10 Best Tire Shine for Cars: Vehicle’s Appearance 2023

Some people who are fond of cars also want to keep every part of their car neat and clean. It means a lot to them to keep the appearance of their cars up to date. Cleanliness is not only for the interior and exterior of the car. The tires of your vehicle also require to be cleaned with a great care. To clean the other parts of the car you use waxes, car polishes then what about the tires. For the care of tires you should get a tire shine to keep the tire tidy and to maintain the shine of your vehicle’s tire. 

There are a number of brands that manufactures the tire shines as individual kits or products and also as the part of car detailing kits too. The tire shine will help you to keep them shining like the new ones and you will not need to replace them every time they lose their glossy appearance. The tire shines are available in affordable prices; you will not need to pay more for them. Tire shine is very easy to use; it comes in either in spray form, foam or in a gel form. All these ways are easy to apply. Here is a list of the best tire shine products for you. Read the description and choose a good tire shine for you. 

10 Best Tire Shine 2023 List

1: Tire Shine Spray 


This tire shine spray is presented by Car Guys and is one of the most advanced car detailing products for providing car tires a deep black shine. It comes with a microfiber applicator pad which is black in color by using which you will see a high gloss glaze shine on your vehicle’s tire. It is boosted with a brand new patented Nano polymer additive which works for extending the longevity and also for enhancing the product performance. This car tire shine has other features too in addition to providing the car tires a great shine.

These features include: it is a safe and non-toxic formula, it reduces the cracking, fading and browning, it does not harm the vinyl surfaces, plastic, or rubber, it offers a quick and easy application, and it delivers a showroom appearance to your car. This product is manufactured in the USA. For a rich deep black finish just apply a single layer of this tire shine spray. If you want a deep black high glossy look then apply its multiple layers. 


  • Car Care Kit for Car Tires After a Car Wash
  • Car Detailing Kit for Wheels and Tires


  • Name            Car Guys
  • Weight          1.35 pounds
  • Size                18 Ounces

2: Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl


This product offered by Chemical Guys has premium water based dressing and a refined cream formula that spreads too easily and help in convenient application. This tire shine restores the deep black appearance to rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim pieces. This VRP protectant offers the ultimate protection and enhances the shine of exterior and interior trim. It creates a superb shine finish on any of the surfaces either vinyl, rubber, or textured plastic. This protectant is very easy-to-use and it restores the deep black look of the tires, increases the shine, and provides protection to the surface against UV rays coming from the sun.

This product to use is perfect for bumpers, tires, bumper moldings, trim pieces, side mirrors, and many more. It can also easily protect door panels, dashboards, steering wheels and vinyl seats. Apply this VPR to rubber tires in order to maintain the dark black finish of the tires after every wash. This protectant leaves no-residue behind and finishes dry-to-the-touch. It restores the bumper trim and mirror from dull and faded to rich and dark. It penetrates deep inside the tire and remains long lasting. The dry-to-the-touch finish prevents dust and dirt to attract the tire. 


  • Rubber and Plastic Non-Greasy
  • Dry-to-the-Touch Long Lasting
  • Super Shine Dressing for Tires


  • Name            Chemical Guys
  • Weight          1.19 pounds
  • Size                16 oz.

3: Meguiar’s g7516 endurance tire gel


This is a tire shine gel is offered by Meguiar’s. It is a silicone based tire gel that is long lasting and provides a glossy finish. It provides protection against browning and UV rays coming from the sun, It can withstand all types of temperatures and rain too. As it is a gel so it has a viscous consistency that allows you to coat your vehicle’s tires without even worrying about the drips, runs and overspray.

You can apply this gel with an applicator and only a small amount is required for a good application. Do not apply too much as it will attract the dust and dirt particles to cling with it. The advanced polymers provide a long lasting protection in order to keep your tires shiny black with a dark, rich and high gloss.  Always try to apply the tire shine in a cool place or in a shade for the best results. You can use an applicator pad, a soft cloth or microfiber towel or a brush to apply its coating.  


