites, etc.)
  • LED indicator
  • Built-in fuse
  • Full protection of all kinds
  • Smart cooling fan is silent and does not make noise
  • Dual USB ports charges two devices 
  • Space saving design 
  • Easy to store
  • 18 months worry free warranty


  • The power cable is not much long as required

6. ENERGIZER 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter


This heavy duty power inverter can generate 2000 watts of continuous power. It connects directly to a 12 Volt DC battery to power microwaves, power tools, televisions, gaming consoles, home electronics and appliances in your vehicle. This unit also features an LCD display which shows the output wattage, input voltage, high voltage, low voltage, overload voltage, temperature shut down and battery level.

It charges USB devices directly from the 2 USB charging ports at the same time. It also offers two standard AC outlets.  The charging cable is about 3 feet long so it is very easy to charge. It offers full protection with short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection and isolation voltage protection. With this power inverter you will get two power cables. It is tested, validated and approved by METLAB, so it is easy and safety to use and has a good performance.


  • 966+ Ratings
  • 2000 watts continuous power
  • Connect DC battery cables directly


  • NAME :          ENERGIZER
  • WEIGHT:        8.85 pounds
  • COLOR:          ———-


  • Fan-less operation 
  • Ultra-silent
  • Wireless
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • 12 V cigarette lighter plug connection
  • Standard North American AC outlet
  • Designed with smart protection features
  • Adjustable pivoting head


  • Not seen yet

7. Krieger 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter, Dual 110V AC Outlets


This power inverter is packed in a heavy duty aluminum casing that makes it strong and durable. It can generate 2000 watts of continuous power. It is a modified sine car power inverter that converts 12 V DC to 120 V AC power. It is tested, validated and approved by METLAB, so it is easy and safety to use and has a good performance. So, with this inverter you will never be left without power when you need it. It has dual USB ports (2.1 amps shared) so that you can charge two devices at the same time.

Its LCD display has various features to show such as output wattage, input voltage, high voltage, low voltage, overload voltage, temperature shut down and battery level. It is comprised of a thermal fan due to which it does not make noise and is silent. You can use this power inverter when you need this anytime anywhere such as at camping, picnic, at any kind of emergency and power failure.


  • 1144+ Ratings
  • MET Approved
  • Perfect for an Emergency


  • NAME :          Krieger
  • WEIGHT:        9.75 pounds
  • COLOR:          BLACK


  • Enhanced heat dissipation system
  • LCD display screen displays battery output, warning indications, temperature and voltage
  • High performance capacitors
  • High frequency transformers
  • Can handle various items like microwave, refrigerator, tools and equipments, etc.
  • 3 years warranty
  • Built-in protection features
  • Portable and affordable 
  • Remote control and power cables are included
  • Two USB ports and 2 standard North American AC outlets


  • Does not support 24V batteries system
  • Cables are not long enough

8. 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Car Adapter


The Bestek inverter is a sine car power inverter that provides a quick charging having 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports; which detects your devices automatically to deliver its fastest charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port/4.8 amps max. So you can charge most phones and tablets simultaneously. Its smart cooling fan system makes the car power inverter very silent when operating and the fan runs faster when the device gets warmer. With this car power inverter, you can use most of home appliances in your car in the open air, such a watching TV, playing games. It has built-in 40 amps fuse to protect your device from overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloading and overcharging, etc.

Its power cable has a cigarette lighter plug; that can be easily fit in the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. The cigarette lighter has double durable springs on each side for tight mount stable and electrical safety. The lighter socket is resistant to up to 5000 times of insertion and extraction, can plug into almost all vehicles. You will get a user manual with this power inverter.


