10 Best Windshield Covers  

Windshield covers are created and used by the people especially during the winter season because it is a challenging task to scrape ice or snow from the car windshield. They are very beneficial to use as they prevent ice or snow to collect over the surface of the windshield. In freezing seasons, They will allow you to drive your vehicle whenever and wherever you want without engaging in the process of scraping ice or snow from the windshield. If you do not use windshield cover and snow and ice are collected on the windshield, it might damage your windshield and can make it crack. Wind can also produce scratches on the surface by blowing certain objects and they can be problematic during driving. Windshield cover will protect your windshield by avoiding different objects from coming into contact with the windshield. 

They also help your windshield to clean and stay away from dust or snow. It is the best way to prevent the accumulation of dust or snow from your windshield when you are not using your vehicle. Windshield covers also protect your dashboard from UV rays when you park your car under direct sunlight. They protect your dashboard from fading away. If you use windshield cover, you won’t need to use a scraper or brush to remove snow or ice from the surface and you can save your time and energy in this way. You will just need to remove the cover before driving your car. If you are not aware of these covers, we are providing you a buying guide and some things which you need to consider while buying best windshield covers for snow and ice

Best Windshield Covers For Snow And Ice

NO.1  AUTOCLUB Car Windshield Snow Cover,3-Layer Protection

Frost proof, water proof and dust proof windshield material is made up of plant cotton and with non-woven fabric. It is more durable and thick than most of the ordinary windshield covers. It is double-sided where black side is used to absorb heat during winters and the silver side is used as a sunshade cover during summers.

It serves many other purposes as such it prevents UV rays from reaching your windshield and helps to reduce the temperature of the car. It is more secure to use because it has buckle belts, fixed collars and wheel straps that hold the cover firmly on the windshield. It has universal size that can be used for most of the vehicles. 


  • 3-Layer Protection & Double Side Design
  • Snow, Ice, Frost,UV Full Protection
  • Extra Large & Thick Fit for Most Vehicle (87″x50″) 


  • Name            AUTOCLUB
  • Style              Car Windshield Snow Cover
  • Color             Black


  • Double sided design (black side for winter and white side for summer)
  • Made of premium quality material with weatherproof durability
  • Universal size; fits most of the vehicles
  • Prevents windshield from freezing
  • Reduces the heat and lowers the temperature of the vehicle
  • Easily foldable and easy to store anywhere in the vehicle
  • Made of plant cotton, PEVA and non-woven fabric
  • Comes with covers for the side mirrors of the vehicle
  • Can be a best gift for family members or friends


  • Improvements can be made

NO.2  Universal Fit Windshield Sun Shade for Cars

Sun shade windshield covers come with two separate covers of the rear-view mirror. It is more secure to use as it has four adjustable elastic straps with wheel rim hooks and this cover is more flexible than the others. It measures 60*90 inches and it not only covers the windshield but also front windows of most of the vehicles.

It is made up of waterproof and PEVA fabric that prevents UV rays from reaching to the windshield of the vehicle. It has aluminum lamination foil on one side and micro cotton lamination on the other side. It cannot be easily stolen because of two tuck-in flaps that tuck into the doors and car frame. 


  • Compact and Mid-size SUVs
  • Anti-theft Tuck-in Flaps
  • Cotton Lined PEVA Fabric with Aluminum Foil Lamination 


  • Name                  MARKSIGN
  • Style                    Windshield Sun Shade for Cars
  • Weight                1.4 pounds


  • Not only covers the windshield but also the side view mirrors and front seat windows
  • Soft rubber coated wheel rim hooks securely fix and prevents the wheel finish from marring 
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Quick installation
  • Anti-theft design fits properly over vehicle frame and doors
  • Does not use magnets for installation
  • Bear extreme temperatures
  • Easily fits large trucks and SUVs and most types of the vehicle models 
  • Snow-proof and tear-proof
  • Reflects 90 percent sunlight


  • The straps do not stretch for enough
  • A little bit expensive but meets most of the demands


NO.3  SnowOFF Windshield Snow Ice Cover – Custom Made

Top rated windshield cover for snow and ice is more durable and lasts longer than the other cheap covers. It has anti-theft internal suction cups that do not let it to steal easily and side wings provide a smooth and customized fit. You will be able to cover your car wipers as well because it has an extra-long hood skirt.

