How To Do Car Detailing At Home?

in showroom condition CAR

Car detailing is the process through which you perform certain actions like car cleaning, finishing and polishing in order to keep your car’s look new and fresh. It can be done on the vehicle’s exterior as well as on the interior. You have to pay attention to even minor details that add up to make … Read more

How To Wax Your Car At Home

how to wax a car AT HOME

Photo by DariuszSankowski–1441456 Washing cars is common among people but most of the people are unaware of the waxing of the cars. Waxing makes your car look great as well as it offers protection of your car’s exterior. It helps to give your car a gloomy and glossy look. It offers protection from scratches and … Read more

How To Clean Car Dashboard At Home

how to clean car dashboard

Photo by Garvin St. Villier Dashboard of a car is considered as the most important and is the first part of the car’s interior. As we know, it is used to display instrumentation and it is very necessary to keep it clean. If you are facing some difficulty regarding cleaning your car’s dashboard, do not … Read more