  • 618+ Ratings
  • Durable Cigarette Lighter
  • Isolation Voltage Protection


  • NAME :          BESTEK
  • WEIGHT:        1.54 pounds
  • COLOR:          BLACK


  • Detects the device automatically
  • Isolation voltage protection
  • Fast charging
  • Smart cooling fan
  • Heat dissipation system
  • Ultra small and compact
  • Built-in protection system
  • 2 small USB ports for charging
  • Made of aluminum alloy housing
  • 2 AC outlets
  • Durable cigarette lighter plug


  • Not observed

9. Vector 120 Watt Power Inverter, PI120SV


The Vector 120 Watt Power Inverter, PI 120 SV, is a compact and portable inverter that is perfect for charging small electronic devices on the go. It has a 12 V DC input and a 120 V AC output, allowing you to power devices such as laptops, cameras, and DVD players while you’re traveling. The inverter also features dual USB charging ports, allowing you to charge your mobile phones or tablets while using the AC outlets for other devices.

It comes with a built-in cooling fan to prevent overheating and has an automatic shutdown feature to protect your devices from overloading and short-circuiting. Overall, the Vector 120 Watt Power Inverter, PI120SV, is a reliable and affordable option for those looking to charge their devices on the go. It is perfect for small electronic devices and comes with a range of features to ensure your devices are protected while being charged.


  • 120 watt power output
  • 12V DC input and 120V AC output
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Automatic shutdown feature


  • Compact and portable design
  • Can charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Built-in cooling fan prevents overheating
  • Automatic shutdown feature protects devices from damage


  • May not be powerful enough for larger devices
  • Only has two AC outlets

10. ISELECTOR 150W Car Power Inverter


This car power inverter has one 110 V AC outlet for charging larger devices such as laptops and tablets and dual USB charging ports (0-2.4 A) for powering USB compatible devices such as smart phones, DVD players, lights, iPad and other electronic devices. It is a good choice as requisite car accessories. It offers a durable vehicle cigarette lighter plug that provides high-speed charging from your car. The power inverter is with 32 inch long cigarette lighter plug that can be plugged into almost any vehicle. It provides safety charging as its AC outlets have built-in safety door, protecting the kids from unexpected electricity shock.

The unique vents and silent cooling fan make this car power adapter easier to dissipate heat and prevent it from making much noise. It is travel sized device that you can take anywhere with you and use it whenever you want to. You can use it while camping, work trips, etc. The durable aluminum casing protects the inverter from bumps and drops. The built-in fuse provides full protection from short circuit, low voltage, over charging, over voltage, over loading and over temperature protection. This power inverter is tested and approved by ETL Certification.


  • 105+ Ratings
  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight
  • Top Speed Charging


  • NAME :          ISELECTOR
  • WEIGHT:        0.16 ounces
  • COLOR:          BLACK


  • Silent cooling fan dissipates heat
  • Built-in fuse
  • Full protection against various causes
  • Built-in safety door protects from unexpected electric shocks
  • Durable cigarette lighter plug
  • Cigarette lighter cable is 32 inches long
  • Ultra compact and light weight
  • Body is constructed by aluminum alloy


  • Not suitable for all appliances

 Best Car Power Inverter

 Best Power Inverter For Cars Buying Guide 

A car power inverter will provide you numerous advantages during your drive. It not only benefits you during the drive but also you may be able to use it at your road trips, camping and even at your home. If your devices are out of energy you will need an inverter to recharge them. So you should have a car power inverter in your vehicle either a car or a truck, etc.

Before buying a power inverter you have to know some of the characteristics of a good power inverter. We have the list of some of the best car power inverters choose any of them for your comfort. You can take help by reading our buying guide.


The size of the power inverter should be considered before buying it. Smaller the size, greater is the portability and space-saving. Choose the size of the inverter that is suitable for your vehicle and your comfort matters too.

Power output:

Power output is an important factor that depends upon which types of devices do you want to plug in the inverter; either that device uses low or high voltage. You have to buy the one which totally suits your demands and car’s AC source. There are a lot of power inverters that offers various ranges of power (watts) even you can plug a TV, a smart phone, a laptop at the same time. You may have the inverter that fulfills your needs.

Number of outlets:  

In the modern era, every person has a more than one smart devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. so for numerous devices there should be power inverter that has various outlets too; USB ports fort devices like mobile phones, DVD players , etc. and AC sources for home appliances. Our list has amazing power inverters all with dual AC sources and dual USB ports that will add convenience to your daily routine.