  • Premium tire gel
  • For a lasting glossy shine
  • Maintain a rich black


  • Name            meguiar’s
  • Weight          1.1 pounds
  • Size                16 oz

4: Armor All Car Tire and Wheel Shine Gel



Armor All Car Tire and Wheel Shine Gel is a product designed to provide a glossy shine and protection for your vehicle’s tires and wheels. This gel-based formula helps to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the rubber and wheel surfaces, giving them a clean and polished look.

The Armor All Car Tire and Wheel Shine Gel is easy to apply. Start by ensuring that the tires and wheels are clean and dry. Squeeze a small amount of the gel onto a foam applicator pad or a clean cloth. Apply the gel evenly onto the tire sidewalls and wheel surfaces, making sure to cover the entire area. Allow the gel to penetrate and dry for a few minutes.

After the gel has dried, you can use a clean cloth to remove any excess product and buff the surfaces to a high shine. The Armor All Car Tire and Wheel Shine Gel helps to protect against harmful elements such as UV rays, dirt, and grime. It also provides a barrier that can make it easier to clean the tires and wheels in the future.


  • Wheel Shine Gel
  • Cleaner for Cars
  • Truck and Motorcycle


  • Name            Armor All
  • Weight          1.17 pounds
  • Size                18 Ounce

5: Armor All Extreme Tire Shine


This product is presented by Armor All. You will get 2 packs of these. This shine provides extra gloss to the tires of the vehicle and also it enhances the shin which is intense and mirror-like. This tire shine is fortified with such conditioners that nourish and protect the tires of your vehicle. In addition to nourishing, these conditioners also preserve your vehicle’s tires rich black appearance.  The tire shine protects the tires and wheels from harmful compounds which can cause fading and cracking.

It is very easy to use. Just hold the Armor All tire shine bottle almost 4 to 6 inches away from tire then spray evenly on the tire, the tire should be clean and dry. After this allow the spray to dry for at least 3 to 5 minutes. After its application do not wipe it out. The product no sling will disappear leaving a brilliant shine. Use this tire shine as it is directed. It is not for the use on vehicle controls (pedals, grips, and steering wheels), brake drums, bench or cycle tires, cycle seats, floors and other parts where slipperiness can be dangerous.


  • 2 Pack! Save some money
  • Most Extreme Wet
  • Black Shine


  • Name            Armor All
  • Weight          3.15 pounds
  • Size                2 Pack

6: TriNova Wheel Cleaner Rim Cleaning Spray


TriNova is a popular brand in the USA. It has manufactured an affordable and long lasting tire shine that offers a brand new finish to the vehicle’s tire. It is a high quality premium spray that gives back the original shine of your vehicle’s dirty wheels by melting away the dust, dirt and grime which accumulates from things like oil residue and brake dust. This spray also works to fight against salt and snow that can destroy the appearance of your car’s wheels in the cold weather.

It easily restores the original shine on the car wheels and can easily tackle with the toughest stains that have set on the surface of the tires. This spray has a powerful concentrated formula that penetrates deep into the stains which are caused by dirt. It washes those stains away to give back your car the brand new look of the showroom. This best rim cleaning spray is suitable for all types of wheels. It is an acid-free spray therefore it will not harm any part of your car. It can withstand in all types of temperatures.


  • Remove Tire Dirt
  • Oil Residue
  • Dust & More – Restores Shine


  • Name            TriNova
  • Weight          1.17 pounds
  • Size                18 OZ

7: GYEON Quartz Q² Tire 400 ml


This tire coating is designed to provide a long-lasting and durable protection for your vehicle’s tires. It is formulated to bond with the rubber surface, creating a hydrophobic and dirt-repellent layer that helps to keep the tires cleaner for a longer period of time.

The GYEON Quartz Q² Tire coating enhances the appearance of the tires, giving them a deep and glossy finish. It also helps to prevent the tires from turning brown or fading due to exposure to UV rays. Additionally, the coating provides a level of protection against road grime, chemicals, and other contaminants that can damage the rubber.

To apply the GYEON Quartz Q² Tire coating, ensure that the tires are clean and dry. Shake the bottle well before use and apply a few drops of the product onto an applicator pad or microfiber cloth. Spread the coating evenly onto the tire surface, making sure to cover the entire sidewall. Allow the coating to cure for the recommended time, typically a few hours, before driving the vehicle.


