Pro-LifT C-2036DG 300 Lbs Mechanic Creeper

If you are an automotive mechanic or you do not have time to take your car at an automotive shop and you prefer to do maintenance of your car at your home, you definitely need a mechanic creeper for this purpose. A mechanic creeper is a car gadget that is used to reduce operator strain and it boosts your productivity. With the help of this mechanic creeper, you will be able to maintain your car in a better and efficient way. It is especially useful in shops that do not have an overhead car lift. 

It is very beneficial for you to use this mechanic creeper because it helps to reduce strain inducing postures that include bending, kneeling and crawling. It allows you to get your job done in a very comfortable way.  But it could be a challenge for you to find the best mechanic creeper. In order to help you out, we are introducing you to one of the best creepers that will help you to maintain your car in an easy way. We are providing you with the full product review that includes all its key features, description, specifications etc. It will help you to find the best product for yourself. 


This mechanic creeper comes with a capacity of 300lbs and it helps to boost your productivity as well as it reduces the operator strain. It comes with various interesting features that would be very beneficial for you during your car’s maintenance.  

Pro-LifT C-2036DG Black/Green 300 Lbs Mechanic Creeper


If you want to know more about this mechanic creeper, read the following detailed description that covers all the features of this product. All these features make this product highly beneficial for you. 

Foldable design 

This mechanic creeper is specifically designed to be folded in a Z shape for use as a mechanic seat and you can also use it as a mechanic creeper by unfolding it. It is a 2-in-1 mechanic creeper and you can get your job done according to your need and desire. 

Thick padded cushions  

If you are not comfortable, you cannot do anything as comfort plays an important role in doing a task. This product features thick padded cushions that provide extra comfort to your body and you can easily get your job done. These padded cushions provide an extended comfort to your way.  

Six Swivel Casters for Mobility

Most mechanic creepers do not have this features and it becomes difficult for the user to get the job done under tight areas. Pro-Lift C-2036D Creeper features 6 swivel casters. This feature helps the user to provide full mobility and ease of use to get under the tight area. 

Heavy duty frame 

Manufacturing material of any product plays a very important role as it ensures durability of that product. This mechanic creeper is made up of heavy-duty material that has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It won’t break so easily and it is long lasting.  


Manufacturer Shinn Fu Company of America Inc.
Brand Pro-LifT
Model Z Creeper
Item Weight 15.07 pounds
Product Dimensions 22 x 17.5 x 4.53 inches
Item model number C-2036DG
Manufacturer Part Number C-2036DG
Cover Included Mechanic z-creeper
Special Features 2 in 1, Creeper and Seat


  • Low profile foldable design 
  • Six Swivel Casters for Mobility
  • Thick Padded Cushions for Extended Comfort
  • 300 lbs Load Capacity
  • Heavy duty frame  


  • It comes with an easily Retractable Pin to Change Seat to Creeper 
  • Heavy duty frame allows 300lbs 
  • There are 6 swivel casters for mobility 
  • Thick padded cushions provide ultra-comfort 
  • Foldable design is highly convenient and beneficial for you 


  • Cheaply made 

Every product has its own pros and cons but if a product comes with so many interesting features, its cons could easily be cancelled out. This mechanic creeper comes with many features that will provide you comfort while doing maintenance of your car. So, hurry up and grab your product!