Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bags

Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bags

When you are going for a road trip or for a camping, you wish to take all your important accessories with you. Sometimes, the car storage space gets smaller and you have to leave some of the things to make some space for sitting in the car. This trouble is mostly common in big families. Therefore, we are offering you the solution to this problem. You should buy a best rooftop cargo carrier bag to fulfill all your demands. The roof bags come in various sizes and shapes.

We have one of the best roof bags in our list. They are of the best brands. These roof bags are of high-quality and really durable. Different roof bags hold different capacities. You can easily load almost 4 to 6 suitcases and sleeping bags in them and a lot of other accessories. These bags relief you as they hold the entire burden that you used to put in the car. These best roof top carrier bag are compatible with all kinds of vehicles such as cars, SUV’s, trucks, etc.

They are waterproof and do not let your luggage to be wet and also provide protection to your luggage from sun exposure, rain, wind, and other unfavorable conditions. So you don’t need to worry about your luggage, you will enjoy your trip with the whole accessories that you want to take with you. You may also take help from our buying guide to choose the best roof bag that you seem suitable for your vehicle.

10 Best Rooftop Bags For Cars List 2023

NO.1  JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This best roof top carrier bag is designed to be suited for all the 4 doors of the car. It has a storage capacity of 47.2 x 35.4 x 19.9 inches and a size of 19 cubic feet that seems an largest rooftop cargo carrier. It has a double coating making it 100 percent ultra waterproof so you can use it without any worry when there is heavy rain. It is made from 600D PVC military grade fabric. It can b used for the cars having a rack and for those which don’t have any rack.

The straps are very strong made up of heavy-duty materials that have three double strap covers and fasteners which prevent the bag from being flapped. There is a built-in protective mat that prevents the bag from sliding and also it protects the paint of the car from being destroyed. This cargo carrier comes with a carrier bag to store it and take it from one place to another whenever you want. It is very easy to install. 


  • 132+ Ratings
  • 19 Cubic Feet
  • Works Without Roof Rack or Side Rails


  • NAME :              JUSTINCASE
  • WEIGHT:           7.72 pounds
  • Waterproof:      YES  

NO.2  RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bundle

This Roofbag rooftop cargo carrier is made in USA. It is 100 percent waterproof; you can easily enjoy your journey in rain too without being worried about your luggage. In addition to this it is also fire resistant. This rooftop cargo bag having a size of 15 cubic feet. Its installation is very easy. It can easily be installed with or without any kind of rack. It has 3000lbs strong seat belt straps that ensure its safety. If your car has side rails then this cargo carrier can be attached by its strong straps to the side rail left to right. If your car has cross bars, the bag can be attached to the bars from front to the back.

And if there is no rack on your car, you do not need to worry, just simply pass the strap of the rooftop bag through inside of the car by the frame of the door. It is made up of premium quality fabric that’s why; it can bear extreme temperatures such has too much cold or hot, rain, continuous sun exposure, storm, wind, etc. The straps are very strong that they can withstand the high speed of the vehicle. This rooftop bag comes with two heavy duty straps and a roofbag carrying case to store it and take it easily from one place to another.


  • 1041+ Ratings
  • Protective Mat
  • 100% Waterproof


  • NAME :           RoofBag
  • WEIGHT:        7 pounds
  • COLOR:           Black

NO.3  RoofPax Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This rooftop cargo carrier bag is the safest and largest cargo carrier bag you will find. It offers easy installation and fits on any car, truck, SUV with or without any rack cross bars or side rails. You can easily install it in just a few minutes very safely without any damage. It has 10 surrounding tie-down straps as a total that helps in its installation. It has an extra large size having a massive space of 19 cubic feet that is enough to hold 4 to 6 suitcases in it. The straps enable this roof bag to be shrunk to your desired size.

