10 Best Off Road Jacks: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Off-roading is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re driving through rugged terrain, crawling over rocks, or navigating deep mud pits, you need a reliable and sturdy off-road jack to keep your vehicle on track. The best off-road jacks are designed to handle the toughest conditions and provide the necessary support to lift your vehicle when it’s stuck in the mud or on uneven ground. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top-rated off-road jacks on the market, their features, pros, and cons, to help you make an informed decision.

Best Off Road Jacks In 2023

1. COOKE Pro Eagle 2 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Car Jack


This best off road car jack is an offer by Cookie Pro Eagle and imported from the USA. It is the perfect wheeled off-road car jack specially built for racing. This is a 2-ton truck jack which is great for mud, sand, and even in extreme conditions. This best off-road jack equally works in your home garage as well. It includes a jack mounting bracket that is used for quick access in the back country. An adjustable extension of 8 inches rubber grip pad is present to lift high clearance off-road vehicles.

This jack has a full-length steel skid plate that is present to prevent the jack from being sunk on the sand and also from damaging the internal components of the car jack. There is a detachable jack handle made of high-quality aluminum that fits into an optional mount. On the side of the jack, there are large handles made of steel; these handles make this jack to position quickly with gloves whenever needed. There are ball bearings that are sealed for smooth rolling and operation in dusty/sandy conditions. It comes with a long time warranty of 2 years. This is the perfect jack for off-road vehicles.


  • 2 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Car Jack
  • Off Road Racing High and 4WD Vehicle Floor Jack
  • Black, Big Wheel, with Mount


  • Name            COOKE
  • Style              Off Road Car Jack
  • Capacity        4 Ton

2. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ Hi-Lift Black Cast And Steel Jack


This off-road car jack has a length of 48 inches. It is manufactured from high-quality steel that makes its construction strong and sturdy. It is constructed with a mixture of cast components and four high strength steel components which are stamped. It consists of powder-coated finish with zinc-plated hardware and top winch connector clamp which acts as standard on all the jacks. It is a mechanical car jack that is operated manually. This best off road jacks contains a two-piece handle and a socket that makes it reliable and durable.

For its safe use, the information stickers and rated load details are already affixed to the handle of the jack. It is also equipped with a shear bolt whose primary function is to prevent the jack from carrying a load above than 7000 pounds. So the maximum weighing capacity of this jack is 7000 pounds that’s enough for a racing car or any other car. The rated load capacity of this jack is 4660 pounds that’s equal to 2114 kg. The dimensions of this jack are 48 x 5 x 10 inches.  


  • Shipping Weight 29.6 pounds
  • Fit Type Vehicle Specific
  • Auto floor jack


  • Name                   Hi-Lift
  • Model                  HLJHL484
  • Weight                 28 pounds

3.  Pro-Lift Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack


This bottle jack is offered by Pro-lift. It is easy to manage and a compact bottle jack. This jack has a weight which is slightly less than 8 pounds. So it is not as much heavy; you can easily carry it from one place to another. The dimensions of this jack are 4.5 x 9.4 x 4.4 inches. The maximum weighing capacity of this bottle jack is up to 4 tons. This car jack is ideal for vans, most sedans, minibuses, and small SUVs too. The maximum lifting capacity of this jack is up to 15.4 inches height, and the minimum lifting capacity is up to 8 inches. Its price is the best thing about it; it is not much expensive and delivers excellent performance regardless of its price.

The lifting saddle made of steel is engineered perfectly to hold the load of the vehicle with excellent security. The design of this jack makes it easy for it to meet all the latest safety standards of PALD and ANSI. There are extension screws for the adjustment to accommodate the desired work height. There is a built-in bypass system that provides protection to this jack against ram over-travel. This best jack for SUV is manufactured in China. 


  • The product is 4Ton bottle jack
  • Easy and simple use kit
  • The product is manufactured in china


  • Name            Pro-Lift
  • Style              Bottle Jack
  • Color             Grey

4. Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack


This jack is one of the best scissor jacks for a car which is presented by Torin. It is manufacture by premium quality steel with a compact design which can be used as a rugged replacement jack or as an extra utility jack. It can be easily stored in the trunk of your car due to its compactness. This jack comes with a spare and broad base that increases support, stability, and strength of the carjacking. The bottom has a width of 4.5 inches. This broad base delivers a more comfortable positioning of the jack.

