Peg Perego Companion Seat Review

If a family has multiple kids, then one stroller is not enough for them. They will need to buy more than one stroller for their kids. But carrying multiple strollers at the same time is not much easy. As a solution to this problem, Peg Perego has manufactured a companion seat that is compatible with all types of strollers, and travel systems, etc. Here is a brief review of Peg Perego Companion Seat.

Peg Perego Companion Seat Overview: 

This companion seat which is presented by Peg Perego is perfect for families with multiple kids. You can pair this companion seat with a Peg Perego (YPSI) stroller and also with the double adapters for endless configurations. It gives the option of adding another little rider to the YPSI stroller. The hood has an adjustable height that follows the growth of your child. The seat offers three adjustable positions including sitting, relaxing, and resting. The seat is easily reclined. It is a reversible seat that allows forward and backward facing. 

Peg Perego Companion Seat


Following is the detailed description of Peg Perego companion seat:

Weight of the stroller:

The weight of the companion seat should be less so that when it is attached to any other stroller it would not become much heavier to be carried. If the stroller becomes heavy it will be difficult to push. This companion seat weighs only 6.75 pounds.  

Weight capacity:

Weight capacity is an important factor to be considered. The maximum weight capacity of this companion seat is 50 pounds that is quite enough. 


The companion seat is greatly versatile as it is compatible with any stroller type. It offers various seating options. It makes the ride comfortable for the child.


This companion seat is compatible with any Peg Perego YPSI Stroller. Also, it is compatible with any travel system or double system.


The seat has an ergonomic handle that is for protection purpose. 

Travel System Compatible:

This companion seat is highly compatible with any travel system. You just need to pair this seat with the travel system which you have already bought. 

Reversible Seat:

This seat features a reversible mode. It allows your baby either to face you or to face outside. It will make the ride of the child enjoyable.

Double System Compatible:

If you have bought a Peg Perego (YPSI) stroller then it is a great thing. You can turn the single YPSI stroller into a double one by pairing this companion seat with the stroller.


This full sized seat can be adjusted in three different positions. These include sitting, relaxing, and resting. 

Additional Features:

The adjustable hood is an additional feature to this companion seat. The height of the hood can be adjusted. It follows the growth of your child. 


Brand:  Peg Perego
Color:  Atmosphere 
Weight: 6.75 pounds
Maximum weight recommendation:  50 pounds
Model number:  IS0528NA00MF53DX53
Dimension:  12.5 x 17 x 37 inches


  • Made in Italy
  • Double stroller compatible
  • Height adjustable hood
  • Compact fold
  • Travel system compatible
  • Weight capacity up to 50 pounds
  • Reversible seat
  • 3 position recline


  • It is a reversible seat.
  • It allows a compact fold.
  • It can be adjusted in three different positions i.e. sitting, relaxing, and resting.
  • Weight capacity is up to 50 pounds. 
  • This companion seat is compatible with travel systems and double strollers, etc.
  • It comes with an adjustable hood that follows the growth of your child.


  • None


The Peg Perego companion seat is quite efficient. It adds more space to a stroller with which it is attached. It provides different seating options and is greatly versatile. The above review will help you to make a good decision.