Best Car Chargers To Buy: 2020 October Updated Guide


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Best car chargers has played an important role to make the charge easier, anyone can contact everywhere in the world through this useful device. But you know this invention become useless when its battery ends. Many of the companies in the world give us the phone into the promise of marathon battery life. Aah!this all was just a mechanism to sale out the product. So within few months it comes into contact that it can’t hold a charge long enough to make a single call.So after a search of many hours, I thankfully found an assortment of capable usb car chargers for your luxurious car whether you are using an Android, apple or aficionado so make sure non that power is not an issue now when you are travelling.

All types of car chargers are available now. Some of them are cheaper and others are expensive depending upon their quality, look and functions. Some of them charge your phone simultaneously. There are different Types of charges in which USB car charger or compatible charger also included. To choose a charger just depends upon what type of phone you are using. In the article the numbering is Just giving to make the accessories more easier and appropriate. So numbering never predicted their quality. All car charger are reliable and perfect according to their manufacturing . Some of them are cheaper and others are expensive. Everyone in this world can buy a charger according to his need and money.

Now in this modern era mobile phone has become an essential component of one’s life. So due to this you must keep in mind that your phone doesn’t run out of power. Charger has become an essential part of every life who is using a cell phone. Maximum chargers are faster, cheaper and convenient to own.


15 Best Car Chargers List


Capshi is the best car charger. It is ultra compact, small and perfectly fit for every vehicle. It has UL certification thus, ensures the protection of the device. It charges the devices having USB ports such as phones and tablets and it provides a fast charge to USB-C devices with power drive speed +2. It is compatible with iPad, Pro and for android phone such as S8 etc.


  • Super Fast Charging
  • Excellent Design
  • Advanced Technology


  • NAME :           Capshi
  • WEIGHT:         1.6 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black


It is dual, quick charge 3.0 best car usb charger. It charges the device up to 4x faster rate. There are two USB ports in it which can charge two devices at the same time and maximum output current for each port is 3A. It is ultra-compact size having a soft LED light and is coated with aluminum alloy.

This charger has UL, CE, FCC and RoHS certifications and protects the device against over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit to ensure the safety of the device. It is compatible with the devices having USB ports which include android and best car charger for iphone 6, Apple phones and Tablets. 


  • 3.0 3A Dual USB Ports
  • 36W Fast Car Adapter
  • Best Car Charger


  • NAME :           JSAUX
  • WEIGHT:         1.28 ounces
  • COLOR:           RED


It is universal, best car usb chargers with 5.4A 30W dual USB charging portsIt provides four times more charging speed with compatible devices. For higher performance, safety and reliability, it protects device from over-heating, over-current or over-charging. It reads maximum power consumption of the device automatically.

It can charge two devices at the same time with a very high speed and it automatically identifies mobile device to provide fastest charging. . It is compatible with any iOS and android specifically Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S10 mobile devices.  


  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Fast Car Charger
  • Adapter  QC 3.0 3A


  • NAME :           HUSSELL
  • WEIGHT:         0.64 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black


This charger CHOETECH built in advance PD technology which animatedly detects devices to deliver optimum power level for 18W maximum battery life and performance. It has 4x faster charging rate than other chargers. It is certified with CE, Qi and RoHS, Multi potent safety system ensures protection to prevent devices from over-charging or over-heating. A built-in LED light indicator in it helps to signify that charger is ready to use.

It can charge two devices at the same time with powerful charging: up to 5V/3A to charge your type C supported devices. It is compact, lightweight and small which can easily fit in any vehicle. It is best compatible with iPad pro, iPhone 11, 11 pro, Galaxy S10, S10+, S10E, nokia 8 and more USB-C devices. This charger is available at car charger outlet


  • 36W 2-Port
  • Fast Car Charger
  • Power Delivery Type C Car Charger


  • NAME :           CHOETECH
  • WEIGHT:         0.16 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black


The Best car chargers, iphone car charger. This is compact, ultra slim and small car charger coated with aluminum alloy. It can charge both tablet and smart phone at the same time with two 2.4A charging ports.

To charge device at a constant rate, it automatically adjusts the voltage which is received form vehicle. iSmart technology adapts suitable input current for your devices automatically and it maximizes the charging speed. It is designed in such a way that it protects devices from over-heating or over charging. It is mostly compatible with  iPhone 11, Pro, Max, 8 7 plus, iPad Pro Air Mini, Galaxy S6, S7,S8,S9 edge.


