10 Best Snow Traction Mats

If you are stuck on a tight spot or if you are in any emergency situation, off road traction mats are here to help you. If you are driving through deep snow and your wheels are buried in that snow, you definitely need something that can help you to be back on your track. Traction mats are very portable and effective that helps your stuck wheels to move again on the road. These best snow traction mats are mostly stored in your trunk or bed and have a very high-traction surface built into both of its sides. 

These best traction mats for 4×4 help you to prevent slipping, sliding or shoveling. They are very beneficial when your vehicle is stuck and they make your road adventures easy and enjoyable. These mats are made up of different materials and come in different shapes, sizes and colors but finding the right mat for you is a problem. If you want to choose the best traction mat for your vehicle, read our buying guide as we have provided you all the key features. 

Best Snow Traction Mats Reviews 2023

NO.1  ORCISH Recovery Traction Boards

There are two mats that come in this set. These mats feature a built-in teeth pattern that enhances the tire traction in order to get you back on the road within no time. They are better and safer than the tire chains or snow chains. They are made up of strong nylon which is UV resistant.

There are six different handles that provide portability. In order to give you an extra stability, they come with 4 mounting points. They can easily handle the intense level of torque and weight and they feature a hassle-free installation. 


  • Teeth pattern of these mats enhances tire traction 
  • They are safe to use as compared to tire or snow chains 
  • The manufacturing material is UV resistant 
  • 6 handles provide portability
  • They feature a hassle-free installation


  • They are not long lasting 
  • Cheaply made

NO.2  BUNKERWALL One Recovery Track Mat for Ice

It is a L-shaped foot pedal that is used to protect users from jamming toes on wheels.  It comes with a sturdy ratcheting design that does not require any maintenance. For easy transportation, it comes with a convenient carrying handle.

A handle is also present at the side for portability of this product. Safety locking casters are specifically designed to secure your vehicle. There is a ratcheting mechanism that is activated by foot pedal in order to make the dolly more reliable and lighter. 


  • Sturdy ratcheting design is maintenance free
  • Carrying handle provide easy transportation 
  • Side handle enhances its portability 
  • Safety locking casters provide security 
  • Ratcheting mechanism makes it more reliable and lighter 


  • Not strong enough

NO.3  Maxsa 20322 Escaper Buddy Traction Mat

Maxsa 20322 grip your tires very tightly and dig deep into the ground in order to prevent slipping and sliding. There are metal spikes that add extra grip. This set includes 2 mats and each mat is 34 inches long and 9 inches wide. Raised tracks prevent tires from spinning in sand, mud, or snow.

They are made up of High-impact polypropylene that is lightweight, durable, and strong enough to handle any type of vehicle. They do not need any towing, pushing or shoveling. If you are stuck at any place or in snow or mud, these mats will help you to get back on the track. 


  • They dig deep in order to prevent slipping and sliding 
  • Metal spikes add extra grip 
  • High-impact polypropylene is very strong and durable 
  • They do not need any pushing, towing or shoveling 
  • They have raised track to give the vehicle maximum grip 


  • They are not durable 
  • They are not rigid enough 

NO.4  DEDC 2 Pack Foldable Car Tire Traction Mats

The manufacturing material of these traction mats is heavy duty plastic that won’t break too fast. They are specifically designed with honeycomb edges that are used to provide superior traction and increase friction. These traction mats are foldable and provide easy storage and transportation.

You can easily carry them wherever you want. They have a universal size and have perfect fit for most sizes of tires. They are very lightweight, collapsible and portable. You can easily wash them and store them when they are not in use. 


  • Heavy duty plastic is very durable 
  • The honeycomb edges provide superior traction and increase friction
  • They are foldable and are easy to store and transport 
  • These mats have perfect fit for most of the tires 
  • You can easily wash them as well 


  •  They are not long lasting 

NO.5  MAXSA 20333 Escaper Buddy Traction Mats


There are 2 traction mats included in this set. Each traction mat is 48 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. There are Raised tracks that help to prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, ice, mud or sand.

They are made up of High-impact Polypropylene plastic that is very lightweight and durable material. They do not require any towing or pushing. These mats are Ideal for off-road use to help spinning tires get traction in the elements. They provide your vehicle the maximum grip necessary to get out of any tough spot.


  • Raised tracks prevent tires from spinning on snow, mud etc 
  • High-impact Polypropylene plastic is very lightweight and durable
  • No towing or pushing is required 
  • They are Ideal for off-road use 
  • These mats provide maximum grip to your tires 


  • They are cheaply made
  • Not very reliable  

NO.6 WawaAuto All-Weather Foldable Auto Traction Mat


There are 2 mats and each mat is 22 inches long and 7 inches wide. These mats are directional so you have to keep the side with indication of “This Side Up” facing up. These mats are foldable so they are very easy to store and transport.

They feature Hexagonal honeycomb design that enhances friction. Due to being lightweight, they are very easy to carry. If you need an emergency traction aid for your auto tires and need to get the car out of snow, ice, mud or sand, these mats help you to be back on the road. 


  • They are foldable and easy to store 
  • Hexagonal honeycomb design enhances friction
  • These mats are very lightweight and easy to carry 
  • They provide maximum traction and friction to your tires 
  • They can Bear up to 3.5T


  • Poorly constructed 
  • They are not durable 

NO.7  X-BULL New Recovery Traction Tracks

X-bull traction mats come with a specific structure to provide emergency traction for vehicle tires. They prevent car tires from spinning in harsh environments such as snow, sand or mud. They are made up of reinforced strong nylon which is very durable and UV resistant.

