10 Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs: Protect Your Car’s Interior

Some people love to take their pets such as dogs along with them wherever they go. But they create mess in the car which is sometimes frustrating for the owner. In order to avoid that mess and protect your dog, manufacturers have introduced dog car seat covers that protect your car from dirt, water and scratches. As it is made up of high quality polyester, so it provides extra comfort to your dog as well.

It also ensures security to your dog during the ride by forming a hammock after attaching to the back and front headrests in your car. It is very beneficial for dogs that have a habit of making a leap for the front seat every time they hit the road. There are a lot of car seat covers present but choosing the right one is a challenging task. If you want to buy the best car seat covers for dogs, read our buying guide as we will provide you with all the key features that a dog car seat cover must have. 

10: Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs Review

1 : PetSafe Happy Ride Quilted Bench Seat Cover – Fits Cars


Petsafe happy ride cover comes with heavy-duty zippers and leather headrest straps that provide extra durability to this cover. This cover helps to protect your car seats from wet, muddy paws and dog hair.

Two adjustable straps and seat anchors secures the bench seat cover in place. This cover features easy cleaning as you can easily wash it in a machine. It is suitable for most of the cars, trucks and SUVs. 


  • Fits Cars, Trucks, Minivans and SUVs
  • Padded Cotton Fabric
  • Durable Vehicle Seat Protector


  • By                  PetSafe
  • Style              Seat Cover
  • Weight          4.3 pounds


2: Flow.month Pet Front Seat Cover Pet Booster Seat ,Deluxe 2 in 1


This 2 in 1 car seat cover comes with a free pet safety belt that ensures safety and protection.  In order to protect the entire back seat, it comes with extra side flaps on both sides. It features easy cleaning as you can easily clean it with a damp cloth or by using a vacuum.

Due to water resistant technology, your seat is protected from getting wet. It provides protection from scratches, dog hair, or muddy paws on your automotive seats. When there is a passenger at the back seat, you can fold it in half. It fits for most of your cars and SUVs and quick release chips make the installation process easy for you. 


  • Pet Booster Seat
  • Deluxe 2 in 1 Dog Seat Cover
  • With Safety Belt


  • Name                   Flow.month
  • Type                     Front Seat Cover
  • Weight                 1.34 pounds

3: Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Unique Design


Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover is an extra thick and extra-large dog seat cover that provides comfort to your pet during a ride. It comes with water resistant technology that protects your car seat from being wet. 4 layers double stitching makes it more comfortable and durable, zippered side flaps make it non-slip and hold it in place.

The head rest covers keep it clean from hair and scratches. It features easy cleaning as you can easily wash it in a machine. This cover comes with 2 headrest protectors and a seat belt in order to ensure your maximum security and safety. 


  • Full Car Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Seat Belt


  • Name             Meadowlark
  • Weight           4.4 pounds
  • Type               Dog Seat Covers

4: Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat, 100% Waterproof


This dog car seat cover helps to keep your vehicle interior safe from scratches and fur. Due to being water resistant, it protects your seat from urine. There are four headrest straps that are non-slip and keep it in place.

Hammock mode with mesh windows supplies your dog a better air circulation. In order to keep the paw clean, it comes with a paw washer whose brushes are very soft. This dog seat cover is very easy to clean as you can clean it with a damp cloth or vacuum. 


  • Upgraded Version
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Dog Car Hammock for All Cars


  • Name            Taiker
  • Weight          3.95 pounds
  • Style              Cover for Back Seat


5: Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Premium Unique Mesh Design


Meadowlark dog seat cover is made up of heavy duty material and is perfect for most of the cars, suvs and trucks. Due to being waterproof, it protects your seat from getting wet. To protect the entire backseat, doors and carpet, it has Extra durable zippered side flaps.

If there is any passenger at the back seat, both passenger and dog can sit together because of the middle zipper. 2 head rest protectors protect the headrest from scratches, dirt, hair. It comes with a Seat belt that ensures the safety of your dog. In order to prevent seat cover from sliding around, there are Non-slip backing and 2 seat anchors for this purpose. This cover is machine washable. 


