Hand Vacuum Cleaner With 14.8V Li-ion Battery Review

A good and durable vacuum cleaner has a strong suction power, light weight and compact, provides fast charging, time saver, versatility, additional accessories, and more. A vacuum cleaner is very efficient in making your car and house clutter free. 

Here is a review about a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner by ONSON.

ONSON Hand Vacuum Cleaner Cordless with 14.8V Li-ion Battery

ONSON Hand Vacuum Cleaner Cordless with 14.8V Li-ion Battery


This vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 8kPa and a powerful motor of 120W. It produces less noise which is reduced up to 75dB. The built-in battery is rechargeable which requires 3 to 4 hours of charging and works continuously for 20 minutes. This vacuum cleaner can remove all kinds of dirt, dust, food particles, pet hair, etc.

It quickly cleans you car, and every area of your house. It has a HEPA filter made of stainless steel which is much durable and easily washable. The dust cup of the vacuum cleaner is detachable and translucent so you can easily see through it whether the cup is filled completely or not.

When it is filled you can easily empty the cup by dumping the trash; so that it can be convenient for next working. It comes with various attachments having versatile designs suitable for different occasions. It has a crevice tool which is perfect for all round cleanings, corners, gas and liquids. The brush tool is efficient in cleaning the sofas, carpets, etc. 


  • Lightweight 
  • 20 min working time
  • Detachable dust cup
  • Washable HEPA filter 
  • 14.8V lithium ion battery
  • Perfect for cars and houses
  • Easy to hold
  • Additional accessories


  • Suction power is not as much good
  • The filter has a small size


This vacuum cleaner fulfills all the need of its use in the car and in the house too. It is a cordless car vacuum cleaner with a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. Give this product a chance to fulfill your car and home cleaning needs.