The Best Towing Mirrors In 2023

10 Best Towing Mirrors 2023

For most of the people, towing could be a stressful experience. In order to stay calm while driving, manufacturers have made the best towing mirrors that help you to have a better view of things behind you. These mirrors help you to stay safe on the road. Towing mirror can work with any vehicle by attaching them to the vehicle’s existing mirrors with clips or ratchet straps. You can be prevented from a very serious accident by having a towing mirror as it helps you to see any vehicle that wants to overtake you. 

Towing mirrors are very easy to install and remove and they require less effort in this process. There are many different types of towing mirror that come with different features. In order to know about all the types and features of towing mirrors, read our full buying guide. It will help you to find out the best towing mirror for you that will last long and ensure durability. 

Best Towing Mirrors 4×4 Review

NO.1  MOSTPLUS Power Fold Chrome Towing Mirrors

MOSTPLUS Towing Mirror is Power Fold with Turn Signal Lights and it comes with a Built-in Turn light, Running Light and Clearance Light. It comes with power heated function and power adjusted dual glasses. There are Manual Extendable telescoping dual arms.

This mirror is compatible with 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500; 2015-2018 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD/3500HD; 2014-2018 GMC Sierra 1500; 2015-2018 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. 


  • It features a built-in turn light, running and clearance light 
  • It comes with power adjusted dual glasses 
  • It features power heated function in it 
  • It has manual extendable telescoping dual arms 


  • Poor quality 

NO.2  Fit System 3891 Deluxe Universal Clip-on Trailer Towing Mirror

This towing mirror can fit to all mirrors that are approximately 11 inches tall. By using a towing mirror, you can have an extra vision to tow wide loads without interfering with your existing mirror.

It comes with a new ratchet lock system.  You can turn the mirror horizontal or vertical and can have your desired view. It is very easy to install and remove and it comes with secure mourning hardware. 


  • It can fit to all 11 inches tall mirrors 
  • It provides you an extra vision for towing 
  • It features a new ratchet lock system 
  • It can easily be turned vertical or horizontal 
  • It comes with secure mounting hardware 


  • Poorly designed 

NO.3  MOTOOS Towing Mirrors Fit For 2007-2013

This multifunction towing mirror comes with Power Adjusted Glass, Manual Folding and Manual Telescoping. It provides you a better and wider angle of rear view, improves visibility and reduces blind spot. This pair of rear mirrors can be controlled by electricity which makes it more convenient to use.

You can easily install and remove these mirrors. It is mostly compatible with 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500,2500 HD,3500 HD. 


  • It features power adjusted glass 
  • This mirror comes with manual folding and manual telescoping 
  • It gives you a wider angle of rear view 
  • It improves visibility and reduces blind spots 
  • It is easy to remove and install 


  • Vibration is loud 
  • Do not have defrost feature 

NO.4  DEDC Towing Mirrors For 1999-2007

DEDC towing mirror comes with amber signal light and they can fit on  both LH (Driver Side) & RH (Passenger Side). It features Heated Function, Dual Arm, Dual Glass and Manual Extending.

With 180 degree swing, you can have a better and wider view in this mirror. It is Built to strict quality control standards. It is compatible with 1999-2007 Ford F-250,  Ford F-350 and  Ford F-450 Truck Super Duty. 


  • It comes with heated function and dual glass with dual arm 
  • Dual glass provides 180 degree swing 
  • It provides a wider and better view around you 
  • It is built to strict quality control standards 


  • Poorly constructed 
  • No instructions for wiring 

NO.5  CIPA 11800 Custom Towing Mirror – Ford, Pair

This towing mirror is very easy to slide over existing mirrors with wedge lock security. It is made up of ABS plastic that is very durable and reliable. It has custom design that ensures a perfect fit and no annoying vibration. It will slide snugly over your vehicle’s existing rearview side mirror.

Its installation does not require any tools. It is designed to fit over standard factory rearview side mirrors. It is compatible with a variety of popular truck and SUV models. 


  • Wedge lock security makes it easy to slide over existing mirror 
  • Its ABS plastic material ensures durability and reliability 
  • Its custom design ensures a perfect fit 
  • It does not require any professional installation 
  • It can fit easily to standard factory rearview side mirrors 


  • They leave some gap and do not adjust properly 

NO.6  YITAMOTOR Towing Mirrors Compatible With 88-98 Chevy GMC

These towing mirrors come as a pair and they can fit both LH (Driver Side) & RH (Passenger Side).  They feature both convex glass and flat glass. Convex glass helps you to provide a wider and better angle of rear view. Their Top quality reflective glass ensures less distortion.

They are Built to strict quality control standards. They require professional installation and they improve styling and appearance. ABS plastic material ensures durability and longevity. 


  • These mirrors can fit both LH and RH side 
  • It comes with both flat glass and convex glass 
  • Convex glass provides a wider and better view around you 
  • Its reflective glass ensures less distortion 
  • ABS plastic material ensures durability and reliability


  • Cheaply made 
  • Vibrate so badly 

NO.7  DNA Motoring TWM-001-T222-BK Pair Of Towing Side Mirrors

This towing mirror comes with reinforcement brackets that prevent vibration during driving. This mirror enhances your rear view and provides you a much better and wider view around you.

It features manual adjustment and is easy to operate. It is compatible with 99-06 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra. They are designed to replace the factory mirrors and will install just as the originals do. 


