Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram Bottle Jack Strongway 2-Ton Review

While driving your vehicle if it got a flat tire and you got stuck at a place where there is no aid nearby; then you will have only a single option left that is to wait there by standing helplessly for anyone to arrive. But if you could not find any help what will you do? In such a critical situation you must have an instrument that will help you to get out of the problem.

Now the question arises that which type of instrument will provide you the best service in order to raise the vehicle so that you can replace the flatten tire with a normally inflated tire.

It is a car jack which lifts up your vehicle up to the required height above from the ground level. If you are fond of travelling you must have a car jack in the trunk of your vehicle.

It does not matter whether you own an on-road vehicle or an off-road vehicle. A car jack is compatible with both of these types of vehicles. It can be used on the road, off the road, in the garage of your house, in a car service center, and wherever you require it.


A car jack comes in various types depend upon the way of its functioning and its shape. These are as follows:

Here is a brief a review about Strongway 2-ton hydraulic high lift double ram bottle jack. It is a bottle jack. Below are some of its characteristics and pros and cons.



  • The maximum lifting capacity is up to 14.5 inches.

  • The minimum lifting capacity is 5.9 inches.

  • The maximum holding capacity of this jack is 2 tons.

  • The dimension of the jack is 5.18 x 5.8 x 4.8 inches.

  • High quality oil powers the hydraulics which offers corrosion resistance and temperature flexibilities to operate the unit between 40 degrees F and 105 degrees F.

  • If required you can use the jack horizontally.

  • The jack is integrated with overload and bypass valves for extra protection.

  • The carrying handle makes its transport easy and the lifting handle provides easy storage.

  • The paint of the jack is oil, grease and dirt resistant for easy clean up.

This jack meets the ASME and PALD 2009 safety standards.

Strongway 2-Ton Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram Bottle Jack


This is a double ram bottle jack for replacing the flatten tires of any vehicle. It has a length of 5.18 inches, a height of 5.8 inches, and a width of 4.8 inches. This jack can lift up a vehicle up to a maximum height of 14.5 inches and it has a minimum lifting height up to 5.9 inches.

The hydraulics of this jack is powered by the high-quality oil that provides great resistance to protect the jack from the flexibility of low or high temperatures that range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and also it is corrosion resistant. This jack is manufactured by high-quality steel that provides better durability and reliability to this jack.

The paint of this bottle jack is greatly resistant to dirt, oil and grease for easy cleaning of this jack. This jack needs oil which has a lower pressure to raise the vehicle; it is done by the cylinder unit of hydraulic steel having a large diameter.

It helps to extend the service life of this bottle jack. This jack can be used horizontally if required. To carry the jack easily a lifting handle is located. This jack meets all the 2009 safety standards of ASME PALD.


  • Minimum lifting height up to 5.9 inches

  • Lifting height up to 14.5 inches

  • Paint is oil, dirt and grease free

  • Easy to carry and store

  • Double ram jack provides good lift

  • Lead free paint makes it rust resistant

  • Long lasting durability

  • Meets 2009 safety standards of ASME PALD


  • Weight capacity of 2 ton is less


This car jack has passed the 2009 safety standards of ASME and PALD. This bottle jack has a strong, sturdy and heavy duty steel construction which is rust and corrosion resistant. This jack will provide you much help in your garage as well as on or off the road.