  • Premium Unique Mesh Design
  • Entire Car Protection
  • Waterproof Pet Seat Cover


  • Name                    Meadowlark
  • Type                      Dog Seat Covers
  • Weight                  4.2 pounds

6: BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat Anchors for Cars


A long lasting pet car seat cover is designed to withstand extreme temperatures in order to protect your vehicle from any damage. It comes with a heavy-duty and waterproof triple layered PU that protects the seat from getting wet.

In order to keep the cover in place all the time, it features Headrest buckles and seat anchors for this purpose. There are Built-in side flap extensions for optimal coverage. This cover allows easy installation. 


  • Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, and Suv’s
  • Waterproof
  • Nonslip Backing


  • Name            BarksBar
  • Weight          2.3 pounds
  • Type              Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

7 : Plush Paws Products Hammock Waterproof Luxury Car Seat Cover


This car seat cover is made up of durable, waterproof and tear-resistant canvas and is perfect for your puppy rides. It comes with a seat liner, 2 seat belt clips, and 2 harnesses in order to keep the pets safe in the car.

There are several anchors, flaps and straps that make the installation very quick and easy. If you dogs are anxious during rides, this car seat cover will help them to relax and they will enjoy their rides. It is highly compatible with cars, trucks and SUVs. 


  • Waterproof luxury car seat cover
  • With pet harnesses
  • USA based


    • Name                  Plush Paws
    • Type                    Car seat cover
    • Weight                3.8 pounds

8: Tapiona XXL Dog Seat Cover – 63Wx94L XXL Back Seat Cover


This premium quality car seat cover keeps the seat clean from fur, excreta, soil from paws, etc. Water resistant technology protects the seat from getting wet and non-slip backing keeps it in place.

It comes with innovative PU coating that is temperature resistant. This cover is very easy to install and remove, thus it saves your time and energy. It is not only a dog seat cover but you can also use it as sofa or couch cover. 


  • XXL Dog Seat Cover Heavy Duty
  • Waterproof
  • Washable


  • Name              Tapiona
  • Style                Dog Seat Cover
  • Weight            3.6 pounds

9: BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars – Black, Waterproof


BarksBar pet seat cover is designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks, & SUVs. This cover is Easily convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage. For durability and comfort, It is Made up with heavy-duty waterproof polyester.

To prevent the seat cover from sliding around, it features Built-in Velcro Openings for your seat belts and Seat Anchors. There are two pockets that can be used to store your personal items as well. This cover has a capacity to withstand extreme temperatures in order to avoid any damage. 


  • Waterproof
  • Hammock
  • Convertible


  • Name                BarksBar
  • Type                  Pet Seat Cover for Cars
  • Weight              2.4 pounds

10: FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover for SUV, Universal Fit for Any Pet


This dog seat cover can fit most of the small SUVs and hatchbacks. It comes with large pockets for toys, leashes, bags or anything your pet may need. It is paired with ultra-comfortable material that allows your pet to ride in safety and comfort.

It features 600 denier nylon for providing ultimate protection. It allows you to travel with your dog without being worried about damaging or making a mess of your vehicle interior. 


  • Dog Cargo Cover for SUV
  • Universal Fit for Any Pet Animal
  • Durable Liner Covers


  • By                          FrontPet
  • Type                      Dog Cargo Cover
  • Weight                  4.81 pounds


Benefits of Using A Dog Car Seat Covers 

Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

  • Prevention from stains and odors: Stains are always unpleasant to everyone and you need to clean them as soon as possible. By having a car seat cover for your dog in the car, you will prevent stains as it is washable and you can wash it whenever you want and it also prevents bad “doggy” odor. Your car always seems clean and fresh and you won’t smell any bad odor. 
  • Prevent scratches from the car seat: Your dogs can easily produce scratches on the seats as they have sharp claws and it can in turn damage your car. Some dogs even chew car seats and can cause irreparable damage to your car seats even if they are made up of leather. Dog car seat covers prevent all these scratches from your car seat and retain your car’s look. 
  • Easy to get off hair and dirt: As you know, dog’s hair adheres to the car seats and are difficult to get off from the car. It is not possible for you to vacuum your car all the time so these dog car seat covers make your task easy as you can easily get off dirt and hair by getting off these covers. 
  • Reduce the need for crate: Dog seat covers provide protection to your dogs with dog seat belts and they allow your dog more room to move around than in a crate. 

