How To Use Pressure Washer To Wash A Car At Home

Cleaning your car is very necessary once in a month so this job can be done with a power washer and pressure washer. You can easily remove dirt and dust from your car’s surface with a power washer but sometimes it is not enough. In order to get rid of this problem, you can use a pressure washer with soap. Pressure washing means that you use high pressure water to spray it on your vehicle’s surface in order to remove loose paint, dust, dirt, debris, mud, mold and grime.

Using a pressure washer with soap will help to remove all the stains and it will improve the entire cleaning process. It may seem a difficult task to you in your busy and hectic routine but it is the most effective and efficient method to clean your car’s exterior. If you do not know how to use a pressure washer, we are here to help you out so that you can use it on your own. is providing you with a guide on how to use a pressure washer and how to use a pressure washer with soap.

How to use pressure washer to wash a car: 

  • Select an appropriate pressure washer and nozzle: First of all, you need to have an appropriate pressure washer along with an appropriate nozzle. There is a great need to use a pressure washer with appropriate power and water flow. It is important to have a power of (PSI: pounds per square inch) and water flow of (GPM: gallons per minute). It is recommended to use a pressure washer with 1.4 to 1.6 GMP. Just like this, it is important to have a nozzle of an appropriate size which cannot affect your car’s paint. It is important to distribute water evenly across the entire surface of the car.
  • Parking of your car: Park your car at a safe and distant place and away from the objects which you do not want to get wet. You can use a large driveway or a street. If you have an electric pressure washer, make sure that you have easy access to electricity.
  • Rinse your car: Now rinse your car in order to remove any dust or debris that is present on the surface. Close all the doors and windows of your car so that your car’s interior can be protected.

Now plug in your pressure washer in an electrical source, then attach it to any water source near you and attach a 25 degree tip to the washer nozzle. Then after turning on the washer, spray on your entire vehicle.

Tip: Test your pressure washer at 4-5 feet away from your car and then move closer. While using the pressure washer on your car, spray water in a downward direction.

  • Apply detergent: After rinsing the entire vehicle, it is the time to apply detergent on the surface of your vehicle. Most of the pressure washers have special compartments for this purpose. 

Make sure that you have diluted the detergents before applying them on the car. Too much concentrated detergent is harmful for your car’s surface as it can damage the look and paint of your car.

Materials that are required to apply detergent with pressure washer: 

  • A detergent
  • Pressure washer
  • Water
  • A bucket
  • Cloth
  • Dilute your detergent: Take a bucket and pour some water and detergent in it in order to dilute the detergent. 
  • Pour into detergent tank: Now pour this diluted detergent into the detergent tank of the pressure washer.

You must have to switch the setting from the pressure washer in order to spray detergent rather than water on your vehicle. If your pressure washer does not have this option, you can apply detergent with your hand on the entire surface.

  • Spray detergent on your entire vehicle: After switching the setting from the pressure washer, spray detergent over the entire vehicle in a downward direction. After applying detergent on the entire vehicle at a time, wait for a few minutes.
  • Rinse the detergent: Now it is the time to rinse the detergent from the car and for this purpose use a 40 degree tip. You can also use a 45 degree angle and rinse the detergent from top to downward direction.
  • Dry the surface: After rinsing your car, you may use a towel or a soft cloth to dry the car’s surface.

Your car has successfully washed with the help of a pressure washer. It will boost your car’s virtual appeal and your paint can last long.

 How To Use Pressure Washer With Soap: 

clean your car at home

  • If you have a pressure washer that does not have any detergent tank, there is a need for a bucket to act as a detergent hose.
  • If your pressure washer has a detergent tank, fill this tank with a sufficient amount of soap.
  • Then, turn on the valve to apply this soap over your car surface.
  • If you are using a water bucket, make sure that your pressure washer pump is attached to the cleaning solution injection tube. Insert the other end into the bucket.
  • You can use a pressure washer brushes to apply soap onto the brush for deeper cleaning. If you want to use an alternative of detergent tank, you can apply a cleansing solution bottle attachment to the side of the pressure washer gun.


  • Try to use a low pressure nozzle.
  • Before applying any detergent or soap, wash your car with a pressure washer to make it free from any loose dirt or debris.
  • Do not let the detergent dry as it will cause stains and will damage your car’s paint.
  • Flush all the remaining detergent from the pressure washer tank.
  • In order to clean the surface, use a high pressure nozzle.

What should you use? Soap or detergent?

Soap and detergent both are used to wash the car in order to remove dirt, dust and debris in a much better way. Both materials have their own benefits. Soap is biodegradable and it is made up of natural fats and oils from plants and animals.

Soap easily removes oily debris from the car surface and acts as an emulsifier. However, you have to use detergent with both hard and soft water. But it is recommended to use detergents with bleach because it can damage the washer pump. An all-purpose detergent is used to clean your car.

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In conclusion, using a pressure washer to wash your car can be an effective and efficient method, provided it’s done correctly and safely. By following the step-by-step guide and considering the pressure washer settings, you can achieve a thorough car cleaning while minimizing the risk of damage. Remember to prioritize safety and maintain the appropriate distance and pressure levels to keep your vehicle looking clean and well-maintained. Happy car washing!