  • It comes with reinforcement brackets that prevent vibration 
  • It enhances your rear view and provides a much better view 
  • It comes with manual adjustment 
  • Compatible with 99-06 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra


  • Passenger side mirror won’t lock 
  • Poorly designed 

NO.8  Towing Mirrors With LED Signal Clearance Light Side Mirrors

These mirrors come in pairs and can fit both LH (Driver Side) & RH (Passenger Side). They feature both flat and convex glass. Convex glass helps you to have a wider and better rear view.

It features heated function and turn signal light. It is  made up of ultra strong and lightweight black durable textured ABS plastic that ensures durability and reliability. 


  • They can fit on both LH and RH side 
  • They feature dual glass 
  • Convex glass provides a better and wider view 
  • Heated function and turn signal light 
  • ABS plastic material ensures durability and reliability 


  • Cheaply made 
  • Poorly designed  

NO.9  Fit System 70103-04T Towing Mirror Pair

Both driver and passenger side mirrors are included in this set and they are tested to fit and function like the original, Meets or exceeds OEM standards. Mirror glass is power adjustable and heated, with a turn signal.

For hassle-free installation, it features OE-comparable wiring harness/connection. It has manual folding for additional clearance and you can fold them in narrow garages. 


  • Mirrors are  tested to fit and function like the original
  • They meet OEM standards
  • OE-comparable wiring harness/connection features hassle-free installation 
  • It features manual folding 
  • They can be folded easily 


  •  They vibrate too much 

NO.10  Fit System Towing Mirror Pair

This set includes driver and passenger side mirrors and it is tested to fit and function like the original, Meets or exceeds OEM standards. Its Mirror glass is power adjustable and heated, with turn signal.

For hassle-free installation, it comes with an OE-comparable wiring harness. There is manual folding for additional clearance. It has a mirror head that  is equipped with flat upper glass and a separate adjustable convex spot mirror. 


  • This mirror meets or exceeds OEM standards 
  • Its mirror glass is power adjustable with turn signal 
  • OE comparable wiring provides hassle free installation 
  • Convex  glass provides a wider and better view around you 


  • Replacements parts are not available 
  • They shake a bit more

The Best Towing Mirrors For 2023 Buying Guide

Benefits of using towing mirrors 

  • Increase the field of view 

In order to protect yourself while driving, you need to see what is going on around your vehicle. You need towing mirrors in order to increase the field of view if the thing you are towing is bigger than your own vehicle.  Towing mirror helps you to increase the field of view and ensure safety. 

  • Reduce blind spots

On most of the vehicles, factory sized mirrors are limited in view and they leave blind spots. Due to these blind spots, it is difficult to see around your vehicle. Towing mirrors reduce these blind spots and broaden your view. 

Types Of Towing Mirrors 

  • Manual towing mirror 

There is no power adjustment in manual towing mirrors. You need to move them with your hand whenever needed. These mirrors do not cost much and are affordable for most of the people. These mirrors can also be used as a replacement for your factory sized mirror. 

  • Powered towing mirror 

Powered towing mirrors are considered as the most convenient type of mirrors and they can be adjusted by just touching a button. They are more expensive than the manual towing mirrors and you have to connect some wires to your vehicle in order to install them. 

  • Telescopic towing mirrors 

Telescopic mirrors are mostly used by the drivers with larger vehicles. These mirrors offer a better rear view and they retract into standard position when they are not in use. They are available in both manual and powered models. 


  • Universal clip-on towing mirrors 

If you tow things on rare occasions, clip-on towing mirrors are best for you. You can easily clip-on these mirrors on your existing factory mirrors. They work the same as other towing mirrors and are relatively inexpensive. 

Key features to look for  

  • Glass type

Before buying a towing mirror, you must know what glass type it is using. Convex glass mirrors are more useful than the flat mirrors as they provide you a wider view and reduce blind spots more efficiently. 

  • Installation  

Some mirrors are very easy to install while some are tricky. Clip-on mirrors are easiest to install as you just have to clip-on them on your existing mirror while other mirrors such as powered mirrors are quite difficult. They require some wires to install in your vehicle that require effort and time. 

  • Field of view 

Taller and wider towing mirrors are perfect for a larger field of view. Go for a mirror that has both flat and convex glass because it will maximize your field of view and ensure your safety. 

  • LED light 

Some towing mirrors come with LED arrows that are wired into the brake lights and turn signals of your vehicle. This feature extends the signal lights range and increases the side view. But these mirrors are quite expensive and are complex to install. 

  • Built-in heating 

If you live in a cold area where snow or ice makes the mirror hazy, some mirrors come with a built-in heating system that uses a temperature sensor to activate when it’s cold enough and clears up any snow,  ice, or haze on the glass. 

Towing Mirror FAQs 

Q: What a towing mirror is used for? 

A:  While driving, towing mirrors increase the field of view and give you a clearer and wider view of everything behind you. These mirrors reduce the blind spot and ensure your safety and protection while towing something. 

Q: Are towing mirrors foldable? 

A: Some towing mirrors are foldable but some are not. It depends on the model and type of the mirror you have. Some expensive mirrors have this feature to prevent any damage and help you to drive safely. 

Q: How exactly do towing mirrors fit into my car?

A: It depends on the type of towing mirror you have. Some universal towing mirrors can fit into any model as long as they have compatible mounting mechanism. Some permanent options replace the factory mirrors. 



Towing mirrors play a very significant role while driving. They help you to have a wider view and they keep you updated about what is going on behind you.

There are numerous features that need to be addressed such as glass type, installation, field of view and compatibility with your vehicle. If you want to buy the best towing mirror for you, read our buying guide as it will prove very helpful to you.