BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack Review

While driving if your vehicle got a flat tire and there is no aid nearby; then there will be no option left except waiting. What if you could not get any help and stuck at that site helplessly? Then you will obviously wish to have such an instrument in tour vehicle’s trunk that could help you.

Now the point is that which equipment will provide you aid in such circumstances? If your vehicle is needed to be raised up above the ground level then you must have a car jack for this purpose. A car jack is an essential equipment that you must have in the trunk of your car so that in unfavorable circumstances you can take help from the jack.

A car jack can be on-road and off-road. It can be used for on-road and off-road vehicles.

We will guide you that which type of car jack will suit your demands and which car jack will be best for your vehicle.

Before knowing anything about a car jack you should know its type.

  • Floor jack

  • Scissors jack

  • Exhaust jack

  • Bottle jack

  • Strand jack

  • Pneumatic jack

  • Hi-lift jack

Here is a brief a review about BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack. It is a bottle jack. Below are some of its characteristics along with its pros and cons.



  • The maximum lifting capacity is up to 18.25 inches.

  • The minimum lifting capacity is 9.125 inches.

  • The maximum holding capacity of this jack is 12 tons.

  • The dimension of the jack is 16 x 12 x 7 inches.

  • It has a weight 5.1 pounds.

  • Its high-quality and glide-action pressure pump is designed so that it can lift with minimal effort.

  • It has a pump handle that contains plastic sheath.

  • It has a serrated and heat treated steel saddle that provides a generous lifting area and also a secure grip.

This jack meets the ASME and PASE safety standards.

BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack



This torin big red jack has a dimension of 16 x 12 x 7 inches. This jack is an ideal for garages, warehouses, agriculture repair shops, loading docks, automotive and factory floors. This jack is really safe to use; it meets all the safety demands and standards of ASME and PASE. This jack is specifically styled for both residential and commercial use; it is a welded stubby low profile hydraulic bottle jack. This bottle jack is made by high-quality steel that provide best performance and high strength durability.

This jack is too much stronger and has a maximum weighing capacity up to 12 tons that is equal to almost 24,000 pounds. It has a minimum lifting range from 9.125 inches to a maximum lifting height up to 18.25 inches. It is equipped with a rugged and strong wide base which provides more protection and stability to this jack. Some critical stress points are located in the jack for adding durability and stability. In order to prevent overloading safety valves are located.


  • Lifting weight up to  12 tons

  • Minimum lifting height up to 9.125 inches

  • Lifting height up to 18.25 inches

  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction

  • Portable and compact

  • Safe to use

  • Glide action pump

  • Serrated saddle

  • Handle with plastic sheaths

  • Critical stress points

  • Safety valves for prevention of over loading

  • 1 year warranty

  • Meets PASE and ASME safety standards

  • Tough and durable construction


  •  Needs extra force sometimes


This car jack has passed the safety standards of ASME and PASE. This bottle jack has a strong, sturdy and heavy duty steel construction. This torin big red jack review will help you much in your garage as well as on or off the road. So give a chance to this jack so that it can offer you the best performance.