This roof bag is totally waterproof which allows you to take this along you either in a heavy rain. Due to the water repellent double coating this bag does not leak at any condition. The dual seam technology provides a great protection to this bag from wind, rain, sun and snow, etc. the material of this bag is military graded and is made from heavy duty PVC material which lasts for years. There is a 7mm integrated protective mat that prevents the surface of your car to be scratched


  • 414+ Ratings
  • 19 Cubic Feet
  • 100% Waterproof Excellent Military Quality


  • NAME :                RoofPax
  • WEIGHT:              12.1 pounds
  • Waterproof:         YES

NO.4  FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

This rooftop cargo carrier has a large capacity of 15 cubic feet that can hold 4 to 6 suit cases easily. This roof bag has a length of 43 inches, a height of 15 inches and a width of 33 inches. It is very easy to fold; you can easily store it in your vehicle as it takes a very small space. For extreme security this roof bag ha 8 reinforced straps that are strong enough to bear any kind of force, bumping or any jerk. This cargo carrier comes with an anti-slip mat that prevents the bag from slipping and also to save the car’s roof surface from being scratched. It is completely water resistant that it does not allow any kind of leakage.

You may easily use this bag even in a heavy rain. It has a strong and a high strength seal zipper and with two flaps. This bag will easily fit on any car, SUV or truck. It is made from high quality PVC material and has a durable machine welding. It can be easily installed in just 4 steps; you have to open the door of your vehicle while pulling back the weather stripping seal. Place any of the 4 door hooks in the seal and then gently place the seal on its place and close the car. 


  • 159+ Ratings
  • 15 Cubic Feet
  •  8 Reinforced Straps


  • NAME :            FIVKLEMNZ
  • WEIGHT:        6.6 pounds
  • COLOR:           BLACK

NO.5  LEDKINGDOMUS Rooftop Cargo Bag

This roof bag for car has a length of 46.4 inches, a width of 35 inches and a height of 19.6 inches. This bag can be installed with or without any rack or cross bars. It can be used for all types of cars and also compatible for pick-up trucks. It easily installs in pick-up trucks in just 3 steps; you have to hook through the bag’s corner ring and the truck too. Then apply the same method for all the remaining corners of the bag. For its installation on the cars, you have to open any door of your car while pulling back the weather stripping seal.

Place any of the 4 door hooks in the seal, then gently place the seal on its place and close the door of the car. Repeat the same procedure for other doors. You will be provided with a protective mat that prevents the bag from sliding or slipping as it is anti-slip mat and also this mat protects your car’s roof top from being scratched. The bag is made from 600D Oxford fabric that makes it water resistant; due to which you can use this bag even in heavy rain. The straps and buckles are very strong and durable. 


  • 103+ Ratings
  • Waterproof
  • 19 cft


  • NAME :          LEDKINGDOMUS
  • WEIGHT:        9.75 pounds
  • COLOR:           Black


This roof bag is of premium quality and is built to last. It has a carrying capacity of 16 cubic feet. It is very simple to use; prepare the roof of the car, put the protective mat on the roof then place the roof bag; load up the bag with your accessories and close the zipper. The protective bag is for the safety of the bag and also for the roof of the car. It prevents the bag from slipping and also protects the roof from scratching. This bag is made from high quality military graded Cordura nylon fabric that makes it highly water resistance.

The straps are 1.5 inches long having Duraflex buckles. These buckles are 3 times stronger than the standard plastic buckles. It can be used for all types of vehicles either with or without any rack, it can also be used with cross bars and side beams. It comes with protective high friction roof mat and installation and care instructions. 


  • 200+ Ratings
  • Cargo Carrier for All Cars
  • 16 Cu ft Roof Bag


  • NAME :            P.I. AUTO STORE
  • WEIGHT:         5 pounds
  • COLOR:           Black

NO.7  STDY 20 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag

This rooftop cargo box is compatible with cars, SUV’s and vans. This bag has a carrying capacity of 20 cubic feet. It can store two medium sized suitcases and 3 sleeping bags. This is a perfect bag for your long road trips. The overall dimension of this bag is 51” x 40” x 17”. It has an enhanced design with 1200D water resistant polyester having the PVC coating that provides protection to your luggage from exposure to sun, rain and snow. The material of the bag is totally waterproof.

When it is not in use you can easily fold it to a small size and can store it in a storage bag that will take a very small space. So it is compact and easily portable. The zipper is of such a design that seems invisible; it is very strong and durable. You can use this car top carrier wherever you want; it can bear all kinds of hard weathers and situations. This bag comes with 8 long and strong straps to attach it to the vehicle’s roof and a storage bag to store it. 