  • Ultra Slim & Small
  • Fast Car Charger
  • Two 2.4A charging ports


  • NAME :           RAVPower
  • WEIGHT:         0.64 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black


 MULTIPLE DEVICES! USB type c PD car charger Compatible with any USB Type-C connector device, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus or Note series, LG, Google Pixel, Pixel 2, NEXUS 5X, NEXUS 6P, ZTE. This is  affiliate content by amazon . Read more.


  • Fast Power Delivey Charging
  • USB C PD 30W car Charger
  • Beautiful looking and well build


  • NAME :           —-
  • WEIGHT:         1.6 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black

NO.7  AmazonBasics Car Charger

Amazon Basics Car Charger is a best universal car charger . It is compact, lightweight, 48 watt USB Car charger having 4 ports in it which plugs in a car’s DC adapter and can charge four devices at the same time. Device detection allows charging at a very high possible speed- up to 9.6 amps (total) are used.

It is certified with CE, FCC, and RoHS and has a built-in safety system which prevents devices from short circuit, over-voltage and over-heating.  It is compatible with iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7,7 plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6 Plus, Galaxy S7, S6, Edge, Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad mini, LG, Nexus, HTC, 


  • 4-port 48-watt USB car charger
  • Built-in safety system
  • 2.4 amps per port


  • NAME :           Amazonbasics
  • WEIGHT:         2.4 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black-Red


ANKER is a most popular brand at amazon .  Anker car charger is the best car charger for android and 12 w 5w lightning car charging. It is best for iphone XS/MAX/Ipad and other phone. For more details…


  • Superfast charge
  • 2.4 Amps of power charges
  • Certified Safe


  • NAME :           ANKER
  • WEIGHT:         1.12ounces
  • COLOR:           Black 


COOLFOR is a mini car charger. It  is a compact, dual charger made up of aluminum material which prevents over-heating and over-voltage of the device, thus, it is safer to use. It can charge two devices at a very same time with 18 watt in each USB port with a total power of 36 watt.

Its charging speed is 4x faster than other conventional chargers and is used for all USB powered devices. It automatically identifies the device for efficient charging and normal speed charging. It is compatible with devices having micro-USB,Type C and smart USB cables


  • Metal car charger
  • 2.Turn on airplane mode
  • Charging two devices simultaneously


  • NAME :           Coolfor
  • WEIGHT:         1.44 ounces
  • COLOR:           RED

NO.10  USB Type C Car Charger 

Tronsmart Charger. This charger delivers the fastest charging speed for the quick charge 3.0 and 2.0 compatible devices. It is built-in with industry grade materials which protects against over-charging, over-temperature, short circuit and provides fast charging to 5V/2A for Apple products.

It is compatible with type C charging devices such as  LG G5 G, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel 2015, Pixel C, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Galaxy S9/S9+, Note 9, Pixel 2/2 XL, samsung car charger S7 / S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5 / 4.


  • Hardwired USB-C cable
  • Power Delivery 3.0
  • Premium material


  • NAME :           Tronsmart
  • WEIGHT:         0.96 ounces
  • COLOR:           Black

NO.11    JOOMFEEN Quick Charger 3.0+2.4A 30W

JOOMFEEN car charger plug. It is compact, small size USB-C car charger which is made up of aluminum alloy and hard plastic having a soft blue LED indicator. It charges the devices very quickly with 3.0 + 2.4A. It can charge two devices simultaneously at very high speed and charging speed is 40% more than the other conventional chargers.

Best quality car charger intelligent circuit design is used to prevent the devices from over-heating, over current and over charging. It is made up from fire proof material. It will stop charging the device when it is fully charged. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy note 9/S9/S9 plus, Note 8/S8/S8 pus, LG, G5, G6, V20.  


  • Fast Charging
  • Efficient Charging
  • Safe Charging


  • NAME :           JOOMFEEN
  • WEIGHT:         2.08 ounces
  • COLOR:           SILVER

NO.12    Rapid USB C Car Charger Adapter

It is used to charge the devices rapidly.It is dual phone charger for car 3.0 devices offer extremely high speed charging up to 55% in just 30 minutes. Its charging rate is four times faster than conventional chargers and it automatically stops charging when the device is fully charged. Blue LED light indicator is also present in it which guide consumer to find charging ports easily in the dark.

