10 Best Electric Car Jacks Reviews (2023 Updated Guide)

Tired of the arduous task of using traditional car jacks that demand significant physical effort and manual labor to lift your vehicle? The advent of electric car jacks, powered by innovative technology, has ushered in a remarkable transformation in the way we approach tire changes and car maintenance. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the realm of the ten Best Electric Car Jacks Reviews presently available in the market.

By examining their features, advantages, and potential drawbacks, we aim to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision—one that promises both the convenience and seamlessness that these ingenious devices offer.

10 Best Electric Car Jacks Reviews

1. VEVOR Electric Car Jack Kit, 3 Ton


The VEVOR Electric Car Jack Kit is an electric scissor jack designed to lift vehicles weighing up to 3 tons (6600 lbs). It has a lift range of 4.7″ to 17.7″, making it suitable for most cars, sedans, and SUVs.

The electric car jack kit is powered by a 12V DC cigarette lighter socket, which is easy to connect and operate. It features an automatic lifting and lowering function, which makes it easy to use with minimal effort.

The VEVOR Electric Car Jack Kit also comes with a built-in safety device that automatically stops the jack from lifting beyond its rated capacity. Additionally, the kit includes an electric impact wrench and other accessories for convenient tire changes and maintenance on the go.

2. Greenworks 24V Cordless Car Jack Kit


The Greenworks 24V Cordless Car Jack Kit presents a game-changing solution for vehicle maintenance enthusiasts. With its innovative design comprising a 3-ton hydraulic jack, a 2Ah battery, and a charger, this kit offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. The cordless operation powered by the 24V battery eliminates the limitations of cords and proximity to power sources, allowing users to effortlessly lift their vehicles with the push of a button. The lifting capacity of 3 tons ensures that a variety of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, can be raised for tire changes, maintenance, or repairs.

One of the standout features is its safety-conscious construction. The wide base and sturdy design provide stability during operation, and the built-in safety valve prevents overloading, prioritizing user safety. Beyond its lifting capabilities, this kit showcases versatility in various scenarios, including supporting heavy loads and lifting trailers. The 24V 2Ah battery performs exceptionally well, offering multiple lifting cycles on a single charge. The inclusion of the battery and charger in the kit adds remarkable value, streamlining the user experience.

3. VEVOR Electric Car Jack, 5 Ton Hydraulic Jack


The VEVOR Electric Car Jack has truly transformed the way I approach tire changes and repairs. With its powerful 5-ton hydraulic jack and convenient electric impact wrench, I can now effortlessly lift my SUV and swiftly handle lug nuts without breaking a sweat. What’s more, the built-in inflatable pump ensures that my tires are always at the right pressure, contributing to safety and fuel efficiency. Even in low-light conditions, the integrated LED light comes to the rescue, making nighttime repairs a breeze.

The portability of this tool is a game-changer; I can carry it in my vehicle’s trunk and be prepared for emergencies or unexpected flat tires. Plus, the safety features, like the stable base and safety valve, put my mind at ease while I work. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a professional mechanic, the VEVOR Electric Car Jack is a game-changing addition to your toolkit that will save you time, effort, and hassle.

 4. DNA MOTORING 3T Portable Electric Scissor Lift Jack Kit


The DNA MOTORING 3T Portable Electric Scissor Lift Jack Kit has proven to be an indispensable tool for all my auto repair needs. With its impressive 3-ton lifting capacity, I can effortlessly elevate my sedan or SUV for maintenance or repairs, all within the range of 4.7” to 13.8” (12-35cm). The convenience of this electric car jack is enhanced by its 12V operation, allowing me to lift my vehicle with ease using the included impact wrench.

This all-in-one solution has transformed the way I approach repairs, making tasks that used to be arduous a breeze. The compact design of the kit makes it highly portable, and I can carry it in my vehicle for any unexpected situations. The DNA MOTORING 3T Portable Electric Scissor Lift Jack Kit, labeled as TOOLS-00281, has truly become an essential part of my auto repair toolkit, offering convenience, efficiency, and reliability whenever I need it.

5. Bestauto Electric Jack 5T Electric Car Jack


The Bestauto Electric Jack 5T is a game-changer for anyone involved in vehicle repairing and tire replacing. With its remarkable 5-ton lifting capacity and 12V DC power source, this electric car jack has the muscle to effortlessly raise vehicles weighing up to 11023lb, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles. The convenience is taken to the next level with the inclusion of an LED flashlight, ensuring visibility even in low-light situations.