Safety features:

This is an important feature that should be visible in every electronic device. The car power inverter is the one that have the best safety features providing protection to the devices charging and as well as itself. You have to choose the inverter that offers over voltage shut down, thermal shutdown, over loading and short circuit protection.


There are many car power inverters that have heavy duty aluminum casing which makes the inverter strong and durable enough to run long-lasting. You have to buy the inverter that is made from high quality material so that it will last for a long time.


Hey! I am glad to provide you as much information about the car power inverters as I could. It seems that I have helped you as much as I could in choosing and picking up the best car power inverter for your electrical appliances. I have tried my best to make an additional effort for delivering the best content and a helpful guide from my side. In the above content you will see the maximum description and knowledge about the car power inverters. You should read the description of each product given above it will surely help you choose the type of inverter which you want. 

Perhaps you may have selected a car power inverter that fits your demands but I would feel glad to recommend you the best car power inverter that has the best reviews.

In our list of the best car power inverters, you will see that there are a number of inverters with a brief description of each. Among these power inverters I consider that BESTEK 300 W Power Inverter DC 12 V to 110 V AC Car Inverter is the best of all the others as it is manufactured by the best leading brand of America i.e. BESTEK. It offers a 300 W as a continuous power and also up to 700 W as instantaneous power. 

For more information you can read our buying guide and the FAQs too. I hope that you will have great advantage by reading this content. If you have any kind of specific questions apart from the FAQs then ask me a question and I will be glad to answer you.

Please leave a comment if you want to ask any question. 

Have a good shopping day!

Best Car Power Inverters FAQ  

Q: What is a car power inverter?

A: A car power inverter is an electrical transformer which takes the 12-volt direct current (DC) from the power outlet of the car and changes it into 120-volt alternating current (AC). It is known as an inverter because it converts direct current into alternating current.

Q: What is a car power used for?

A: A car power inverter is used when your electrical or smart device’s battery runs down. You can charge your devices such as computer, laptop, mobile phones, etc. And also it provides power to appliances to run such as:  stereos, video cams, kitchen appliances, electric lights, microwaves, TV, power tools, radios, etc.

Q: How many types of a car power inverter are there?

A: The car power inverters are classified into two types on the basis of the power source:

  • 12-V connection to the cigarette lighter plug of the car
  • Direct connection to the battery

Q: Which type of the car power inverter should I buy?

A:  It depends upon your need. The choice of the type of car power inverter is the most important consideration to make before buying the inverter. If you are buying it for small purposes such as charging your electrical devices, mobile phones, laptops, etc. then you can buy the inverter with 12-V connection source. 

But if you are fond of travelling and you want to use the power inverter that can also help you to run the stove to cook food then you must go for the inverter that can run by the connection with the battery of the car. 

Q: How much time will the inverter take to charge my mobile phone?

A: The car power inverter will not take much time to charge a mobile phone than with regular charging. It will charge the smart phone or any other device swiftly.

Q: Do the power inverter is compatible with all cars?

A: You can use a power inverter in different vehicles. The inverters work their best in cars. There are some most powerful power inverters that can also be used in RVs where larger appliances can be given a powerful AC source but they will need an extra wattage.

Q: Can a power inverter damage my laptop?

A: You can safely charge your laptop by the power inverter without worrying. You must buy a power inverter that has a constant power source so that it will not damage the battery.

Q: Can I use a power inverter in unfavorable weather?

A: If you are using the power inverter which is connected inside the car with the help of the cigarette lighter plug then you can easily use the inverter in any kind of weather. But if the power inverter is connected directly to the battery of the car, then it is not safe to use it in a rainy weather.

Q: Are there some safety features in a car power inverter?

A: This is an important feature that must be visible in a car power inverter. The power inverter is the one which has the best safety features so that it can provide protection to the devices that are charging by it and as well as itself too. A good power inverter offers safety features such as over thermal shutdown, over loading, voltage shut down, and short circuit protection. 

Q: Can I plug and electric grill in the car power inverter?

A: Yes, of course you can plug in the electric grill in the car power inverter and prepare tasty meals to make your camping best. Most of the electric grills do not demand too much power so they can work even on the low wattage power inverters too.