Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan

If you live in a warm climate, you must have known the importance of the ceiling fan. It is a must-have home appliance for summer. If it is a very sunny day and you are sitting in your bedroom and if you are sweating, you need a ceiling fan that can provide cool air to your way so that you can feel so refreshing and relaxing. In the past era, ceiling fans used to be very simple and traditional but now, technology rules everywhere and with the advancement of technology, manufacturers are making very unique and charming ceiling fans that come with many advanced features. 

Ceiling fans allows you to raise the thermostat and makes your room cooler. In this way, you feel so fresh and relaxing. Moreover, they reduce energy costs. But finding the best ceiling fan could be a challenging task for you. So for your convenience, we are introducing you to one of the best ceiling fans that come with an LED light. We are providing you with the full product review that includes all its key features, description, specifications etc. It will help you to find the best product for yourself. 


This ceiling fan comes with an LED light kit that helps you to light up your room while your fan provides cool air to your way. It comes with various interesting features that would be very beneficial for you. . 

Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit, 20 Inch, Aged Bronze



If you want to know more about this ceiling fan, read the following detailed description that covers all the features of this product. All these features make this product highly beneficial for you. 

High quality manufacturing material 

Most of the ceiling fans are made up of plastic and they are used by most of the people out there. But plastic made ceiling fans are not durable and long lasting. This ceiling fan is made up of high quality metal that is high durable and ensures longevity. Metal does not break or damage easily, thus it is an ideal ceiling fan for you to place in your room. 

Antique design    

Most people buy ceiling fans just for cooling purposes. They do not care about the design or color of the fan but some of them who have some aesthetics buy fans not just for this purpose, but they make sure to look their home’s anterior more beautiful. This ceiling fan features an antique design that makes your room look more beautiful and aesthetic.   

Speed settings 

This ceiling fan comes with three different speed settings so that you can choose one according to your need and desire. It is having three blades that grab more air and send it to your way. It provides airflow up to 1, 472-CFM that makes it ideal for small rooms. 

Remote control 

Is it not amazing to control your ceiling fan with a remote and to change speed setting just by hitting a button? This ceiling fan comes with a remote control that helps you to change the speed setting and to turn on/off LED light just by sitting at a place. It is more convenient to use as compared to other traditional ceiling fans. 

LED light 

Some ceiling fans come with advanced features such as LED light. This fan comes with an LED light that lights up your room and enhances the beauty of that place. This advanced feature makes this ceiling fan highly unique. 


Color:                 Aged bronze 

Size:                   13 inches 

Finish type:        Antique 

Material:              Metal 

Number of blades:

Special features: Remote control 



  • High quality metal material 
  • Antique design 
  • 3 blades 
  • Remote control 
  • 3 speed settings 
  • LED light 


  • It is equipped with an LED light 
  • This fan features a remote control to control all the settings 
  • It provides you with 3 different speed settings 
  • It is made up of high quality metal material that ensures durability 


  • Sometimes, it could be noisy 


Every product has its own pros and cons but if a product comes with so many interesting features, its cons could easily be cancelled out. This ceiling fan comes with many features. So, hurry up and grab your product!