Bestauto Air Jack Exhaust 3 Ton Inflatable Car Jack

Adventure is a way to enjoy the life. Almost everybody wants a life which is full of adventures. There are a number of individuals nowadays who are fond of experiencing adventures by exploring, travelling, taking part in sports, mountain climbing, etc. Most of the people are fond of travelling. Some people are fond of travelling on-road and some travel by off-road travelling; the way of travelling depends upon the craze of adventure.

If you are travelling on an unpaved road you can have a great fun in this journey but only when you are not stuck between this exciting journey. While driving if your vehicle got a flat tire and you don’t find any aid nearby; then there will be no option left for you to stand there deliberately and for anyone to provide you help.

What if you could not find any help and stuck at that place helplessly? At that time you will wish to have an aid for yourself in your vehicle’s trunk.

In such a situation you can help yourself by having a tool that can help you in the maintenance of your vehicle.

If you require raising your vehicle then a car jack will definitely do this job done in no time.

There are a number of car jacks for your off-road vehicle which are known as off-road car jacks.

Below are mentioned most common types of an off-road car jack:

We are providing you a review about Bestauto Air Jack Exhaust 3 Ton Inflatable Car Jack Off-Road. It is an exhaust air jack and will be a good partner in your off-road travelling. Below are some of its features and pros and cons.



  • The lifting capacity is up to 30 inches.

  • It can bear a weight up to 3 tons.

  • It is anti-slip and prevents slippery effect.

  • The exhaust connector cone has a length of 4 inches.

  • The length of exhaust hose is 20 feet.

  • This best exhaust jack is environmental friendly; it does not release exhaust gas.

  • It has a tri-layer design that makes it strong and sturdy.

This off road air jack comes with a complete tool set consisting of an air compressor adaptor, an exhaust hose, 2 protective mats, a carry bag, 2 patches, a connector cone, and a pair of gloves.

Bestauto Air Jack Exhaust 3 Ton Inflatable Car Jack Off-Road



This is an inflatable exhaust air off-road car jack that will prove to be a best partner while you are driving off-road. It is manufactured by high tenacity 1000 denier nylon. This best air jack is mainly used if you want to raise your vehicle in very soft ground. It is very simple to use, just place the jack under your vehicle then attach the hose to the exhaust pipe and at the end turn on the engine. The bag of the jack will be filled by air with enough pressure which is required to raise the vehicle.

How this inflatable jack can be strong and safe to use? It’s not the matter to worry about as this jack is surrounded by a rubberized canvass which makes it quite strong and sturdy. The exhaust connector cone has a length of about 4 inches. The exhaust hose has a length of 20 feet. This exhaust jack can bear a maximum weight up to 3 tons. It does not slip so you don’t need to worry about it. This package includes an air compressor adaptor, an exhaust jack, a hose, a carrying bag, two protective mats, a horn shape part for connection, two patches, and a pair of gloves.


  • Lifting capacity up to 3 tons

  • Lifting height up to 30 inches

  • Complete set of tools

  • Exhaust hose of 20 feet

  • Environmental friendly

  • Safely lifts up the vehicle

  • Superior tri-layer design

  • Prevents slippery effect

  • Anti-slip ground spikes


  • Lifting height is not much for some vehicles


This inflatable jack is specifically manufactured for off-road vehicles. It works best on a soft ground. It is very compact in size so easy to store. This jack is both time and money saving. You will be greatly helpful to have this car jack.