The folding handle of the car jack provides a quicker response whenever you needed. This car jack has a maximum weighing capacity up to 3000 pounds which is equal to 1.5 kg. This jack has a minimum lifting height of about 4-1/8 inches and a maximum height up to 15-1/8 inches. It is really very safe to use; no damage occurs during its use. This jack meets all the latest safety standards of PASE, ASME, and ANSI. This is the best one jack and is much efficient in its work regardless of its simple design. It is manufactured with high precision for delivering a brilliant performance and is of premium quality. 


  • Features a lifting range of 4-1/8″ to 15-1/8″
  • With a 1.5 ton (3,000 lb.) capacity
  • Weight 7.7 pounds


  • Name            Torin
  • Color             Red
  • Type              Scissor Jack

5.  Arcan Alj3t 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack


The Arcan ALJ3T is an best off road floor jack which is made from professional-quality and high-grade aluminum. It has a minimum lifting capacity ranging from 3 to 3.75 inches. The maximum lifting capacity of this jack is 18 inches. While using it under the vehicles having low profiles, it allows easier access even. At the rear end of the jack, there are ball bearing-mounted swivel caster wheels. For better stability and movement even under heavy loads, the front wheels have wide tracks. The saddle pad of the jack protects the frame of the vehicle and the components of the jack too.

This low-profile tire jack is counted in one of the best off road truck jack on the market because of its superior performance. The long handles of the jack have two pieces that provide the leverage that is needed for the job. The jack has superior construction that provides more strength and durability. It consists of overload and bypass valves that protect the jack against over-extension of the tool’s hydraulic ram. This jack is a lightweight tool which enables to be handled easily. The dual pump pistons present that allow the jack for quicker and easy rising action.


  • 3 Ton
  • Increases strength
  • Chassis torsion control


  • Name            Arcan
  • Type              floor jack
  • Weight          56 pounds

6. BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack


This Big Red Torin hydraulic welded car bottle jack has a dimension of 16 x 12 x 7 inches. It is an ideal jack for warehouses, garages, loading docks, automotive and agriculture repair shops, and factory floors. This bottle jack meets all the safety demands and standards of PASE and ASME. This best bottle jack for off road is specially designed for commercial and residential use; therefore; it is a stubby low profile hydraulic welded bottle jack. This bottle jack is manufactured by high-quality steel for providing the best performance and high strength durability.

It is as stronger as it has the capacity to lift up a vehicle which has a maximum weight up to 12 tons (24,000 pounds). It offers a minimum lifting range from 7-1/2 inches to a maximum lifting range up to 13-13/16 inches. It is equipped with a strong and rugged wide base that provides more stability to this jack. There are some critical stress points that are located for adding durability and stability. Safety valves are located to prevent overloading.


  • 12 Ton (24,000 lb.) Capacity
  • Features a lifting range of 9-1/8″ to 18-1/4″
  • Weight 5.1 pounds


  • Name            BIG RED
  • Color             Red
  • Type              Bottle Jack

7. Bestauto Air Jack Exhaust 3 Ton Inflatable Car Jack Off-Road


This inflatable off-road car jack is constructed by high tenacity 1000 denier nylon. This exhaust jack is mainly used to raise a vehicle in very soft ground. For using such exhaust air jack place it under your vehicle, and then attach the hose to the exhaust pipe and at last turn on the engine. The bag will be filled by air with enough pressure that is required to raise the vehicle. This jack is surrounded by a rubberized canvass that makes is strong and sturdy. The length of the exhaust connector cone is about 4 inches.

The length of the exhaust hose is 20 feet. This best 4×4 jack has the maximum weighing capacity of 3 tons. It is anti-slip, so you don’t need to worry about its protection. It easily and safely lifts up the car or any other vehicle. This package includes an air or exhaust jack, an air compressor jack, a hose, two protective mats, a carrying bag, two patches, a horn shape part for connection and a pair of gloves.


