How To Clean Car Seats At Home

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Your car is like your home as you spend most of your time there. And it is as messy as your home because children throw toffee wrappers and other trash into the car. It is very necessary to give your car a deep cleaning so that you can have a pleasant and memorable time here. Cleaning is also important as it helps to maximize space for groceries, sports gear etc.

But cleaning a car is always a difficult task and it can be expensive if you are getting your car cleaning from professionals. You can do this task at home and it is way more convenient  as well as more affordable. When you feel that your car has become a messy place, get out some time from your busy routine and follow these steps on how to clean your car’s interior and car seats. 

Steps for cleaning car’s interior: 

It is necessary to wash your vehicle’s exterior once in a fortnight in order to remove any dust or other contaminants and to give it a glossy and shiny look. But the interior of your car needs cleaning once in a month or less than it but a vacuum job is recommended every few weeks. Here is a step by step guide to clean your car’s interior. 

Cleaning floor mats: 

  • Removal of floor mats: First step includes removal of floor mats from the inside of the car.
  • Cleaning of mats: Clean them with the help of medium stiff brush depending on the material of your floor mats. They can be made up of rubber or can be carpet floor mats but they need cleaning such as removing dust or any debris from them. 
  • Spray carpet cleaner: In order to get rid of carpet stains, use a carpet cleaner such as Bissell carpet cleaning foam. Spray this carpet cleaner on your spots and then brush it with the help of medium stiff brush. If they are still there, apply some extra pressure on them. 
  • Blot the surface: Then blot out the carpet surface and let it dry. 



Cleaning Carpet: 


Use a vacuum and start cleaning your carpets. In order to clean crevices and small seat pockets, use brush attachments or smaller nozzles. Remove all the dust or dirt with the help of the vacuum from the whole carpet surface. 

If there are still some trouble stains that are not gone by vacuum, use a carpet cleaner to remove them. Spray this carpet cleaner on those spots and then brush it with a medium stiff brush. Apply some extra pressure on severe stains in order to remove them completely. Now take any absorbent cloth or microfiber towel, and dry your carpet by blotting it. 


Steps for cleaning car seats at home: 

Car seats are made up of different materials like leathers, vinyl and some of them are made up of cloth. But each car material requires cleaning as they get dirty within no time and you have to clean them. There is a great need to reduce unwanted odors, and give them a clean and refreshing look. 

First of all, vacuum your car seats with a soft brush head and then follow the steps in order to make them fresh and clean. 


For leather car seats:

  • Take weiman leather cleaning wipes and wipe your car seats with them. You can also use leather cleaner or conditioner or any mild soap and wash your seats with a soft or damp cloth.
  •  In order to remove it, take another damp cloth and rinse it. 
  • Then take a dry cloth and buff the entire surface. 


Try to wash one small area at a time because it is easy to handle. 

If your leather seats have perforations, use a little liquid comparatively. 


For vinyl car seats: Take an all-purpose cleaner such as car guy super cleaner and spray it on the whole area which you want to wash in order to remove any dirt or stains from the seat. After applying spray, wait for a few minutes and let it dry. 


For cloth car seats:

  • Vacuum your seats: First of all, vacuum your seats in order to remove any debris or stains
  •  Spray all-purpose cleaner: You can also use an all-purpose cleaner for seats made up of cloth. Spray this cleaner on the targeted area for removing any dust, dirt or stains. Then, wait for a few minutes until it dried completely. 


Do not spray too much as it can cause bad odor on the cushion underneath the cloth. 

  • Brush your seats: Then, brush the whole area which you have sprayed before moving to the next one. Brush it with a soft or medium stiff brush.
  • Wipe out the area: Now take a soft cloth or microfiber towel and wipe away the surface. It will help to bring dirt to the surface. Wipe away all the dirty suds and do not let it dry during the wiping process. 


Repeat the process again and again until your seats have cleaned completely. 

  • Dry the seats: Again use vacuum in order to dry the seats before driving. 



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