How To Clean Car Dashboard At Home

Dashboard of a car is considered as the most important and is the first part of the car’s interior. As we know, it is used to display instrumentation and it is very necessary to keep it clean. If you are facing some difficulty regarding cleaning your car’s dashboard, do not worry because we are going to tell you how to clean your car dashboard step by step.

In particular, when you clean this section of your car, you use the paper towel or other paper cleaning tools that leave small white flecks all over the surface. They are unhealthy and they can make you sick within no time. Carparler is going to make sure that you have a clean dashboard that has no harmful effects on you.  

Materials That Are Required To Clean Car Dashboard : 

  • Vacuum with a brush attachment
  • Soft and clean microfiber cloth 
  • Water and mild soap mixture
  • Soft paint brush or toothbrush 
  • Polish 

4 Steps To Clean Car Dashboard: 

Step 1: 

Removal of dust and debris: 

Remove all the dust and debris from the dashboard with the help of a best vacuum with a brush attachment in order to get a clean surface. 

Step 2:

Wipe out the whole surface: 

Now, take a soft microfiber cloth and dip it into the water. When it’s wet, use it to wipe down your dashboard surface. 

If your surface is grimy and it is still dirty, put some soap mixture in the water, then dip your microfiber cloth in this mixture and wipe your dashboard. 

Clean your steering wheel, hand brake and other plastic interior of your car. 

STEP 3: 

Clean small crevices:

Now it’s time to clean other small crevices of your car such as air vents. It would be a difficult and challenging task for you because you cannot clean them with a cloth or a microfiber towel. You have to use a soft toothbrush or paint brush for this purpose. With the help of these brushes, remove all the dirt and dust from the small crevices or hard-to-reach areas. But you have to be careful during this process in order to avoid scratches. 

Step 4: 

Apply polish to give it a glossy look:

Now the cleaning process has finished and it is the time to give a shiny surface to you. Pick up any affordable polish from any automotive store. Take a dry cloth and put a small amount of polish onto it. Then, apply polish on the dashboard surface. Rub it all over the surface and remove excessive polish with the help of any soft microfiber cloth. 

You can also polish central console as well with the same process. 

After polishing, you have done your job and a glossy and shiny surface is waiting for you. You can use some air freshener to give it a final touch if you want. 

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