ProForm Le Tour De France Review

Maintaining fitness is an essential thing for a person to remain healthy and fit. Good fitness is obtained by doing a relative amount of exercise on a daily basis. For this purpose a number people visit gyms to do workouts so that they can remain physically fit and blooming. There are many people who join gyms for controlling their bulkiness and being overweight. It is not easy for everyone to join gyms as they can be much far away from the gyms. So there must be an alternate method for doing exercise. What it would be like if you have your own gym at your home! It seems difficult but you can convert your house into a gym by purchasing a single tool of exercise i.e. an exercise bike which is the main equipment that will help you in controlling your body shape and figure.

Now the question arises where would you search for a good exercise bike. Don’t worry you don’t need to visit the markets to search for an exercise bike.  Here we are offering you one of the best exercise bikes which will help you in maintaining your fitness regularly. It is presented by ProForm Store. Here is a brief review about ProForm Le Tour De France; below is given its complete description including the pros and cons of the bike. It will greatly help to enhance your information about the exercise bikes. 

ProForm Le Tour De France overview: 

Proform tour de France bicycle is an indoor cycling machine. With support exercises from the Google Maps tool, it realistically simulates the outdoor cycling activity. There is a great diversity of benefits of this indoor bike, it not only helps the beginners to improve their performance, but it also helps the other users to burn off their calories and help to achieve the ideal physique.


  • Type: Indoor cycle
  • Seat: Adjustable and padded
  • Pedals: Toe cages and straps
  • Product dimension: 64 x 25 x 56 inches
  • Folded dimension: 51 x 15 x 30.7 inches
  • Bottle holder: Dual
  • Display: 7 inches full color display
  • Drive system: Flywheel
  • Resistance: Intelligent Wind Resistance
  • Transport wheel: Yes
  • Leveling wheel: Yes
  • Heart rate measurement: Compatible with Bluetooth chest strap
  • Frame: Commercial graded steel construction
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty


  • Built-in power meter
  • Built-in Google Map iFit technology
  • 20% digital incline and decline control
  • Handlebar shifters
  • Intelligent wind resistance
  • Easy-to-read display screen
  • Built-in sound system
  • Transportation wheel help in easy transport
  • Levelers helps the bike to level on the ground
  • Frame is made of high quality commercial graded steel
  • Adjustable and padded seat helps to sit with ease and comfort

Proform Le Tour De France

Following is the detailed description of the exercise bike. There are some criteria due to which ProForm Le Tour De France has been included in one of the best exercise bikes.     


One of the most important features of any fitness equipment is its framework. It is a heavy indoor bike model; the frame of this bike should have an outstanding durability and construction.

It is because a sturdy and high-quality chassis will make the indoor bike strong and cycling will be more efficient. That’s why the manufacturer of Le Tour de France has focused on making its frames from the best commercial graded steel. 


Any kind of indoor exercise bike can provide you resistance but it is Le Tour de France which will give you Intelligent Wind Resistance. This Intelligent Wind Resistance adjusts the resistance of your bike automatically on the basis of the wind profile. The smart technology calculates the weight and height of the rider so that it can apply the natural resistance which the rider need. This bike is equipped with 24 different resistance levels. 

Bike flywheel:

The flywheel is an essential part of the indoor exercise bike which directly affects the quality and intensity of the user’s exercise. Most of the cycling enthusiasts know well about the flywheel. The flywheel has the feature of spinning continuously even when the user has stopped riding the bike. This free flywheel system transfers the power from the pedal to the wheel. It helps in the faster acceleration of the bike and allows catching better speed. 

Control panel:

This exercise bike is composed of a multi-function control panel which is very easy to use. The display screen of the control panel shows power, time, distance, gears, revolutions per minute, inclination, declination, heart rate, and calories burned during exercise.  Besides these functions the users can search for more controls.

Handlebar shifters:

Just like your road bike you can conveniently alternate the gears of this exercise bike with the new handlebar shifters. The front and rear sprockets are simulated by the right and left handlebar shifters. There are 24 different resistance levels by which you can adjust your ride.

iFit App Technology

This exercise bike is composed of built-in iFit technology which is supported by Google Maps. By the help of this technology you can set up your custom route.  You can either choose from 24 pre-mapped courses or create your own. It seems that the world is at your tip. 

Pedal of the bike:

The pedal of this bike provides maximum stability for cycling which is its plus point. The users can freely adjust and choose the bike style which they desire. The Le Tour de France spin bike has two cycling styles including the pedal and the toe pedal. It is reviewed by some customers that while riding the bike the toe cage pedal provides a better safety and stability experience.

Incline and decline controls:

There is a digital inclination and declination system in this exercise bike. The bike inclines and declines 20%-20%. This system makes the bike to simulate real-world environments. You will feel every uphill, downhill, turn, or even holes in the road surface like cycling.

Others functions: 

In addition to the essential features which are mentioned above, there are some more features which are equipped by this exercise bike. These functions are optional; their absence will not affect the performance of the bike but they will provide you ease. These features include an integrated intermix audio system with MP3 player or iPod port. The screen offers a satellite view on the Google Map. It also includes a water bottle compartment. The bike has two small transport wheels at its front. 


  • It is composed of 10 inches smart HD touch screen.
  • The resistance of the bike can be automatically adjusted.
  • It consists of a multi-purpose control panel with various features.
  • The Google Map feature makes this bike a unique one among the various.
  • It has the capability of inclining and declining.
  • It offers 24 different resistance levels; the user can adjust it according to the demand.
  • The display screen can be tilted so that the user can set it according to his comfort level. 
  • It is composed of transportation wheels and levelers. 
  • The silent magnetic resistance feature allows you to ride in complete silence.
  • The bike comes with free weights by using which you can perform strength training exercises. 
  • The flywheel provides a smooth and steady ride due to its great inertia.


  • The bike has got some poor reviews about the quality control.


Every product has positive and negative reviews. This Le Tour de France also has some good and bad reviews but it has more plus points therefore the negative points can be ignored. This bike has great advantages over other indoor gym bikes. It is one of the most advanced exercise bikes having great technology. This model of exercise bike will never ever disappoint you.