  • 232+ Ratings
  • Travel Cargo Bag Box Storage
  •  Waterproof 1200-Denier Polyester Material


  • NAME :          STDY
  • WEIGHT:        8.7 pounds
  • COLOR:           Black

NO.8  Rightline Gear 100D90 Car Top Duffle Bag

This car top duffle bag has a height of 13 inches, length of 36 inches and a width of 16 inches. The carrying capacity of this bag is 4.3 cubic feet. This roof bag is designed for any size of vehicle and can be installed with or without the roof rack. It is made from high quality PVC coated mesh and durable polyester which makes it 100 percent water resistant due to which you can take this roof bag with you even in a heavy rain as it is totally leak proof. You can travel with full confidence that your luggage will remain dry till the whole journey.

The handle straps of this bag are totally adjustable; you can also sling it to your shoulder or carry it in your hand too.  It has a urethane coated zipper with hook-&-loop close zipper cover which provides total weather protection to your luggage. For its installation, you may use the roof rack or the car clips to attach the straps to your vehicle’s door frame. This package includes a car top duffle bag, 2 nylon straps, 4 car clips and a complete guide.


  • 69+ Ratings
  • Transport Cargo
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • NAME :                Rightline
  • WEIGHT:              4.34 pounds
  • Waterproof:         yes

NO.9  KEEPER 07204 Black Premium Waterproof Cargo Bag

This premium waterproof cargo bag has a dimension of 44 inches x 34 inches x 17 inches. It has carrying capacity of 15 cubic feet. This bag is totally waterproof and prevents your luggage from being soaked in heavy rain. It is made from high quality PVC and heavy duty material and can withstand high or low temperatures. It protects your luggage from wind, sun, grit and rain, etc. It increases your vehicle’s space to hold your important luggage and accessories.

It is fold able and can be folded to some extent that it can be easily place in its storage bag when it is not in use and you can store that storage bag anywhere you want as it does not take excess space. It easily fits on the roof tops of any sized vehicle. The straps are too much strong to hold huge weight of the roof bag. They have strong and durable buckles that are built to last. 


  • 4192+ Ratings
  • Waterproof Cargo Bag
  • 15 Cubic Feet


  • NAME :          KEEPER
  • WEIGHT:        6 pounds
  • COLOR:           Black

NO.10  Rightline Gear Sport 2 Car Top Carrier

This waterproof cargo bag has a large capacity of 15 cubic feet to store numerous accessories. It has a length of 42”, a height of 18” and a width of 34”. It is very convenient to install at the roof of any sized vehicle. Just place it on the roof of your vehicle, load it, close the zipper and have a safe journey. It may be attached to the roof rack or if there’s no one then no need to worry it can be installed without the roof rack too; use the car clips to attach the bag to the vehicle’s door frame.

This roof bag is specially designed for SUVs, minivans and crossovers. The zipper and the material of the bag is totally waterproof, it will not soak your luggage if there’s rain. It will also protect your accessories from snow, sun and grit. This package includes 4 straps for the attachment of the bag to the roof of the car, 4 car clips if there is no roof rack and a complete guide.


  • 1757+ Ratings
  • 15 cu ft
  • 100% Waterproof


  • NAME :          Rightline
  • WEIGHT:        7.5 pounds
  • COLOR:           Black

Best Roof Top Bags For Cars Buying Guide 

A rooftop cargo carrier bag increases convenience in your travel life. When there is no space remaining in your car for storage of your accessories, then at this stage, the rooftop carrier bag will help you to take all the essential things with you on your journey. Now the question arises that which type best roof bag you should buy?

It’s just simple that you should know the qualities of a rooftop carrier bag that meets all your demands. Here you go; we are providing you the best list of rooftop cargo carrier bag. From these, you just have to choose the suitable one for your vehicle. You may take guidance from our buying guide in order to select the right one storage bag.

Following are some of the features you should consider before buying a best rooftop carrier bag.