This all-in-one solution comes neatly packed in a portable tool case, making it easy to store and transport. Whether I’m performing routine maintenance or dealing with unexpected tire changes, the Bestauto Electric Jack 5T has become my go-to tool for its reliability, efficiency, and convenience. It’s undoubtedly a must-have for anyone who values hassle-free vehicle repairs.

6. Effortless Car Lifting and Repair with The 3 Ton


When it comes to car lifting and essential auto repair tasks, the 3 Ton Electric Car Jack Lifting Set shines as a game-changing tool. Powered by a DC 12V source, this lifting set offers convenience and power in one package. With a lifting capacity of 3 tons, it effortlessly elevates vehicles, making tasks like tire changes and repairs a breeze.

Its versatility extends to various vehicle types, including SUVs, ensuring that no matter the task, this tool has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual jacks and strenuous lifting. The 3 Ton Electric Car Jack Lifting Set streamlines the repair process, making it an essential addition to any auto enthusiast’s toolkit.

7. 12V DC 1 Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack Set


This is a 2 in 1 kit. It is not only an best electric hydraulic car jack, but it also works as a tire inflator. It has a capacity of lifting a weight up to 2200 pounds. The maximum height to which this car jack can lift up a vehicle is 17.3 inches and the minimum height to which it can lift a vehicle is 6.1 inches. It has a 12V cigarette lighter adaptor and has a power cord of an extended length of 11.4 feet which is long enough to reach all the areas of a vehicle.

There is a safety valve cap that prevents the electric jack from being fallen even when the power is cut off. The cross groove saddle prevents slipping from the vehicle. The two sleeves come in 4 different sizes 17, 19, 21 and 23, which are suitable for most of the vehicles. In the case of the inflator, it can offer a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. It comes in a compact and robust storage case.

8. BestEquip Electric Car Jack 3 Ton 6600LBS Electric Scissor Jack


This is a robust electric car floor jack presented by BestEquip. The dimensions of this jack are 20.9 x 15.8 x 6.7 inches. This jack has a lifting capacity of 3 tons (6600 pounds). The minimum lifting height of this jack is 4.7 inches, and the maximum lifting height is 17.7 inches. It requires 12V input to run. It can be operated in two different ways, i.e. by plugging the power cable of this jack in the cigarette lighter plug of the car or by directly attaching it to the battery of the car. The length of the power cord is 10 feet.

It works as an electric car jack and as well as a tire inflator too. The inflator pump offers a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. This best electric scissor jack can lift different vehicles such as pick-up trucks, small sedans, and SUVs, etc. This car jack comes with an electric impact wrench set, an inflator pump, a top rope, a wireless remote, a battery clip, a multifunction electric hammer, a low saddle, a high saddle, and an instruction manual. All these things are enclosed in a compact storage case which makes more comfortable access to storage.

9. ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack


This best electric hydraulic jack is used to lift various types of cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. The lifting capacity of this jack is 6000 pounds or 3 tons. It can lift a vehicle to a minimum height of 6.1 inches and can reach up to a height of 17.7 inches as a maximum. It has a long power cable of 11.5 feet. This cable is strong enough that the jack can reach all the sides of the vehicle without unplugging it.

There is a built-in safety device in the jack that prevents the jack from falling, and the jack remains at a steady height even when there is no power. The built-in LED flashlight is useful for using this car jack at night or dimmed light too. For switching it on simply connect the power cord of the jack to the cigarette lighter plug of the car.

10. AUTOOL 12V DC 6T Hydraulic Jack


This electric-hydraulic jack is manufactured by a heavy-duty thick steel plate with an integral body that is surrounded by an anti-oxidation coating which is completely wear-resistant and rust-proof. It has a large contact surface design which enhances stability. There is a reinforced solid screw that prevents the electric car jack from being torn or twisted. It is an essential tool for outdoor emergencies. This is very easy to operate. You have to plug the power cable of the jack in the cigarette lighter plug of the car. The vehicles that are less than 6 tons can be easily lifted by this car jack.

The jack has a minimum lifting height of 15cm and a maximum lifting height of 43cm. When the jack reaches its maximum height, it automatically stops working. For the protection of the jack from being fallen, there is a built-in safety device which prevents it from falling. The whole package includes an electric car jack with a controller, a valve handle, an instruction manual, an impact wrench, a power cord with clip, a cigarette lighter power cord, two sleeves, a reflective safety vest and a pair of gloves.

The Best Electric Car Jacks Buying Guide  

It is very difficult to buy an electric car jack as there is a wide variety of such car jacks available in the market. So to overcome this difficulty, you should be aware with the false information wandering in the markets and websites, and you should know the specific and essential features of the car jack so that you will be able to buy a good one that is suitable for your car and your demands too.