It can be easily folded into the storage pouch because of its flexibility. It is very easy to fit on most of the vehicles and it will not blow off easily because of having elastic straps that hold it tightly to the windshield. You will also get microfiber cloth and blanket-handy car accessories.


  • Custom Made Premium Quality Car Cover
  • Windproof Straps, Wings, Suction Cups, Magnets
  • Winter Ice Rain Frost Automotive Hood Covers – 2 Sizes


  • Name            SnowOFF
  • Weight           0.16 ounces
  • Color              Black


  • Easy to install
  • Anti-theft suction cups
  • Available in two sizes to fit cars, RV, trucks and SUVs
  • Hood magnets do not scratch paint
  • Extra long hood skirts 
  • Comes with bonus gifts
  • Comes with handy carrying pouch for easy storage


  • Magnets are weak
  • The cover can move by wind

NO.4  Magnetic Windshield Cover – Huge Size Fits Any Car 

This windshield snow cover has ultra-powerful rare earth N52 magnets at the edges that keep your windshield cover. Cover is stuck on the windshield so tightly that even strong winds are unable to blow it off. It is super secure to use because of having flaps and ties that help to tuck it into the car doors.

In this way, it cannot be easily stolen. It measures 50*70 inches that fits on most of the vehicles. It is absolutely the top windshield cover for snow to use in any weather condition. 


  • Huge Size Fits Any Car, Truck, SUV
  • Keeps Ice & Snow Off 
  • Windshield Cover with Magnetic Edges


  • Name            Ice King
  • Weight          8  ounces
  • Type              Magnetic Windshield Cover


  • Universal size; covers almost all models of vehicles  
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The cover cannot be easily stolen
  • Provides security with flaps and ties
  • 30 days money back guarantee 
  • Comes with a storing case to store it easily


  • Magnets can create scratches on the surface of the vehicle

NO.5 Windshield Snow Cover, Extra Large  

This high quality windshield cover is made up of PEVA, cotton and non-woven fabric. It is waterproof, windproof, low temperature resistant and protects your windshield from ice or snow or harmful UV radiations. Four heavy duty elastic straps ensure safety; two of the straps have buckles inside the car while two straps hook to your wheels.

In this way, no one can steal it when you are not around. It has universal size of 85*50 inches makes it suitable to use for most of the vehicles including SUV and trucks. You will also get two separate covers for your rear-view mirrors as well. In this way, you will also be able to protect your mirrors from snow or ice.


  • Extra Large & 3-Layer
  • Thick Fits Any Car Truck SUV Van
  • Keeps Ice & Snow Off


  • Name            Laptom
  • Color             Black 
  • Weight          1.4 pounds


  • Universal size
  • Made of three layered material
  • Waterproof
  • Heat insulation
  • Thicker than most of other windshield covers
  • Elastic straps are windproof
  • Easy to install and does not blow off easily
  • Comes with side mirror covers
  • Multi-purpose cover


  • Not too good for heavy rain

NO.6  Zcaukya Windshield Snow Cover 

Zcaukya windshield cover has an advanced technology with high density material that ensures protection of your windshield in every weather. It is waterproof, sun proof, dustproof, snow proof and frost proof and it also protects your windshield from harmful UV radiations.

It is made up of aluminum film and cotton that has the quality of heat insulation. It comes with five powerful magnets and even strong winds are unable to blow if off. The upper layers of magnet are made up of cotton so it is secure and safe to use on paint. It measures 77.5*54.7 inches that fits most of the cars and SUV. 


  • Windshield Frost Protector Cover
  • With 4 Layers
  • Fits Most Cars and SUV and Pickup Truck


  • Name           Zcaukya
  • Type             Windshield Snow Cover
  • Weight         1.25 pounds              


  • Windproof
  • Dust proof, snow/ frost proof
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for car, SUV, trucks, etc.
  • Prevents the car surface from scratching
  • Four layers design
  • Fire retardant 
  • Keeps the windshield neat and clean 
  • Made of high level PVC fabric
  • Powerful magnets


  • Can be more better

NO.7  Winter Windshield Cover 

Winter windshield cover protects your windshield from sun, snow, ice and heavy winds. It is made up of 600 denier fabric. Strong winds don’t blow it off because the patented holding system holds it tightly to the windshield.