There are two independent circuits for two ports to charge two devices simultaneously. The QC 3.0 output port charges the following model at a very rapid rate: Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, S10e, S9, S9 plus, S8, S8plus, S8 active, Samsung Note 9/Note 8, S8.


  • Extensive Compatibility
  • 3.0 Technology
  • Fast Charging


  • NAME :           Looptimo
  • WEIGHT:         1.76 ounces
  • COLOR:           ———

NO.13    Anker USB C Car Charger, 36W 2-Port PowerIQ 3.0 

It is a anker car charger having double ports that used 30 watt total power which is enough to charge both devices simultaneously at a very high speed. It is very efficient in fast charging as it can charge from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. Anker’s exclusive Power IQ 2. 0 technology charges compatible devices four times faster than standard chargers.

It is designed in such a way that its multi-protect safety system provides complete protection to the device. The best fast car charger is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8/ Edge/ Note, iPhone, iPad Pro, Air 2/mini.


  • Universal High Speed
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Fast Charging


  • NAME :           ANKER
  • WEIGHT:         1.12 ounces
  • COLOR:           BLACK

NO.14    Verolink USB C PD Car Charger 

It provides high speed charging for USB-C and USB powered devices. It can charge two devices at the same time with 24 watt total power. Due to multi-protect safety system, this charger protects the device from overheating, over-current and over charging. It is certified with FCC/CE/ROHS thus, ensures the safety of the device.

This dual charger is compatible with all USB powered devices including android and apple phones, tablets and even laptops. This supports fast charging series like QC3.0, PD3.0, samsung fast car charger AFC, OnePlus Dash, OPPO VOOC, HUAWEI Supercharge.


  • High-Speed Charging
  • Universal compatibility
  • Fast Charging


  • NAME :           Verolink
  • WEIGHT:         1.12 ounces
  • COLOR:           BLACK

NO.15    Car Charger (Compatible with Quick Charge Devices)

ANKER Car Charger. It is Compatible with Quick Charge Device 30W. It is  Dual USB Car Charger. That’s Drive Speed 2 with PowerIQ 2.0 for Galaxy S8/Edge/Note, iPhone Xs/Max/XR/X/8, iPad ProAir 2/Mini, and Read More



  • Dual ports pump out 30W
  • Universal compatibility
  • Fast Charging


  • NAME :           ANKER
  • WEIGHT:         2.24 ounces
  • COLOR:           BLACK

The Best Car Chargers Buying Guide  

The car chargers are small devices that can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter plug or power access port and comes with single or multiple USB ports. They are generally used to charge phones, tablets, battery packs, cameras, and numerous other USB devices. Different car chargers are available in the market today.

Not every car charger has the same specifications and quality; different chargers have various characteristics that are unique in their own way, such as they may be unique on the basis of their style, body design, number of USB ports, compatibility, etc. Before buying a car charger, one should know the qualities of a good car charger. So, if you are willing to buy a car charger you should know some of the key points and characteristics that may help you to choose the best of all chargers for your car. 

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We are here to give  you  the idea to purchase best car chargers of your choice. Chargers have a big bunch of different stuff ,colors and charging speed. People according  to there need use different  chargers at different times  like charging  , gadgets, styling.The best chargers for the cars  are made up of different  materials  like plastic or aluminium. chargers which are made from technology. They are also best absorbent. Everyone need unique, stylish and fast chargers to charge  his mobile, USB and tabs quiet different  from others.

Mobile chargers play an important role in once life who is very  sensitive for his self as well  as for other. By using best chargers for mobile or  according  to people’s choice ,they take fast and reliable and get rid of all misshapen. chargers gives light to tabs. And  also gives fast charging. Due to presence  of chargers one Can take charging for a long time and get relaxed. Mobile chargers  has many advantages has as well as disadvantages. chargers gives charge a low battery’s They cover the free space of betray. The absorbed the moisture as well as charge.  

They  create  a fancy  look. chargers  looks stylish and unique. That adhered the attraction.Due to presence of car chargers gives abroad sense. Chargers  gives a neat look  to car charging   area.   New chargers are more fast as compare to cheep chargers. They use less battery and has very very long time span. Best car chargers has make the driving experience more easier and comfortable. These charging up great your cell phone and make your journey much more safer.

Image source

Here are some of the characteristics you should observe before buying a car charger.


While buying a car charger you should observe that whether it is compatible for your vehicle. Almost most of the car chargers are universally compatible with every vehicle but you should take it under consideration as it is safe side. Check out that either the car charger perfectly fits in the cigarette lighter plug of your vehicle or not because some USB car chargers may be too long or too short to fit in your cigarette lighter. So it will be a good measure to observe its compatibility. 


