Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat Harvest Moon

A car seat is specifically designed by the manufacturer in order to make the transportation of your baby easy and convenient in your car. It is the safest and secure way to make your child’s journey better. It provides protection to your child and you can easily keep an eye on your infant during travelling. It holds your baby in a secure way and does not let the child fall off the seat as it could injure little infants. In order to protect your child from such accidents, you must need a car seat. 

If you want to have an ultra-safe and secure car seat for your baby, you should give a try to Best Infant Car Seat: Safety 1st Grow as it will help you to transport your baby anywhere in a more convenient and secure way. We will further provide its pros and cons that would be helpful for you to choose the best car seat for your baby. 

Safety 1st Grow And Go 3-in-1 Car Seat, Harvest Moon



  • This car seat has a capacity to support infants ranging from 5 pounds to toddlers of 40 pounds
  • In order to get a perfect fit in your car, it features three-position recline 
  • It comes with a belt-positioning booster 
  • It features easy cleaning 
  • You can easily get it off and on the seat 
  • It ensures safety of your baby 


It is a 3 in 1 car seat that is built to grow for extended use through three different stages that are rear facing, forward facing and belt positioning booster. Rear facing car seat supports the weight of toddlers from 5 to 40 pounds. Forward facing car seat supports the weight of toddlers from 22 to 65 pounds whereas, belt positioning system supports children up to 40 to 100 pounds. Due to side impact protection, your baby keeps safe and secure during the ride. Your baby can easily get in and out because it features a harness holder in an open position. Its rear facing height is 19 to 40 inches and forward facing height is 29 to 52 inches. It is machine washable and safe to put in a dryer. You can easily take it off the seat without fussing around. 


  • Rear facing car seat: It can support infants that weigh from 5 pounds to toddlers of 40 pound 
  • Forward facing car seat : it can support toddlers up to 22 to 65 pounds 
  • It comes with belt positioning booster: It means it can support children up to 40 to 100 pounds
  • It features three-position recline that makes it easy to get a perfect fit in your car
  • It is machine washable and safe to put in a dryer 
  • You baby is safe due to side impact protection 
  • Easy to take on and off the seat 


  • It is not suitable for every car model 


Ultra-safe and secure car seat in which you can take your baby anywhere with you by placing it in your car. Your baby will get enough comfort and security and it is available for three stages of toddlers. If you want to have a safe ride with your kid, try out this one.