It can offer 10 tons of load capacity on the flat ground. These traction mats provide a strong gripping ability to prevent the vehicle from sliding or dislocation. You do not need to drag or push your vehicle while having these mats. 


  • These mats provide emergency traction
  • Your tires are prevented  from spinning in harsh environments 
  • reinforced strong nylon is UV resistant 
  • It offers 10 tons of load capacity
  • No pushing or dragging is required 


  • Plastic could melt so easily
  • Rusty hardware 

NO.8 BUNKER INDUST Off-Road Traction Boards

This multifunctional traction mat features a unique jack base in the center and it is compatible with all jacks. Superior ramp design and unique shovel feature helps you to get you out of the mud, snow or sand. In order to prevent vehicle tires from spinning, there are superior raised tracks that provide maximum traction.

These mats are made up of engineering-grade reinforced nylon that is very flexible, lightweight and durable material. It is corrosion and UV resistant and is very easy to clean. These mats are perfect for your off-road use. 


  • They are compatible with all jacks 
  • They feature Superior ramp design and unique shovel feature
  • superior raised tracks prevent spinning
  • engineering-grade reinforced nylon is very flexible and lightweight material 
  • Very easy to clean 
  • UV resistant material 


  • Poorly designed 
  • They are flimsy

NO.9  Maxtrax MKII FJ Blue Vehicle Recovery Board

These traction mats are australian made and have a lifetime warranty. The manufacturing material is Australian-made fiber-reinforced engineering grade nylon which is very durable. They feature Six glove-friendly handles with a built-in shovel on each end.

You can mount them easily on most of the available roof racks with optional mounting pins. Cleats sink their teeth into tire tread and terrain under your 4WD vehicle in order to prevent slipping of your tires back into mud, snow or sand. You can make your vehicle back on the road within no time. 


  • They come with a lifetime warranty 
  • Their manufacturing material is Australian made and is very durable
  • There are Six glove-friendly handles
  • They are very easy to mount on any roof rack
  • They work very efficiently to prevent any further slipping


  • They are Poorly designed

NO.10  FIREBUG Off-Road Recovery Track

Firebug off-road traction mats come with a Fashionable ramp design and unique shovel feature that helps your vehicle to get out of boggy mud, sand or ice. Due to being very lightweight, they are very easy to carry and they occupy less space.

They are made up of super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon that is very flexible and UV resistant material. These mats are ideal to take your car back on the track in an emergency situation as they prevent slipping and spinning of your wheels in mud, snow or sand. 


  • They come with a Fashionable ramp design and unique shovel feature
  • These mats are very lightweight 
  • You can easily store and transport them
  • They are flexible and UV resistant 
  • They prevent slipping and spinning of your car wheels


  • They are not durable 
  • Flimsy 

The Best Snow Traction Mats Buying Guide

best snow traction mats reviews

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Types of traction mats 

  • Regular tire mats 

Regular mats are mostly snow or mud traction mats and they are more expensive as compared to other mats. These mats are rigid and you cannot fold them. You need more space to store these mats. But regular tire mats are more durable and they last for a longer period. 

  • Foldable traction mats 

Foldable traction mats are less expensive but they are more compact. They are less durable as compared to regular mats but you can store them easily because they have an ability to fold. 

Key factors to look for while buying a traction mat 

There are some key factors that you need to look for while buying a traction mat. They make the buying experience very convenient and you can find the best product. 

  • Grip 

These mats are used to make your wheels unstuck if they are buried in snow or mud. It is important to make sure that these mats grip your vehicle’s tires efficiently. Best tractions mats are those who are made up of high quality plastic and are bulky. These mats grip more efficiently as compared to roll-up or fold-up traction mats. 

  • Durability 

As traction mats are designed to drive a very heavy vehicle so it is necessary to buy a durable traction mat. Because if they fail to achieve the purpose, it might lead you towards stress. There are different materials used for the construction of traction mats such as plastic or aluminum. Metal mats are heavy and expensive but they do not break. Plastic mats have better grip as compared to metal mats but they are not long lasting. If you are buying a plastic mat, make sure that it is strong enough and durable. 

  • Size 

It is one of the main key features that need to be addressed. Full size mats are bulky and best performing but they are difficult to store. Fold up mats are less bulky and you can easily store them in a trunk because of their ability to store. If you have enough space to store these mats, then go for the full size mats as they are more effective. 

  • Built-in shovel  

Some traction mats come with this built-in shovel feature and they are more practical. If you want to dig under the wheels a little, this feature may prove very helpful to you. 

Traction Mat FAQs 


Q: What is a traction mat? 

A: It is a product that is used to unstick your tires if they are stuck in snow or mud.  If you are driving through deep snow and your wheels are buried in that snow, a traction mat will help you to be back on the road. 


Q: How to use a traction mat? 

A: If you are stuck in mud, snow or ice, you can use traction back by simply inserting them between your car’s tire and the slippery surface. You can easily drive your vehicle after inserting them and you will be back on track within no time. 


Q: What are different types of traction mats? 

A: Mostly, there are two types of a traction mat. One is known as a regular traction mat and the other one is a foldable traction mat. Regular traction mats are more durable but they are difficult to store. On the other hand, foldable traction mats are easy to store but they do not last long. 


Traction mats make your tires unstuck and make your vehicle back on the track if it is stuck in snow, mud or ice. While buying it, you need to consider the size, ability to grip and its durability.

There are numerous benefits of using a traction mat. Read our buying guide and find the best traction mat for yourself. 



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