Most of the people consider that the car jacks that come at a higher price are guaranteed and work well. It is not a fact. Because every product comes at high, low and medium prices as a single product is manufactured by various brands depending upon the type and material and the name of the brand. So you don’t need to worry if you cannot purchase an expensive car jack. You can buy a car jack of reasonable price having very fine quality. So the price factor depends upon your choice. 


The construction of the jacks should be very strong and sturdy so that they are able to handle the given task easily without any fault. You will observe that most of the floor jacks are manufactured by a heavy-duty metal. Most of the jacks are usually made from two types of metals, i.e. aluminum and steel. The jacks that are made from aluminum are highly recommended because they are very lightweight and strong also. The steel manufactured jacks have heavyweight but least expensive; they are very hard to move. So the car jacks made from aluminum are preferred to the later. Some car jacks are also made from the combination of both these metals. 

 Jacking speed:

If we talk about the floor jack, then you will see a great variety of their lifting capacities. Like this, there is also a huge variety of its speed too. The speed determines the tome in which a car jack can lift up a vehicle individually. 

The floor jacks are able to work very swiftly and having a capacity to lift a vehicle as high as possible in just a little time. Thus the speed of the jack is an essential feature to consider.


 The capacity is the capability of the car jack to bear a certain weight. It is the most important feature of the car jack to be considered before buying a car jack. You should know which type of car jack you want for your car. For example, if you are going to buy a floor jack, then it should have the capacity to lift up the weight from 1 to 5 tons. The task which you are going to do determines which type of car jack you should buy.

Jack Weight:

The weight of the car jack is not a big factor. They come in both heavy and light weights. Most of the people prefer a lightweight car jack, so for those people, we recommend the car jack made from aluminium as it is lightweight and durable too. 


 The warranty of a product is an essential feature to look before purchasing a car jack. Most of the people don’t consider it an important thing. It proves to be a good factor when there comes a fault or effect on your product. So after purchasing the car jack if you find a default in it you can contact the seller and replace it if it has a good warranty. 

Best Electric Car Jacks Reviews

Electric Car Jacks FAQ  

Q: What is an electric car jack?

A: An electric car jack is automatic equipment that is used for lifting heavy weights such as cars and other vehicles. An electric car jack is very easy and simple to use; it is placed under the chassis of the vehicle and it raises the vehicle up to a required height by using power source. Having an electric car jack makes your work easier than having a portable and non-electric car jack; you will not have to go to a car service shop for small services or you will not require putting force on the jack as it will run automatically.

Q: how an electric car jack works?

A: An electric car jack requires a power source for its working. You just need to plug it in the cigarette lighter plug of the vehicle and then it will start automatically.

Q: What are the types of an electric car jack?

A: An electric car jack is of three major types. These include:

Q: What features should you consider while buying a car jack?

A: A good car jack must have following features:

  • Height range 
  • Weight capacity
  • Built-in LED light
  • Jacking speed
  • Ease of use
  • Portability 
  • Versatile jack pads
  • Lowest lift point
  • Multiple power sources
  • Type of the jack
  • Quality
  • Cord length

Q: Can an electric jack be used on any car?

A: No, you cannot use any kind of jack on any type of vehicle because of the different features of the car jacks that makes the working different. You must search for a car jack which is strong enough to support your car’s weight. 

Q: Is an LED light important in an electric jack?

A: Yes, a good car jack should have an LED light. It is considered essential because sometimes you may require changing the vehicle’s tire at night or in the dark. So at that time an LED proves to be very useful.


I am available here to deliver you the enough information and guidance about any kind of product that you want to know. Here I have discussed about the best electric car jacks for your vehicle. I have tried my best in providing you an effective description and buying guide about the Top electric jacks for your vehicles. I hope that you may have read the description of the electric car jacks given above in the content; all these are created by different brands. 

Perhaps you may have chosen an electric car jack for your vehicle but it will be my pleasure to help you select the new electric car jacks among all by providing you a recommendation about the one which has the high quality and the best reviews.

In our list, you will observe that there are various types of electric car jacks. Among these electric car jacks I consider EAMBRITE 12V DC Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack with LED Light is the best electric car jack of all. It has a good lifting capacity and has a long power cord of about 11.4 feet that can reach all the areas of the car. Also it owns an LED light.

If you are a little bit confused about choosing an electric car jack for your vehicle among a vast variety then you must have a look at our buying guide and the FAQs. Read the buying guide carefully for gaining more information and guidance about the car jacks. Also take a review at the description of the product which I have suggested. 

Please leave a comment here to let me know if you have any kind of question other than the FAQ. I will be glad to provide you related answer.