  • Silica Based Tire Shine and Dressing
  • High Durability with a Natural Satin Finish
  • Non Sling Gel


  • Name            GYEON
  • Weight          14.1 ounces
  • Size                400 ml

8: Meguiar’s G12024 Hot Shine Tire Spray 


Meguiar’s is presenting a hot tire shine spray that provides a premium high gloss wet look appearance to the tires of your vehicle. It consists of a blend of polymers of premium high quality silicone for a long lasting shine. It has a self-spreading formula through which it spreads evenly on the surface of the tire on its own. This formula prevents streaks for a uniform finish. It also consists of blend of water resistant polymers through which the surface of the tire becomes hydrophobic and water droplets roll down off it. It is very convenient to use just use the trigger to spray the tire shine for mud tires on the tire and let is spread by itself.

Don’t wipe it off, let it dry and it will penetrate in the tire to give a very fine finish. For better results take some preventive measures while using this tire shine. Before using it shake it well. Always choose a cool, dry and shady place for the application of a tire shine. If accidently you over-sprayed it then don’t need to worry, take a microfiber cloth and wipe out the excess tire shine. After its application wait maximum for 20 minutes to dry it. Remember not to spray it on painted surfaces and plastic panels.


  • High gloss spray
  • Tire dressing
  • Unique blend of water-resistant


  • Name            Meguiar’s
  • Weight          1.35 pounds
  • Size                — —

9: Lucas Oil LUC10513 24 Ounce Tire & Trim Shine


The Lucas silk mist tire and trim shine is a spry that is exclusively formulated by the Lucas Oil Products. It provides the tire of vehicles a brilliant and long-lasting shine that makes the appearance of the car as the brand new one. You may use the slick mist tire shine for removing dull and grey oxidation from tires, plastic, bumpers, rubber and vinyl trim. This shine for tires can be used on cars, boats, airplanes and trucks. This product is water based and sling resistant. It is quick and easy to use.

Press the nozzle and spray it on the tire from a certain distance. If it is over-sprayed you don’t need to worry, just clean the excess spray by a soft cloth or a microfiber towel. It not only delivers a brilliant shine to the tire surface but it also protects your vehicle’s tires from the UV radiations coming from the sun. You cannot use this tire shine spray on floors, brake drums, vehicle controls (pedals, grips, and steering wheels), cycle seats, bench or cycle tires, and other parts that are hazardous to be slippery. 


  • Car Care
  • Car Detailing
  • Tire Shine


  • Name            Lucas Oil
  • Weight          11.2 ounces
  • Size                24 Ounce


10: Adam’s Essential Wheel & Tire Kit


Adam’s Essential Wheel & Tire Kit is a comprehensive collection of premium products designed to enhance and maintain the appearance of your vehicle’s wheels and tires. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to achieve professional-level results and keep your wheels and tires looking their best.

The kit features a range of specially formulated cleaning and protection solutions that are safe for use on all types of wheels and tires. The Wheel Cleaner included in the kit effectively eliminates stubborn brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants, leaving your wheels spotless and gleaming. It is gentle yet powerful, ensuring a thorough clean without causing any harm to the wheel’s finish.

To complement the wheel cleaning process, the kit also includes a Tire & Rubber Cleaner. This specialized formula deep cleans your tires, removing embedded dirt, grime, and old tire dressing. It revitalizes the rubber, giving your tires a fresh and rejuvenated look. With this cleaner, your tires will regain their original richness and shine.


  • Tire Kit – Essential Car Wash Cleaning Supplies
  • Wheel Cleaner, Rubber Cleaner, Tire Shine
  • Foam Block Applicator, Scrubbing Brush & Dual 5 Finger Chenille Glove Mitt


  • Name            by Adam’s Polishes
  • Weight          4.86 pounds
  • Number        ESS-VAR

Best Tire Shine

The Best Tire Shine For Cars Buying Guide: 

Before going to buy a car tire shine you should know the benefits and attributes of a good product. The more you have knowledge about tire shine the easier it will be for you to choose a durable tire shine delivering best results. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying a tire shine for your car.