Types Of Dog Car Seat Covers:

Bench seat covers

Bench seat covers protect the back seat of your car from dirt, hair and scratches. They are available in numerous sizes but they can be fitted to your car easily. Most of them are around 55 inches wide but make sure that they cover the whole seat and are durable. They need to be waterproof. 

Bucket seat covers

Bucket seat covers are used for the front car seats and even you can use them for trucks, SUVs etc. they should fit like a glove and they need to cover the entire seat. They should be durable and stitched with double seams. They usually do not fit over seats with armrests or cup holders. 

 Features To Look For:

  • Colors and sizes 

Dog car seat covers are available in different colors and sizes but you should be mindful while selecting them. Most of the car seat covers are in darker shades that are obvious. But you can also select color in order to match it with the interior. In order to buy a cover with the right size, you need to take measurements of your car seats so that it can cover the entire surface. 

  • Hammock feature

Some car seat covers introduce hammock feature in them. It is very beneficial for you if your dog is very messy and if you want to protect the back of your front seat from mud, water and dirt. 

  • Material

Car seat covers should be made up of high quality durable materials that are waterproof and provide comfort. A hard plastic surface is not good as it will allow the moisture to sit on it. They should be absorbent and comfortable for your dog. Make sure that they have a waterproof layer in order to protect the seat underneath. In order to prevent sliding of your cover, make sure that it is made up of non-slip material. 

  • Strong straps

Seat covers are attached to the seats with the help of the straps so you need to make sure that these straps are strong enough to withstand some pulling.  They should have quick release buckles as well so that you can remove them from the seat within seconds. 

  • Environment friendly fabric

Their fabric should be environment friendly as they should not contain any toxins like azo dyes or heavy metals. They need to be color fast so that the dyes will not bleed onto your seats when they get wet. 

  • Dog breed

If you have a larger breed of dog, you need to consider a larger style of dog car seat cover, such as a cargo seat cover rather than a bucket seat cover.

  • Vehicle type

Before buying any dog car seat cover, make sure that for which vehicle type you are going to use it because some dog car seat covers are ideal for bench seats, some for bucket seats, and some are made specifically for trucks. 

FAQs: For Dog Car Seat Covers

Q: How does a dog car seat cover work?

A: Dog car seat covers are just like a blanket or a tarp that cover your car seats and protect them from dog hair, dirt and from other debris. Different styles will attach to the car seat differently, but they will all keep your car cleaner than not having one will. 

Q: How do you get a dog car seat cover to stay in place?

A: They are specifically designed to stay in place. You just need to follow the installation instructions in order to ensure the maximum safety of your dog during a ride. If your dog shows extra movements during a ride, you need to buy a different style of cover that will remain more securely in place while they move around.

Q: What type of dog car seat cover should I get?

A: Hammock covers are a more protective style of dog car seat cover and stop your dog from being able to jump into the front seat while you are driving. Bench seat covers are specifically designed to stay in place even if your dog shows extra movements during a ride. 

Bucket seat covers are ideal for you if you travel with your dog in the front passenger seat or if you have a larger vehicle that has bucket seats in the back. Cargo seat covers provide comfort to your dog by covering the cargo area of your vehicle. They are best if you have extra-large dog breeds that do not fit in regular back seats. 


Dog car seat covers help to protect your car’s seat from dust, dirt and from other debris as well as they provide comfort to your dogs and allow them some extra room for movements.

There are several different styles of seat covers as we have discussed earlier. We have provided all the key features and main types that will help you in choosing the best dog car seat cover for your dog.