  • Inflatable Car Jack
  • Off-Road
  • Exhaust Air Jack 4×4


  • Name            Bestauto
  • Type              Air Jack
  • Cap                3 Ton

8. Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912 3 Ton


This bottle jack is presented by Powerbuilt. It is the best jack for off-road trucks and vehicles. It has a maximum lifting capacity up to 3 tons having a superior versatility. It has a length of 9.75 inches, a height of 12.25 inches and a width of 9.75 inches. All the features that are required for lifting heavy applications are included in this bottle jack. This jack is perfect for its use in the car shops and also for the owners of the cars. This tire bottle jack can be surely beneficial for floor joist work, for framing, construction jobs, and for off-road vehicles too. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 21 inches and a minimum lifting height capacity of 11 inches.

The default lifting range of this jack is from 11 inches to 17.25 inches. This bottle jack can be raised up to a height of 21 inches if you adjust it manually. This jack comes with great versatility, and it can be used for various types of vehicles such as small-sized SUVs, CUVs, and body-on-frame sedans. Another feature of this jack which makes it unique in its performance is its safety lock. By using this safety lock, the toolbar can be locked in place at the height which is desired by the owner of the car or any other vehicle. This function of the jack will surely prevent the tire jack from being slipped.


  • Dimensions 9.75″L x 9.75″W x 12.25″H
  • Patented design combines jack stand and bottle jack in one unit


  • Name            Powerbuilt
  • Type              Bottle Jack
  • Weight          22.1 pounds

9. Strongway 2-Ton Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram Bottle Jack


This best off road bottle jack is presented by Strongway; it is a double ram bottle jack for replacing the tires of any vehicle. It has a height 5.8 inches, a length of 5.18 inches and a width of 4.8 inches. This jack offers a maximum lifting height up to 14.5 inches and a minimum lifting height up to 5.9 inches. The hydraulics are powered by the high-quality oil which provides good resistance to protect the jack from the flexibility of high or low temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and corrosion. This jack is manufactured from high-quality steel that provides better reliability and durability to the jack.

The paint of this bottle jack’s body is greatly resistant to grease, oil, and dirt for easy cleaning of this jack. For raising the load of the vehicle, this jack needs oil which has a lower pressure; this is done by the large-diameter cylinder unit of hydraulic steel. It helps in extending the service life of the bottle jack. This jack can be used horizontally whenever required. There is a lifting handle to carry the jack easily. This jack meets all the safety standards of ASME and PALD.


  • High-quality
  • Large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit results in lower oil pressure needed to raise the load
  • Helping to reduce wear and extend service life


  • Name            strongway
  • Color             Red
  • Type              Bottle Jack

10. Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack


This portable car jack presented by Arcan meets all the requirements and demands that you want in a floor jack. It provides a high lift service as it is a low profile jack. The extra-wide front steel wheels of this car jack make it portable as mobility is an extremely important thing in the carjacks. While lowering a universal joint release mechanism assures perfect control. If you have a truck or an SUV, then this jack will be perfect for you. For comfortably lifting up the SUV’s and trucks by this jack; you need to place this jack far under the vehicle so that, rather than the normal height, it can reach the lifting points for a higher lifting height.

This best car jack for home garage is well furnished with a foam bumper pad on the lower lift handle for the protection of the vehicles. It has a maximum lifting capacity up to 2 tons. It is compact in size and has a unique design with all the versatility of a full-size jack. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel and has great durability and reliability. For the prevention against overloading, there are safety valves.


  • Low profile frame for easy access under low ground clearance vehicles
  • Dual pump pistons
  • 2 Ton


  • Name            Arcan
  • Type              Steel Floor Jack
  • Color             Black

The Best Off Road Jacks Buying Guide  

There is a vast variety of car off road jacks that are available in the market because a number of brands are manufacturing different types of car jacks. As a result it seems difficult to choose one of the best of all.