Type of finish:

There are two types of finishes that a tire shine leaves behind after its application; it may be either a glossy finish or a matte finish. It is of course your choice whether you want a shiny or matte look for your vehicle’s tire. Whatever you want just before buying check out which type of shine the tire shine will provide after applying it on your car’s tire. 

Types of shine material:

There are two types of shine materials including the water-based and the solvent-based shine. 

  • The water-based shine materials are made from natural oils along with the polymers which are suspended in water. They do not provide intense shine to the tires and also have a drawback of losing the shine faster. 
  • The solvent-based shine materials are made from the ingredients that are suspended in solvent unlike the water-based materials whose ingredients are suspended in water. These materials provide intense shine that are long-lasting and make the tires to look like the brand new one. 

So between these two, the later i.e. the solvent-based shine materials are preferred to purchase. 

Type of application:

There are three types of dressing shines offered by tire shines. These include the spray tire dressing, gel tire dressing and the foam tire dressing. Thus there are three ways of a tire shine’s application. 

  1. The gel tire dressing is applied directly even by your hands or by a microfiber towel. It provides good results but the negative point is that it requires minimum 30 minutes to be wiped off after applying. So it is time consuming.
  2. The spray tire dressing is easy to apply; just you have to press the nozzle of the bottle from a certain distance and it will set easily and evenly on the surface of the tire. It don’t require much time.
  3. The foam tire dressing is also easy to apply but it is wasted as it is required in a large amount for the application.

Among all above types the spray tire dressing is the best one as it provides the best and brilliant results and also it does not require much time for the application.

UV protection:

The tire shine must be a UV protectant. It is because the UV radiations coming from the sun affect the tires badly and disintegrates the pores. So if a tire shine provides protection from UV rays of the sun then it is a good product.


The shine must have a long lifespan so that after its application it does not evaporate and wash off. Some tire shines are not of good quality and they wipe out during rain or any other extreme weather. So before buying the product check out the durability and lifespan of it.

Quick drying:

The tire shine should be easily dry after some time of application. It should be easily and quickly absorbed by the rubber of the tire.


In our list, you will see that there are various tire shines manufactured by various brands. Among these products I consider that the Tire Shine Spray – Tire Dressing Car Care Kit is the best of all the tire dressings. The best thing is that it is a spray type tire dressing. It is made up of a safe and non-toxic formula. 

If you are confused about choosing a tire dressing for your car among a variety then have a look at our buying guide and the FAQs, read them carefully also read the description of the product which I have suggested. I am sure that you will get good help.

Please leave a comment here to let me know if you have any kind of question next to the FAQ. I will be glad to provide you answer.


Tire Shine FAQ: 

Q: Why use a tire shine?

A: A tire shine is applied on the tires of vehicles in order to give the tires a clear and lustrous look. The tire shine also protects the sidewalls of the tires from exposure to contaminants. 

Q: What type of finishes does a tire shine leave behind?

A: A tire shine leaves two types of finishes after application. One is the glossy or shiny finish and the other one is the matte finish. The type of finish depends upon you either you want a glossy or matte finish. 

Q: What are the important features to look before buying a tire shine?

A:  Before you buy a tire shine, you must consider the following important features:

  • Long lifespan
  • UV protection
  • Quick drying
  • Ease of application
  • Shiny finish

Q: What are the types of a tire shine?

A: A tire shine is available in two different types depending upon the consistency of the tire shine. The types are as follows:

  • Gel type
  • Spray type
  • Foam type 

The most common type of the product is the spray tire dressing. It is the easiest way of application and is considered the best. 

Q: How often should you apply a tire shine?

A: It’s all up to you. If you want your vehicle’s tires to shine always, you can apply the product whenever you want. Otherwise a good thing is that you must apply a product after every car wash.

Q: Can I apply the tire shine in the direct sunlight?

A: No you should not apply the tire dressing in the direct sunlight as the solar heat may affect the ability of the tire shine to dry properly and absorb equally in the rubber of the tire. Before applying the tire shine you must move your vehicle under a shaded area.