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The size of the carrier bag matters a lot. The carrier bags come in various sizes; some of the rooftop bags have a large length than their width and some have equal length and width. Before you buy a carrier bag, check out which size suits to your car’s top, in addition you should also think about the things which you usually take with you on trips. This will help you choose the right size of the rooftop cargo carrier bag.           


It is not easy to buy a bag every time it gets damage. So while buying a rooftop bag you should observe whether it is durable or not. It should be built to last so that you don’t need to spend your money on one thing again and again. 


The rooftop cargo carrier bag should be made of high quality such that it can withstand all kinds of weathers. The material should be of premium quality polyester or PVC. Check out the zippers, straps and buckles whether they are strong and sturdy. The quality of a product determines how long it will last. 


The rooftop carrier bags come in different shapes. Some are of square shape, some are rectangle and some are streamlined. You should choose the bag that is suitable for your vehicle. 

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Before you buy a rooftop carrier bag, you should check out whether it is compatible with your vehicle or not. Most of the carrier bags are often compatible with small cars, SUV’s, vans, minivans, etc. 

Water resistant:

This is an important feature to look for while searching for a rooftop carrier bag. The bag should be waterproof so that your luggage don’t get wet or surrounded by dirt. The bag should be air tight so you can take it anywhere either in a rainy or stormy weather. 

With or without a rack:

If your vehicle has a car rack over its surface, then you don’t need to worry. But if your car has no rack, then you will need to buy a rooftop bag that can be installed without a rack. There are a lot of rooftop bags that can be installed with or without any rack. So these are most preferred. 


Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bags FAQ  


Q: What is a rooftop cargo carrier bag?

A: A rooftop cargo carrier bag allows you to take all the essential things with you during a journey if there is no room remained for the things in your car. The rooftop cargo bag provides you convenience to carry all your essential goods with you. 

Let’s suppose that you are going for a camping or on a road trip; you are willing to take all your essential items with you but your car storage space gets smaller. Then you will have to leave some of the accessories to make some space for sitting in your car. This is the most common trouble in big families. So to overcome such types of problems there is a good solution i.e. the rooftop cargo bag. 


Q: How many types of the rooftop carrier bag are there?

A: The type of the rooftop carrier bag depends upon the size and shape of the bag. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some of the carrier bags are of rectangular shape, some are of square shaped and some also have streamlined shape. The rooftop bags may be hard and soft in material. The streamlined carrier bag has a hard structure with a good room for your accessories. It depends upon you that which type you seem suitable for your vehicle.


Q: Will I need a roof rack for a rooftop cargo carrier?

A: The hard rooftop cargo carriers are rigid plastic boxes; they require a roof rack and a metal hardware for installation. But if you bought the soft rooftop carriers then you will not need a rock rack.


Q: How the rooftop carrier bags are installed?

A: The installation of the carrier bag is easy. The installation can be of two types; either with the roof rack or without a roof rack. If your car has a roof rack then it’s very simple to attach the straps of the rooftop bag with the roof rack. But if your car does not have any roof rack then the installation is held by the car clips to attach the straps of the roof rack with the door frame of the car. 

Q: Is the rooftop carrier bag compatible with all the vehicles?

A: Most of the rooftop cargo carrier bags are compatible with all types of vehicles such as cars, SUV’s, vans, minivans, etc. 


Q: What should be the quality of the material of a rooftop bag?

A: The rooftop bag should be made of high quality material i.e. PVC and polyester. The rooftop bag has to face all kind of weather conditions and jumps and jerks of the car during the journey along with the heavy weight of the accessories. Therefore the material of the bag must be strong and durable. 



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I know that you must have chosen the rooftop carrier bag for your car but I will be really glad help you by recommending you the best rooftop cargo carrier bag among all having the best quality and the best reviews.

In our list, you will see that there are a number of rooftop cargo carrier bags that are manufactured by a number of leading brands available in the market. Among these I considered that the JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier is the best of all as it has the best features and best quality and also it has a good storage capacity. 

If you are a little bit confused in choosing the best of all then go to our buying guide and the FAQs; read them carefully with a peace of mind and also have a look at my recommended product. I am sure that it will help you a lot. 

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