Patented system uses the front door window’s frame to slide over and it is the most secure cover to use. There are no hooks, magnets or cords so your paint will not get damaged. You can use it in all seasons, from freezing cold to hot summers. 


  • 3 Windows of protection instead of just one
  • Sun, Snow, and Ice protection that covers more 
  • One size fits fullsized trucks and SUVs


  • By                  Gethercovered Windshield Covers
  • Type              Windshield Cover
  • Color             Gray


  • Provides protection against sun, ice and snow
  • Made of 600 denier fabric
  • Patented holding system
  • Perfect for both winter and summer
  • Uses no hooks or magnets


  • Not 

NO.8  Extra Large Magnetic Windscreen Ice Cover

Perfect windshields cover to use for any type of vehicle such as cars, trucks, vans, SUV. There are six strong magnets and adjustable elastic hooks that hold it very tightly and won’t let it blow off during heavy winds. It comes with two separate covers for rear-view mirrors and also protects them from frost or snow. It is very easy to install as you just need to attach elastic straps with the hooks to the wheels.

High quality polyester is being used in its manufacturing and it is very easy to shake off snow from it. It is double-sided, black side is used for the absorption of heat while silver side is used to reduce heat during summers and also prevent UV rays. It has a universal size of 86″x 75″x 50″ that fits on most of the vehicles.


  • Xtra Large Magnetic Windscreen Ice Cover
  • Sun Shade Protector with Rearview Mirror Covers
  • Hook Design Fits Most Cars,Trucks,Vans and SUVs


  • Name            Homiar
  • Type              Windshield Snow Cover
  • Weight          3.52 ounces


  • Double stitched
  • Elastic wheel hooks will not allow the cover to blow away
  • Comes with six strong magnets
  • Easily installed
  • Double sided design
  • Covers the windshield and wiper completely
  • Comes with rearview mirror protectors
  • Black side absorbs heat and silver one prevents heat
  • Protective in all seasons
  • Perfect for most of the vehicles


  • Nothing is observed bad

NO.9  MATCC Car Windshield Sun Shade Blocks UV Rays

High quality PVC fabric made windshield cover that is waterproof, dustproof, windproof, sun proof and frost proof. It has an extra thick dual layer design that protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays and helps to turn down the heat in your interior.

It prevents overheating even in open-air parking during summers. It has a side-flap design that makes it easy to use and prevents it from falling off even in heavy winds. It measures 57.87 Inch (width) X 40.16 Inch(height) and fits for most cars and SUVs. 


  • Blocks UV Rays, Dust
  • Fits Most of Car All Weather
  • Using (57.8×40) in


  • Name            MATCC
  • Type              Sun Visor Protector
  • Weight          14.1 ounces


  • Scratch resistant
  • Fireproof wool
  • UV reflector
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to install
  • Made of high level PVC fabric
  • Magnets strongly stick to the vehicle’s surface
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Covers most of the cars and SUVs


  • None

NO.10  OxGord Windshield Snow Cover Ice Removal  

All season windshield cover provides full coverage and it fits for most of the cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. It is made up of thick durable heavy-duty 600D polyester that protects your windshield from snow, ice, rain, water, storm, sunlight and UV rays.

It also provides protection to your side-view mirrors by covering them. It is very secure to use because it has side flaps that hold it tightly at its place and even strong winds don’t blow it off. It measures 75”L x 0.1”W x 42.25”H inches, thus it can be used for most of the vehicles.


