EAMBRITE 12V DC Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack

There are a number of people who travel without taking appropriate precautionary measures. Apart from food supplies and emergency health kit, one must consider all possible happenings. If your vehicle got a flat tire, you will require a car jack besides a tire inflator with gauge and a spare tire.

Since such incidents occur often without any warning, you must be equipped with an electric jack while starting your journey. Unlike other jacks that work manually, an electric jack does not require any physical effort or a plenty of time to operate. This innovation makes the electric jack convenient to use. The electric jacks are taking place of the bulky manual and hydraulic car jacks. 

An electric car jack can be of following types:

  • Floor jack
  • Scissors jack
  • Bottle jack

Below we have introduced you one of the best electric jacks i.e. EAMBRITE 12V DC Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack. It is a floor jack.


  • Brand: EAMBRITE
  • Model: DSJ 0370
  • Weight: 9.37 Pounds
  • Dimension: 11 x 5.3 x 5 inches
  • Lifting range: 6.1 to 17.3 inch
  • Lifting capacity: 2200 pounds (1000 kg)
  • Body construction: Steel
  • Color: Orange
  • Fuse: 15 Amp
  • Current: 13 Amp
  • Power Supply: DC Power
  • Power Cable: 11.5 ft.
  • Output: 12 voltage
  • Input: 12 V DC

Working temperature: 5 degrees F to 122 degrees

EAMBRITE 12V DC Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack with LED Light


This EAMBRITE 12V DC Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack has a dimension of 11 x 5.3 x 5 inches. It is a high-quality floor jack and runs on electric power. The lifting capacity of this jack is 2200 pounds. It has a minimum lifting height of 6.1 inches and a maximum lifting height of 17.3 inches. It delivers its best performance with a 12 V power outlet. The power cable of the jack is plugged in the cigarette lighter plug of the vehicle.

The long power cord of has a length of 11.4 feet which is long enough to reach all the areas of a vehicle. This Eambrite hydraulic jack is ideal for cars, vans, SUV’s, trucks, etc. It has a large grounding area in comparison to other car jacks. This grounding area has a strong and sturdy base of high-quality aluminum. This jack is very simple and easy to operate. 

After connecting the power plug of the jack to the cigarette lighter plug of the car, make sure that the center of pressure rod aligns the loading part of the automobile chassis. In addition to these various features the jack has special features too such as an LED light so that you can use it in the night or dark places too and a carrying handle for holding it. The whole package includes 12v electric hydraulic jack, two fuses a six angle spanner, and a user manual.


  • Manufactured with top rated material
  • Has a long service time
  • Equipped with LED
  • Carrying handle to hold it easily
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Good lifting range
  • Built-in safety valve
  • Saddle to prevent slipping
  • Rotating threaded rod for adjustability
  • Supports up to 2200 pounds weight
  • Long power cord


  • A little bit heavier as compared to similar models
  • Can’t lift too much high


For concluding my review I would like to thanks EAMBRITE for this great innovation. EAMBRITE 12V electric jack provides the best quality service. It has a unique feature of the LED light that comes to save your time.

This feature makes the customers to like this product and buy it. This jack stands easily for the car owner store and automotive industry as well. The groove saddle provides slippage protection so there is no risk in using this car jack. This jack comes with various useful accessories.