JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier Review

If you are a traveler and do not have enough storage to keep all the things with you, a rooftop cargo carrier bag is all you required at the moment. It helps you to keep all of your important accessories with you because it offers more storage space. These bags come in various sizes and shapes and help to store all your necessities in an organized manner. You can easily load 4-6 suitcases in it and they relieve you as they hold the entire burden that you used to put in the car. Moreover, your luggage is protected from getting wet because they are being made up with a waterproof material. It also protects your luggage from direct sunlight, rain, wind and other unfavorable conditions.

If you want a highly durable cargo carrier bag, you definitely need to give a try to JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier as it would be a beneficial addition to your gadgets. We will further discuss the pros and cons of this product so that you can better know about this product.


  • It features high quality manufacturing material

  • It features more storage room as compared to other bags as it is extra-large

  • This bag comes with SBS zippers with large pulls, three double strap covers, and eight Velcro fasteners

  • It features high performance and long life

It comes with a waterproof material and protects your luggage from being wet

JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier – Car Top Carrier – Roof Bag


It is an extra-large rooftop carrier bag that can store all of your accessories. It has 4 safety door hooks that protect your luggage inside. It has a Sturdy protective built in mat that adds protection for your vehicle and your items.

In order to prevent this bag from flapping at highway speeds, it features SBS zippers with large pulls, three double strap covers, and eight Velcro fasteners. It is specifically designed for high performance and long life. It is made up of high quality material and is 100% waterproof in order to protect your luggage from water or rain.


  • Safe and convenient

  • Extra large bag

  • It has ultra-durable construction

  • It comes with an advanced design and you can put as many things in it as you want

  • It is made up of high quality product  


  • This bag is not resistant to rain storm

  • It does not keep your luggage dry all the time

  • It has poor stitching  

A highly durable rooftop cargo bag is all you need because it is extra-large and can store all of your luggage. It is made up of high quality material hence ensures high performance and long life.