We are offering you the buying guide for getting rid of this problem; by this guide you can learn the features of a good off road car jack. It will definitely help you choose the most durable and reliable off road car jack.


The price is the most essential factor that which is to be considered while buying a car jack. It is not necessary that all the car jacks come in expensive ranges; you can also find a car jack in reasonable prices. So you don’t need to be worried; if you cannot afford an expensive car jack then you can buy a car jack in a medium price range. 

The car jacks must be built very strong and sturdy so that they could be able to bear heavy weights. The material from which they are manufactured should be of great durability and high quality. Most of the jacks are built of premium quality steel. A car jack’s main function is to hold heavy weights so it must be strong enough to deliver best performance.

The capacity of the car jack is an important feature; it is determined as the capacity of the jack to hold a certain amount of weight. By observing all the types of car jacks you can have the result that they can hold a weight up to 20 tons. Your task decides that which capacity of the jack you need.

Jack Weight:

The weight of the jack is not a big factor. But if you are willing to buy a jack with a light weight so that it will be easy for you to carry the jack from one place to another. 

Jacking speed:

The car jacks work very rapidly and have the ability to lift yup a vehicle as high as possible in just a few pumps of the jack handle. So the jacking speed of the jack can be an essential factor to consider.

Before you buy a car jack check out whether it comes with a good warranty or not. It is important because sometimes the products have fault and you don’t even know that. If a product has a warranty then you can easily replace it and can have a product without any fault. So buy a car jack that should have a good warranty. 


Off-road jacks are essential tools for any serious off-roader. Whether you’re exploring rough terrain, climbing rocks, or navigating through mud, having the right off-road jack can make all the difference in getting you back on the road. In this article, we’ve discussed the top-rated off-road jacks, including high-lift jacks, bottle jacks, and other options. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of each type of jack, and we hope that this guide has helped you choose the best off-road jack for your needs.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when using an off-road jack. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and follow them precisely. Always use a jack stand to support the vehicle once it’s been lifted, and never place any part of your body under the vehicle while it’s lifted.

With the right off-road jack, you can tackle any obstacle with confidence and enjoy the thrill of off-roading without worrying about getting stuck. So, unleash the beast and go conquer the trails with your new off-road jack!

 Best Jacks For Off Road FAQ 

Q: What is the purpose of a car jack?

A: A car jack is a mechanical or electrical device depending upon the type of power source it uses. It is used for lifting heavy weights of vehicles. The jack is placed under the chassis of the vehicle and it raises the vehicle up to the height which you demand. Having a car jack makes your work easier; you will not require visiting a car service shop for small services such as tire replacement.

Q: What are the types of jacks and which type is best for off-road vehicles?

A: There are different types of car jacks depending upon the shape, size, structure and function. These types include:

  • Floor jack
  • High-lift jack
  • Bottle jack
  • Scissors jack
  • Exhaust or inflate able jack 
  • Electric jack
  • Among these jacks the most common type that is best for the off road vehicles are the high-lift jack and the inflatable jack. These two types are really good if you own an off road vehicle. 

Q: What features should I consider while buying an off road jack?

A: A good off road jack must have following features:

  • Weight capacity
  • Lifting range 
  • Jacking speed
  • Quality of the jack 
  • Lowest lifting point
  • Ease of use
  • Portability 
  • Vehicle compatibility
  • Safety 
  • Construction
  • Versatility 

Q: How to use an off road jack?

A: As there are various types of off road jack so each type has its own working function. For example, a bottle jack uses the hydraulic principle for its working. It consists of a piston that moves with the aid of pressure which is exerted when you pump its handle. As the pressure increases the pistons moves and it raises the vehicle. So, different types of jacks have different functions to perform

Q: Does an off road jack fit in the trunk of my car? 

A:  Most of the jacks fit in the trunk of the vehicle. You may store an off-road jack in a storage box. So that it 

Q: How much should a jack weigh?

A: The car jacks have different weights and sizes. For off-road use, you should consider this factor important. You should make sure that the jack is not much heavy and also that it will fit in narrow spaces if you need to use it. It should be light weight so that you can easily move it.