  • Windshield Snow Cover Ice Removal
  • Wiper Visor Protector All Weather Winter Summer
  • Auto Sun Shade for Cars Trucks Vans and SUVs
  • Stop Scraping with a Brush or Shovel


  • By                  OxGord
  • Type              Windshield Snow Cover Ice Removal
  • Weight          1.1 pounds


  • Blizzard proof
  • Does not scratch or scrape the vehicle’s surface
  • Elastic straps and side panels prevents the cover from blowing away
  • Good for all weathers
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Heat resistant
  • Made of 600D polyester
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Compatible with a number of vehicles


  • A little expensive

The Best Car Snow Cover Buying Guide


Windshield covers for snow and ice

Image source amazon.com

Types of windshield covers 


  • Double sided windshield cover:


This type of cover is specifically designed with either side having different uses. During the winter season, the black side of this frost-free windshield cover helps to absorb heat when it is cold so that your car can keep warm. On the other hand, when it is hot, the silver side reflects heat away from the windshield in order to keep your cat’s temperature normal. 


  • All-weather windshield cover:


These covers are specifically designed to use in any kind of weather as they are not only resistant to ice or snow but also to rain and wind. They also protect your windshield from UV rays, dust, frost and wind debris. 


Key features of windshield cover


  • Fitting types:


While buying windshield cover for your vehicle, consider the method that is used to fit in on your car. There are various methods to fit the cover onto the windshield such as by using straps, magnets, door flaps or suction cups. Most of the covers offer two types of fittings but it would be much better if you buy those covers who have all three methods for fitting as they will be more secure for your vehicle. 


  • Side view mirror cover:


Some of the windshield covers are available along with the side view mirror cover. It would be wise of you if you buy this package because in this way, your side view mirrors will also be protected from frost during winter season or from sunlight during summer. 


  • Storage pouch:


Some windshield covers come with their storage pouch so that people can store them if they are not in use. It would be of great help because sometimes when you remove the cover, you find it wet and it is difficult to store a wet cover into your car. Your back seats will not get wet in this way. 


Other considerations


  • Durability: 


Windshield covers should be durable enough to face any weather condition such as snow, ice or rain without getting damaged easily. Always go for waterproof windshield cover so that you can protect your windshield as well as your cover from getting damaged. It usually lasts over a longer period of time. 


  • Flexibility:


It is important to buy flexible windshield covers so that they can be folded easily and can be stored without getting damaged. It should be flexible enough to take least possible space in your trunk or storage pouch. 


  • Construction:


Always make sure that from which material  these windshield covers are made up of. Most of them are made up of high quality and strong PVC materials that do not damage easily and can withstand any weather condition. It makes them more durable and water resistant. 


  • Size and coverage: 


Every vehicle has a different size of windshield and you need to buy a windshield cover according to the exact size of our windshield. The best way is to get measurement before buying the cover so that it can fit properly on your windshield. It should cover the whole windshield viewing area. 


  • Security:


In order to secure and protect your windshield cover from stealing, make sure that it has door flaps on both the driver and the passenger side. 




  • If you are having a magnetic windshield cover, while placing the cover on the windshield, always make sure that your windshield is dry because magnets do not hold the wet surface. 
  • In order to avoid the stealing of your cover, make sure that it has door flaps on both of the sides. It will also protect the cover from being blown away by strong winds. 
  • Always make sure that your straps are not loose and your cover stays flat against the windshield. Suction cups and elastic straps are useful for this purpose. 

Image source amazon.com

Windshield covers for snow and ice

Best Windshield Snow Cover FAQs


Q: what brand is the windshield cover for keeping snow off of windshield?

A: FROSTGUARD and OXGORD are top brands to manufacture windshield covers in order to protect windshields from ice, snow or frost. They make high quality products that are durable and last for a longer period of time. 


Q: What is the best windshield snow cover with side mirror covers for cars and suv? 

A: Some windshield covers come with the covers that are used for side view mirrors. It would be of great help for you because in this way, you will not only be able to protect your windshield from snow or ice but also your side view mirrors. 


Q: What is the windshield cover for ice and snow?

A: Best windshield cover for ice and snow is the one that protects your windshield from strong wind and ice and snow. It also protects the windshield from scratches. It helps your windshield to clean and stay away from dust or snow. It is the best way to prevent the accumulation of dust or snow from your windshield when you are not using your vehicle.



When it comes to buying best windshield cover, always make sure that it is made up of high quality material, it is easy to install and is waterproof and scratch proof. Invest your money in high quality materials rather than for cheaper ones. We have provided you with all the key features so be careful while buying windshield covers. 


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