A certification will tell you how safe and reliable the USB car charger is. Since the car chargers are used to charge a wide range of electronic devices, a proper certification can help you understand its safety standards. There are multiple types of certification depending upon the device that you are using.

For example, an iPhone USB car charger must offer MFI Apple certification. These certifications show that the charger has been tested against all the security standards and is approved by the manufacturer. All the branded and good-quality car chargers come with certifications.


The car charger should be compact and light weight providing you the superior portability.


Image source

Cable management:

Some of the car chargers come with a built-in cable management system. It is always a good decision to buy such a car USB charger as it helps in handling the cables and also eliminates the problem of tangling and you can focus properly at your drive. 


Quality is a very important factor and cannot be ignored. There are many local and cheaper brands of car chargers that are available in the market. Although they look functional but they mostly don’t meet all the safety standards. The branded products are a bit costly; they meet all the safety standards and are trustable. The branded products are more reliable and durable. 


Number of ports: 

The number of USB ports indicates the versatility of a car charger. Today, most of the people have more than one device in their vehicle. So for charging multiple devices you should have a car charger that consists of dual or more USB ports. 

Light up ports:

A USB car charger that contains ports which light up is very practical. This will allow you to clearly see the port in low light conditions such as at night. It offers greater security especially if you are trying to connect a cable to the port while driving at night. You have greater chances of successfully connecting it the first time.

Fast charging:

These days the smart phones come with fast charging standards such as Qualcomm Quick Charge, Samsung adaptive fast charge, and Apple PD. Since the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard is used in most of the smart phones, you can find this in some models of car USB chargers too. So buy the charger which offers fast charging and which is compatible for your device.

Best Car Chargers FAQ  

Q: What is a car charger?

A: A USB car charger is a portable small adaptor that is plugged in the cigarette lighter plug of the vehicle. It provides us one or more USB outputs. The USB car charger gets an input from the lighter plug of about 12V and it converts the input voltage into an output voltage that charges your electronic devices that are compatible with it. 

Q: How many types of a USB car charger are there?

A: There are two types of a USB car charger including the wired and unwired car charger. The wired car chargers are the old styled and old version car chargers that were used in early days of the mobile phones. But they are also used nowadays. The unwired or wireless car chargers are the modern version of the car charger. They are mostly used these days and they have more functions. 

Q: How the car charger is connected to the car? 

A: There is a cigarette lighter port in the car that provides input voltage to the car charger. The car charger is plugged in the cigarette lighter port; it’s just that simple. Whenever your electronic device’s battery runs down just connect it to the car charger.

Q: In a USB car charger how many number of ports are there?

A: Many of the car chargers have a single USB port but there are a lot of car chargers that have two and even more than two USB ports. So if you are willing of charging multiple devices at the same time you should buy a car charger having multiple ports. 

Q: Is the car charger compatible with all the vehicles?

A: Most of the car chargers are universally compatible. They fit in most of the vehicles. But you should look for this factor; may be any of the car chargers could not fit properly in the cigarette lighter plug of your car. So checking out the compatibility is considered an important point.

Q: Can a blow quality or a bad car charger damage my phone?

A: Yes, a bad charger can harm your mobile phone. If the charger delivers too much power as an output, it can damage the circuitry of the battery of the phone. So before going to buy a car charger must see the reviews and buy the charger from a trusted brand and manufacturer.



Hey! I am sure that I have helped you much in choosing and picking up the right car charger for your smart device. I have made an extra effort for delivering best from my side. I tried to provide you the maximum information regarding the car chargers. I am confident that you have understood easily the description of the car chargers given above. It may be obvious that you may have selected the car charger which for your smart device. But I would like to recommend you the best car charger that owns the best reviews by the customers.

In our list, there are a number of car chargers mentioned above with a brief description; they are manufactured by the leading brands in the market. Among these I considered that the car chargers offered by Capshi and Hussell have the best and premium quality. 

The choice is always yours obviously. If you are willing to change the brand of the car charger or you are confused in choosing the most suitable one then must read our buying guide and the FAQs too. Both of these will help you choose the right car charger.

I hope that you will take great advantage by this content. If you have any kind of specific questions besides the FAQ provided here then ask me I would like to answer you.

If you have any kind of question, then please leave a comment here to let me know. I will be glad to answer your question.



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